Giant Lincoln County Buck

Have you ever decided to sleep in when you were going deer hunting? For one reason or another you decided to stay in the bed ,and not get after those big bucks. We’ve all been there and done that. Maybe the weather was bad, or you just needed some sleep. When that alarm goes off sometimes it’s just hard to get out of that nice warm bed. Even if that’s the case there is still hope of getting that trophy buck. Such was the case the last week of the 2007 deer season and this Lincoln county buck in Georgia. Ronnie’s Lincoln County Buck It was rainy and foggy Monday morning when the alarm woke my father-in-law Bill and his nephew Ronnie. They were deer hunting at there  hunting  and fishing camp.  They decided to sleep in. When they woke up around 7:30 the rain had stopped. It was time to … Continue reading

Bucks Feeding Habits

Now that winter is upon us and deer season is over in most areas. The whitetails are relying on a lot of our food plots as there main food source. Bucks Feeding Habits Vary Learning bucks feeding habits and different foods can be helpful in finding whitetails or better yet big bucks. Have you ever been deer hunting one week and there was a lot of deer sign in a particular area? Only to discover the next weekend the deer sign had disappeared. Was it do to hunting pressure? Or could it have been the food source diminished in that particular area? That’s one thing I like about deer hunting. The challenge of figuring out what the whitetails are eating at different times of the year. The foods and feeding habits can change from season to season or one place to another. If your deer hunting property doesn’t have many food sources … Continue reading