Eighteen Point Kansas Bow Buck

18 point northeast Kansas whitetail I wanted to finally share the story of my 2014 18 point Kansas bow buck from last season that I was lucky enough to kill with my Mathews Z7 bow. It was one of my shortest hunts and most exciting. Kansas Bow Buck It was early November and I had been watching several nice bucks on my trail cameras and had been keeping an eye on one buck in particular, he was the biggest one I had on camera last season and a friend of mine named him “Stickers”. He was a main frame ten with split brows on the right and double brows on the left, and he had a bunch of kickers. He just had a ton of character and would be a great Kansas bow buck. I had been feeding him and about 10 other bucks a special blend of minerals all … Continue reading

Bow Season Opening Day Right Around Corner

Bow Season Opening Day Well it’s about three weeks until the whitetail bow season opening day here in Kansas and today I went to check one of my trail cameras and put up a stand. I had put out some Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend about a week ago in this honey hole which is one of my favorite bow hunting spots, and couldn’t wait to see what kind of pictures I had gotten. Because when I first put this camera out as I was riding my four wheeler down the edge of the cornfield coming out I saw a huge buck that I was almost certain was a buck we had named “Tall Tine” and I hadn’t seen him since last October 10th, when he disappeared. I was afraid he had caught EHD and died, but sure as the world when I checked my sd card he was back … Continue reading

Archery Equipment Recurves Compounds

Now that the season is over you might be in the market for some new archery equipment, perhaps a new bow and choosing the right bow for you can be fun but you want to make sure you make a good decision and don’t rush into buying something you are not going to be happy with later. Today we have a guest post from Jeff Stevens from Huntersguide.org. if you get a chance go over and check out their website which has some great information on deer hunting.   Thanks for the great post Jeff. Archery Equipment Recurve Bows and Compound Bows  Archery, a once-popular method for basic human survival and combat, is now a common sport and method of hunting. The main tool in the sport of archery is a bow that shoots arrows. In early times, bows were made out of pinewood and the arrows were made out … Continue reading