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Top deer hunting blog for sale

Deer hunting big bucks is consistently ranked as one of the top hunting blogs. Don’t miss this chance to get an established blog in the hunting industry. It has been a great ride but due to some unforseen circumstances and time limitations I feel it is time to sell DHBB so someone can dedicate the time and resources to make it great again. This blog has been a great part of my life that I have dedicated many hours to help build it to what it is today. I just want to sell it to someone who will keep it’s legacy going and continue to be a great hunting blog that people enjoy reading and that they visit to get helpful tips and information to help them be smart ethical hunters and pass on the heritage to future generations of hunters. Thanks to all of our readers and visitors for such a great ride. We have made many friends through this blog over the years and are very thankful for each and every one of you.

top deer hunting blog

deer hunting big bucks is ranked one of the top hunting blogs

Top Whitetail Deer Hunting Websites

There are so many great sites dedicated to deer hunting, sites that have a great deal of helpful tips, videos, stories, equipment reviews etc. This is a list of some of our favorite top whitetail deer hunting websites that we like to visit  in no particular order. Some of these may not be strictly deer hunting sites but still have great deer hunting resources never the whitetail deer hunting websites

List of Top Whitetail Deer Hunting Websites

As you can see these are some great top whitetail deer hunting websites listed here. Go check them out and tell them we sent you. We hope you all are having a great deer season and remember to take someone hunting that might not be able to otherwise.

Whitetail Deer Rut Report

whitetail deer rut report

Kansas buck watching doe.

Well, it has turned cold here in Kentucky and the whitetail deer rut report has been the same from most of my friends in different states. The bucks are moving good and chasing does hard the past couple of weeks. I’ve seen some really nice bucks being taken from several different states.

Whitetail Deer Rut Report

I have heard of several nice bucks being killed in Kentucky the past two weeks and all of them were chasing or following does. One of my friends got up late and headed to his stand around 8 am and encountered 3 bucks chasing does while heading to his stand. He was able to make a good shot on the third buck which ended up scoring 166″. The same day his hunting buddy killed a nice 10 pointer chasing a doe on the same lease. Another friend of mine killed a very nice big 12 pointer in Kentucky and he was chasing a doe as well.

deer mating season

These bucks are in pursuit of this doe in heat.

I got a deer hunting update from Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Illinois and the weather is cold and the big bucks are chasing does. A friend of mine in Georgia sent me some pictures of a 150″ buck he is after but he hasn’t gotten him yet. Although he is getting daylight trail camera pictures of him. I just love this time of year seeing all the big bucks taken and hearing all the stories about how they got them.

How about where you hunt? What has the rut action been like for you? Send us some pictures of your bucks and share your whitetail deer rut report with us. We would love to hear how your season is going where you hunt. Hopefully everyone is having a fun safe deer season and either getting some meat or killing that trophy buck of a lifetime or just enjoying time spent in the great outdoors with family and friends. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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