Deer Hunting Trail Cameras

I have got to get out and check my mineral licks and put out my deer hunting trail cameras. Have you put out any mineral licks or cameras yet? Now is a great time to start getting them out. The bucks will be growing their antlers soon and the does will be giving birth so it’s a great time to get some wonderful wildlife pictures.

Put Out Deer Hunting Trail Cameras

Moultrie Game camera

The bucks should be growing their antlers about now and I hope to get some great pictures of them developing their antlers.

deer hunting trail cameras

I’ve got a new Moultrie game camera, a Mathews Z7 and a new Canon XHA1 hd video camera to film all my adventures this year. It should be a great season and should be action packed. If you want to help the bucks grow bigger racks where you hunt now is the time to plant food plots and or put out mineral licks to provide them with the nutrients to grow bigger antlers. Also now is a great time to put out your trail cameras to watch those big bucks develop their antlers throughout the year. I put out a bag of Whitetail institute 30-06 in two locations on one of the properties I hunt a few weeks ago and I am going to go back and freshen them up with another bag of Whitetail Institute 30-06 minerals real soon. Also while I am there I will pull the sd card and put a new one in and hopefully have some good pictures. While I am at it I will check the batteries and if they are low I will replace them. I have have heard of a few people who have had cameras stolen so I keep mine locked with a firearm child safety lock and then I put a cable lock through that. If someone wanted it they could still get it but it would be a little more difficult for them. I just hate thieves. It is a shame we have to lock our stands and everything we leave in the woods. I grew up hunting in Georgia and have always had to deal with thieves and poachers and when I moved to Kansas I quickly learned it is no different here. It’s that small few that ruin it for everyone. That’s just the way it is I guess. Anyway get out and plant those food plots and put out some mineral licks and put out those cameras and watch those bucks grow.

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