Post Season Scouting Property

post season scouting

I found this major trail while post season scouting a deer hunting property near my house.

It is a great time to do some post season scouting before all the foliage greens up. Before you know it, it’ll be time to go deer hunting.

I was out on one of the best properties that I have permission to hunt, and I was looking for sheds although I didn’t find any sheds I found some really nice rubs. Somehow I had overlooked them during the season. I don’t like to walk around to much during the season so I don’t disturb the whitetails. I don’t even want them to know I’m there at all.

Post Season Scouting Pays Off

How about your hot-spots, do you do any post season scouting? I always find something that I didn’t know was there during the season, weather it be a nice rub or a scrape line or a nice big white-oak tree. It seems like I always overlook some things during the season. Just yesterday I was out looking for sheds and post season scouting and I found a very nice trail leading from a thick potential bedding area right to a huge food source.

monster rub

Nice rub found while post season scouting.

I had walked the property line before and somehow I overlooked that trail. It is possible that the trail wasn’t there when I had scouted the property before the season and the whitetails changed their feeding patterns and made that food source their major source of food. Last year was the first time I had hunted this particular piece of property and I didn’t hunt it as much as I should have. The reason I didn’t hunt it much is because their were sheep on the property and it seemed like every time I hunted it they were all around me. Not that I think they would disturb the whitetails to much, I don’t know I just had other properties to hunt and didn’t have a trail camera on this property because I kept getting hundreds of pictures of sheep. But this season I plan on checking this property out¬† a little better sheep or not, it has everything whitetails need food, water, cover. I might not have realized what a awesome piece of property this is if I hadn’t of been out walking around and found those big rubs. I knew it had potential but I guess I let the sheep run me off. I wonder if sheep come to grunting, rattling, and snort wheezes? I guess I’ll find out this season.


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    Post season scouting can tell you a lot about deer and help you find the best place to hunt.

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