Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

By Adam Doby

top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucksThe top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks are absolutely amazing and I wanted to share them with you here. Indiana and Kansas recently had a couple of 300″ bucks join the top ten(at this time they may be unofficial). I recently did a post “The Top Ten Boone and Crockett Typical Bucks” and I wanted to also do one on the top ten Boone and Crockett Non typical bucks. Hope you enjoy this unofficial list of the top ten Boone and Crockett non typical bucks.

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Non Typical Bucks

  1. Hunter: Picked Up Score: 333 7/8 Location: Missouri Year: 1981 Found in northern St Louis inside a fence along a road. A hunter saw him and told the game warden who got permission to retrieve it. Just an awesome buck.
  2. Hunter: Picked up(Hole in the Horn Buck) Score: 328 2/8 Location: Ohio Year: 1940 This huge buck was hit by a train and was acquired by sportswriter Dick Idol a few decades later and he had it scored and declared it was the new number one buck but it had to go before a panel of judges and due to a rules interpretation didn’t score as much as originally thought but still today comes in at number two and is a incredible deer. Check out this great video on The Hole in the Horn buck.
  3. (unofficial pending panel judging) Hunter: Picked Up Score: 312 1/8 Location: Northeast Kansas Year: 2013 Check out this video, this is the worlds first true 50 pointer and new Kansas state record. A hunter had trail camera pictures and sheds of this buck and when the trail camera pictures of him stopped he went looking because there was a bad outbreak of EHD reported in the area and sure enough he found him dead.
  4. Hunter: Tony W. Lovstuen Score: 307 5/8 Location: Iowa Year: 2003 Can you say largest whitetail ever taken by a hunter? Tony’s father actually got a shot at this buck in 2001 and grazed him. Trail camera pictures told them the buck was still alive and Tony was able to hunt a youth hunt in early 2003 and his dad put him on the buck and he shot him with his muzzle-loader and hit the deer back but was able to recover the buck the next day.
  5. Hunter: Tim Beck Score: 305 7/8 Location: Indiana Year: 2012 Tim usually takes two weeks off to hunt during the Indiana gun season. Opening day 2012 turned out to be his lucky day the buck followed a doe into a corn field and Tim shot him at around 50 yards. Just an amazing world-class trophy buck!
  6. Hunter: Jerry D. Bryant Score: 304 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2001 Jerry took this buck on a buddies farm with his crossbow which he hunted with due to an injury. The buck followed a doe in and he shot him at 15 yards.
  7. Hunter: Tony Fulton Score: 295 6/8 Location: Mississippi Year: 1995 Tony’s wife urged him to go hunting that day and he went to a small food plot he had planted behind his house and this buck followed a doe out and Tony shot him.
  8. Hunter: Scott R. Dexter Score: 295 3/8 Location: Illinois Year: 2004
  9. Hunter: Jonathan R. Schmucker Score: 295 3/8 Location: Ohio Year: 2006
  10. Hunter: Michael D. Beatty Score: 294 Location: Ohio Year: 2000

To see a great article on all these bucks and more complete with pictures click

Top Ten Boone and Crockett Typical Bucks

By Adam Doby

top ten Boone and Crockett typical bucksI was checking out the top ten Boone and Crockett typical bucks of all time and they are all just some amazing bucks. From the Milo Hanson buck to the John Breen buck they are all beautiful whitetail. I thought I would share the top ten Boone and Crockett typical bucks with you here.

The Top Ten Boone and Crockett Typical Bucks

  1. Milo N. Hanson buck Score: 213 5/8 Location: Saskatchewan Year: 1993 A school bus driver had told locals of a huge buck feeding in Milo Hansen’s alfalfa field.   Milo and several other hunters made a plan and had a hunter walk into a thicket of willows where the buck was seen to push the buck out and Milo was in the right place at the right time.  After 3 shots from Milo’s 308 Winchester the world record was down. Check out this video of an absolute giant The World’s Biggest Typical Whitetail Deer: The Milo Hanson Buck. You can listen to a great podcast interview with Milo Hanson on his incredible buck here Milo Hanson Interview | World Record Whitetail Buck.
  2.   James Jordan buck Score: 206 1/8 Location: Wisconsin Year: 1914 Jim Jordan took this amazing buck to the taxidermist only to have the taxidermist move and he didn’t find his buck until some 64 years later. Just a bizarre story on an amazing whitetail typical buck.

