Flint River WMA Has Great Hunting

Flint River WMA public land buck

I took this nice buck deer hunting the Flint Rive WMA in Georgia.

If you like deer hunting big bucks then you should try Flint River WMA, in Dooly county in Georgia.

Flint River WMA

Several years ago I remember hearing about some really nice bucks being taken on the Flint River WMA, then I saw some pictures of some big bucks that were taken there. So I started thinking maybe I should put in to go there. So a friend and I put in for the quota hunt that year. I guess a lot of people had the same idea that we did. Going hunting where there were some big bucks. We knew it might take us a couple years to get drawn. So the next year we put in for the hunt again. Same results, we were rejected. So now we were more determined than ever to go deer hunting big bucks. That following year we were finally drawn. I think the hunt was December 2-5. We both worked together so we lined up our vacation days and before we knew it, it was time to go hunting. We left early on a Friday morning and headed to south Georgia. We arrived before lunch, and went scouting. We saw a lot of rubs and scrapes. We both picked out a place that looked like there were some bucks in the area and we were ready  to go hunting. The next morning I hunted in some planted pines over looking a swamp. I saw some but no bucks. One thing about Dooly county, you may not see a lot of deer, but you know that there are some quality bucks roaming those woods. After I hunted until around 11:00am. I saw three, but they were all does. I decided to get down and scout a little. I was supposed to meet my friend Steve around noon. As I am slowly walking down this road with planted pines on both sides, I am looking down each row. I spotted what looked like two eyes and a nose looking at me. I was walking slow and looking hard. But I almost walked right by these two eyes and nose. Looking down the rows of pines was like looking in a tunnel. You could see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I eased back to get another look, with my Browning A-Bolt ready. When I put my scope up I could see the outline of a trophy buck getting out of his bed. I immediately knew he was a shooter. So I aimed and squeezed. He slipped in the mud and got back up and ran about thirty yards and that was it. He was a beautiful main frame eight-pointer. You could tell he had been fighting with a bigger buck. He was beat up pretty good. The hunt was a seventy five quota hunt, and I believe I was the only one to harvest a trophy buck. I am proud of him. His feet have white patches on them like he has a little piebald in him. He is a very unique trophy, taken from Flint River WMA. I was very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to hunt and harvest such a wonderful animal. If you get the chance, hunt Flint River WMA.This is the Flint River Trophy I harvested.

Deer Hunting Big Bucks Sheds

Now that February is upon us, it’s a great time to start looking for those big bucks sheds you were hunting last deer hunting season.

Search For Big Bucks Sheds

big bucks sheds

Big bucks sheds are fun to find.

Finding a big bucks sheds you were hunting last year, can be a trophy in its self. This time of year if your deer hunting property has food plots that’s the place I would look first. They are concentrated on the food plots. Since other food sources are at a minimum this time of year. After checking the food plots I would check the trails leading to and from the food plots. The best way is just to get out and start walking these trails. You will be looking for tips of antlers or something that just catches your eye. The antler may be in the open or under debris. It may just be the tip sticking up out of the leaves. It can be really tough to find both sides of a big bucks rack. It can be great exercise to get out and go looking for sheds. If you know were they are bedding that’s a great place to look. Some of the bucks wont shed until later but by now some have already shed. I got an email yesterday that one shed has already been found on our club. It was one of our small bucks, but it was a start. If you enjoy deer hunting you will enjoy shed hunting as well. Figuring out where the bucks are bedding, feeding, and traveling is the key. Focus on food sources. Whitetails will be concentrated near food sources this time of year so start there. It can be a great way to get exercise, have some fun, and it can be rewarding. So get out there and find those sheds.

Special Places

special places buck

This buck was taken in one of my special places.

Do you have some  special places that you like to go deer hunting for big bucks? That place where every time you go you feel confident you just might see one of those big bucks. That place that’s so beautiful and serene that when you’re there the stress of your everyday life just goes away. I have had several places like this during my many years of deer hunting. I’d like to tell you about one of my special places.

Special Places Deer Hunting

The full moon was shining brightly as I made my way up the firebreak between the planted pines and the big hardwood ridge. It was a cold November morning and the rut was at its peak. The smell of pines and earth along with the cold morning air was invigorating. I was finally at my special place. I had been working a lot lately and hadn’t had many chances to go deer hunting. But now that I was there I was pumped. The conditions were perfect and I was in that place. As I got closer to the tree I was going to hunt in, I heard something run down the ridge in front of me. I stopped and listened as it ran off. Was it one of the big bucks? I slowly made my way to the crest of the ridge and turned left and eased up to my tree. I quietly put my portable on and made my way up. Once I was settled in I felt excited. I patiently waited as the rays of sun made their way through the hardwood. The view of the creek at the bottom of the ridge was beautiful. I listened as the birds sang their songs and the squirrels chased each other around the hardwood ridge. Then I decided to take out my rattle bag and grunt call. I grunted a few times then made the sound of antlers tickling together lightly. Then I crashed the rattle bag as hard as I could and made one heck of a fight up in that pine tree. I grunted a few more times then got my gun ready and waited. About five minutes later I saw a glimpse of a deer coming towards me. It was a nice buck. This was his territory and he was ready to defend it. He wasn’t going to allow another buck in his backyard. He came right to the tree I was in. I slowly raised my rifle and a well placed shot dropped him in his tracks!
Hunts like this only happen every once in a while. I took the time to savor the moment and thanked the Lord for such a special place to hunt and such a magnificent animal.