Huge Whitetail Buck

huge whitetail buck

A deer hunter can put the odds in his favor by using a trail camera to pattern a buck.

I received¬† a picture this morning of a huge whitetail buck that would get any deer hunter fired up! I got a text this morning that was a trail camera picture of a huge whitetail buck and couldn’t believe my eyes. I bet they were happy to see this trail camera picture. This is one big whitetail buck.

crazy deer

This huge whitetail buck was caught on a trail camera on a 4000 acre farm in Missouri on a farm that is under QDM.

I don’t know what he will score but it has to be well over 200 inches.

Huge Whitetail Buck

Fellow Pro-Staff member Brad sent it to me and at first I thought it wasn’t real. He said this huge whitetail buck is on a 4,000 acre farm in Missouri that is under QDM. I’d say the QDM is working well for this farm. I am a member of the QDMA and if you would like to learn more you can click Quality Deer Management Association. I’d probably flat-line if this big boy came within bow range deer hunting. What do you think this stud will score? He has to be mid 200’s at least. I am amazed at some of the bruisers that are caught on game cameras every year. I’d like to be on the stand when this monster came by.

Well deer season opens here in Kansas on this coming Monday and I am pumped. Hopefully this year will be the one I put the smack down on one of these big Kansas studs. I am still searching for my first Pope & Young and I know there are quite a few of them roaming around here in Kansas. Has the season started where you are? I hope you all have a wonderful season.


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