  1. Larry W. Gibson Score: 205 Location: Missouri Year: 1971 Larry shot this special brute at ten yards with his 308 and then sold the antlers for $200. He could have gotten way more for them if he had of waited.
  2. Melvin J. Johnson Score: 204 4/8  Location: Illinois Year: 1965
  3. Stephen Jansen Score: 204 2/8 Location: Alberta Year: 1967 Stephen Jansen didn’t really care for the buck he said it wasn’t perfectly balanced. Not sure how any deer hunter couldn’t like this awesome buck.
  4. Hubert Collins Score: 203 3/8 Location: Saskatchewan  Year: 2003
  5. Kevin S. Petrzilka Score: 202 6/8 Location: Nebraska Year: 2010
  6.  This buck is actually tied for #7 Bruce Ewen Score: 202 6/8 Location: Saskatchewan Year: 1992
  7. John A. Breen  Score: 202 Location: Minnesota Year: 1918 Check out this great video of the John Breen buck John Breen Buck – One of the Biggest Bucks in the World.
  8.  Wayne A. Bills Score: 201 4/8  Location: Iowa  Year: 1974 The Wayne A, Bills buck is the Iowa state record typical whitetail and is just a real brute. You can see a video of the huge typical here Wayne Bills Buck — Legendary Whitetails

Each one of these bucks are truly amazing and have a great story. You can see a great article here  The Top 40 Typical and Non-typical whitetail of All Time it has a picture of each of the top ten Boone and Crockett typical bucks and many others.

I wanted to show you an article and video of one of the most controversial bucks of all time that could have been the world record buck, the Johnny King buck which could have been the new number one typical whitetail ever but was declared by a controversial decision only to score 180″. You can read a great article on it here King Buck is Not Crowned New World Record and here is a video Johnny King Buck.

New Deer Hunting Products

There are some really cool new deer hunting products that are out for 2014. I saw a lot of different ones at the Monster Buck Classic in Topeka this past January and I have been wanting to share a few with you that I really deer hunting products HuntForce

New Deer Hunting Products

  1. INFERNOEPS™ Element Protection System- This was one of my favorite new deer hunting products I saw at the Monster Buck Classic. It is a back pack that you convert into a full body suit or system to hunt out of in extreme cold. It is light weight, very easy to use, and it is guaranteed to perform against ice, high winds, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. It has many features that I just love like the ultra quiet outer layer, plenty of room in the compartments for all your gear, the lining is durable and treated with an anti-microbial finish to keep human scent and odors inside the bag, and it is lightweight right at 8 pounds. This is just a really nice system that I plan on getting very soon. I hunt in Kansas and the wind and cold can just be brutal here, as a matter of fact there where days this past season that I just didn’t think I would be able to stay warm, so I didn’t go hunting but with the INFERNOEPS™ I think I could and would be able to hunt much longer.
  2. HuntForce- Is an application designed to use your trail camera pictures into a deer hunting strategy. I stopped by the HuntForce booth at the Monster buck Classic and they gave me a tour and showed me what HuntForce was all about and I tell you what I was blown away. From the individual buck profiles where you can track them for their lifetime to the organization of all your trail camera pictures, and the reports show you exactly when and where your individual bucks are showing up it is just awesome. Talk about a game changer HuntForce helps you figure out where and when to hunt and gives you the information to help you get that big brute you have been after.
  3. Johnson 360 Tree Stand- Although I haven’t tried a Johnson 360 tree stand I saw it and knew it was a great stand right away. Hunting here in Kansas finding a good tree to hang a stand in can be downright impossible at times and that’s what makes the Johnson 360 different from most other tree stands because it is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically and will fit almost any tree. I have sat in a stand that was crooked and it is no fun whatsoever. The Johnson 360 looks like a great stand and I will definitely be getting one in the near future.
  4. Hunter’s Specialties® Limb Lock™ Bow Holder- A tree stand bow holder that uses the weight of your bow to close the jaws around the lower limb and all you have to do is grab your bow and pick it up and the jaws release. I really need one of these bad. Bow hunting in Kansas can be very windy at times and I have been hanging my bow on a bow holder and the wind gets it rocking so much sometimes I think it’s going to blow right off of it. I need me a Limb Lock™ bow holder for sure.
  5. The Siege® STREAMLIGHT- The Siege® is a compact, alkaline hand lantern. I could really use one of these bad boys around deer camp and the house. It’s waterproof, it floats, it’s tough, has multiple modes, red for night vision with flash sos mode and night vision preserving mode to save battery  and white with high medium and low. You can stand it up or hang it with the built-in d-rings one on top and one on bottom to hang it either way. This is a very nice lantern and I need to get one soon.

    These are just a few cool new deer hunting products I wanted to share with you, they all look like some great products to me.

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