Moultrie Game Spy Pictures

trail camera picture of buck

I caught this buck on my Moultrie Game Spy

What did we ever do without the trail camera? This past year I was able to get some great Moultrie Game Spy pictures.

Moultrie Game Spy

The Moultrie Game spy takes some really good quality deer pictures

Using a trail camera is a great way to help you pattern those big bucks movements. I witnessed that this first hand this year. I checked my Moultrie Game spy I had set up on a supplemental feeding area on November 13 around lunch and to my surprise there was a huge buck there that very morning. The wind wasn’t right for an afternoon hunt in the area but the next morning the wind was perfect to hunt that set and it all came together. Well all but one little detail, I missed the buck of a lifetime at 35 yards.

Moultrie Game Spy

game camera

The Moultrie Game Spy digital infared trail camera has been a great camera for me.

It wouldn’t even have happened if I hadn’t checked my Moultrie game spy. I wouldn’t have been there to miss the big boy. We didn’t have one single shot of this buck and had no clue he was in the area, but thanks to the Moultrie Game Spy(digital infrared) we new he had moved into the area. I just love seeing all the deer pictures captured on cameras every year. It is really addicting once you start using them to pattern big bucks activities where you hunt. I was really pleased with my new camera this past season and plan on buying another one soon. I was blown away how long the battery life was while using it. What is your favorite brand trail camera? There are so many out there and I have heard many different opinions on them. I think it is what you are comfortable using and what works for you (and whats affordable for you as well). I would like to have one of the nicer cameras you could check from you computer but that is part of the fun, getting out and checking them. If you lived very far from where you hunt it would be very nice to have one you could check from the computer, it would save a lot of time and gas money. It is amazing the technology that is involved in deer hunting. You can even get video of your favorite big bucks from your cameras. The image quality is unreal on some of the cameras out today. You can bet I’ll be using my cameras to help me figure out those big boys come the deer hunting season.


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