Top Ten Dream Hunting Trips

Do you have a top ten dream hunting trips? I know I have been wanting to go for years on a guided hunt. I have always wanted to go deer hunting in Alberta for big bucks in the snow. I just have never done it. I thought it would be fun to make a list of my top dream hunting trips. Dream Hunting Trips 10.Kentucky- I think Kentucky is quickly rising  up as one of the top deer hunting states to bag a trophy deer.  Todd and Christian counties in western Kentucky have beautiful open fields and heavy dense timbers, with some really nice big bucks.  9.Nebraska- When I think of Nebraska deer hunting  I think of corn. That’s all I need to know. With the wooded river valleys and farmlands it’s prime habitat for big bucks. 8. Iowa- Corn same as above. Iowa ranks #3 in the nation in Pope and … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Windy Days

Do you like deer hunting windy days? It can be extremely frustrating. It’s harder to pick up movement on a windy day, and it’s hard to hear a deer approaching also. They can’t pick up your movement as well, or hear you as well either. I have decided not to hunt on windy days before. But if you are thinking you cant bag big bucks on windy days think again. Hunting Windy Days My father was deer hunting the first week of the season in 1997. He hunted that morning then went back to camp and decided to eat lunch and get back in the woods early. It was very windy to be deer hunting. But he was back out there early with hopes of seeing some big bucks. It was around 1:20pm and the wind was wiping. He was in a tripod stand that we called the rock stand. … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Bucks Bedrooms

There are many different strategies and techniques that can help increase your odds deer hunting. We all have our favorite strategies for big bucks. Hunting Bucks Bedrooms My favorite one is hunting bucks bedrooms. Once I’m able to locate where he is bedding, then I can use that to increase my odds of getting him. When I’m deer hunting big bucks, I like to scout during the season. I like to look for trails leading to or from a feeding area to his bedding area. I look for rubs, scrapes, fresh droppings, tracks, and secondary trails. Rubs can tell you which way a bucks are heading. If the rubs are heading towards the bedding area these are made usually just before daylight as he makes his way back to the bedroom before daylight to bed for the day. If the rubs are leading away from the bedding area to the … Continue reading