Filming Bow Hunting Challenge

bow hunting

Whitetail bow hunting is a challenge.


Getting big bucks on film is rewarding.

Well tomorrow I am heading out for an action packed adventure of bow hunting and filming hunts.

Bow Hunting

I’m looking forward to a day in the world of outdoor videograpy. Actually I’m taking my rifle as well and hoping to see some big bucks. But I want to make it more challenging and get the footage whitetail bow hunting. And maybe one of our big bucks on our property will meander into bow range and maybe I can get it all on video deer hunting. If he’s not in bow range I’ll have my rifle to be able to (cross my fingers) reach out and touch him. Filming hunting(outdoor videography) is one thing, but trying to do it by yourself with amateur equipment on nocturnal bucks is another thing. If I am able to pull it off maybe I should change my career to filming hunting. The big bucks seem to be nocturnal at this point in the season ,and appear to be very hard to pinpoint. So my confidence level is not very high, but I am trying to think positive and just hope to enjoy the day of being in the great outdoors. And hopefully get some good footage of some deer. I plan on filming hunts in a couple of different locations on our property. In the morning I plan on hunting in a location between where the whitetails feed and where they bed. My hope is to catch a mature buck heading back to bed for the day. Then in the midday I am going to set up on a food plot that has a lot of thickets and nice bedding areas nearby, and I plan on staying for a nice long evening of adventure. A cold front has moved in and tomorrow should be a great day, except the wind is supposed to be blowing quite a bit. But I hope to use that to my advantage and use the wind to setup downwind of where I expect to see the whitetails, and the wind will make it harder for the deer to hear any noises I make approaching the stand or any unwanted noises I make setting up or while in the stand.

I enjoy filming hunts and recently I have gotten the fever for filming hunting and whitetail bow hunting. Outdoor filming is something that I am very interested in learning more about. So what’s better than a little on the job training?

Also, today I ordered a cable for my camcorder that should allow me to download the footage to share with everyone.

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I love spending time with family. And deer hunting big bucks.

3 Responses to Filming Bow Hunting Challenge

  1. Arthur says:

    Videoing big deer is definitely a challenge. Heck, getting video footage of young deer can be a challenge. We dabbled in it a bit this year, but didn’t come away with any great results. I wish ya luck.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Arthur!

  3. dg wills says:

    can you tell me how much zoom i need to film my bow hunts? what is a good camera to get? please help me figure out what i need , thanks.

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