Kansas Deer Hunting Over

The season is all but over here in Kansas and most parts of the country, it was a great year of Kansas deer hunting. I hope you all had a great year and wish you the very best in 2012.

Kansas Deer Hunting

Northeast Kansas deer hunting

Northeast Kansas deer hunting is awesome.

Right now there is an extended deer hunting firearm season going until the 8th of January here in Kansas. So it’s not to late to get out and try to fill that freezer with some tasty venison. I really like the way that Kansas deer hunting is set up for whitetails. I think that is why they have so many big bucks is because the rifle season is short and not during the rut which leaves a small window to kill a big buck with a gun and let’s them survive longer and reach a mature age where they can reach their full potential. That and the fact that they have plenty of food sources to help them make it through the tough winters. I love the fact that I can bow hunt big bucks during the rut without them being pressured into being nocturnal from all of the guns going off in the woods during the rut. I think Kansas got it right and it shows with the number of big bucks they have and the size of the bucks hunters kill there every year. I would put Kansas at the top of my list with a hand full of other great states like Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, and a few more. So if you still need to fill that freezer and you can hunt in Kansas here are a couple of the seasons still open for harvesting does.

Extended Firearm Whitetail (Jan. 1-8,2012)

Unit restrictions for the permit remain in effect. And any unfilled permit for deer in 2011 valid in units 1-19 may be used in the extended white-tailed antler-less only season (see the map on page 19 of the Kansas deer hunting regulations. Resident either sex/ either species permits valid for the West and East would be valid only in units in their zone. Orange is required.

Special Firearm Extended Whitetail (January 9-15, 2012)

Unfilled whitetail permit 2011 valid in Units 7, 8, 15 can be used during the special extended season.(See map on page 20 of the Kansas whitetail regulations.) Legal equipment can be used to take a white-tail without visible antler sticking out of its skull during this season. A license is required, unless exempt by Kansas law. Orange clothing required.

Extended Archery (DMU 19) (January 9-31)

These permits are available using archery equipment only for antler less whitetails(see map on page 19 of whitetail regulations) Non-resident and resident archery either sex/either species,resident any season whitetail permit,non resident archery whitetail permit, permit valid for unit 19, special hunt-own-land permit for unit 19, and antler less whitetail permit. 2012 license required, unless exempt by Kansas law. Orange clothing required.

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Deer Hunting Trail Camera Pictures

Deer Hunting Trail Camera buck named "Horn Donkey"!

Getting deer hunting trail camera pictures of bucks like this one at your honey holes can sure fire you up big time.

It has been a great season for us and we have gotten tons of great deer hunting trail camera pictures.

Deer Hunting Trail Camera Photographs

I don’t know how many deer hunting trail camera pictures I have gotten but it is a lot. I have been going through them lately and trying to organize them and delete the ones that I didn’t want to keep. It has been a job getting all of them put into folders and keeping them organized. I have three different properties that I have permission to hunt, and at all three I’ve gotten deer hunting trail camera pictures of at least one monster whitetail.

Whitetail  Andre The Giant

This is the only photo we’ve gotten so far of whitetail monster buck we named Andre The Giant.

The biggest buck we got a photo of was a whitetail we named Horn Donkey. He didn’t start showing up until around late October in the middle of the night but as the rut approached he started showing up more and more and at first it was all in the dark but then he started showing up in early morning and late evening hours. Then just a few days before we were planning on trying to hunt him on film he started showing up all times of the day. By checking our photos we were able to put together a plan of attack on this big Kansas brute and we filmed him being shot in November.

Unfortunately we haven’t found him yet, but I plan on looking all winter and will not give up. I went around to the neighbors and farmers and they all said they would be on the lookout for him. This buck is very special because we believe he could have possibly been a potential Kansas state record typical with a bow on film. So we will not give up looking for him because we believe the shot was a fatal shot.

10 Point Trail camera pictures

Trail camera pictures can help you pattern a big buck to help you figure out the best way to get a shot at him.

Some of the other bucks were really nice as well and hopefully they will make it through until next season and we will keep using our cameras to monitor our hunting properties and the bucks on them. So hopefully we will have more great photos to share with you.

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Rifle Hunting Kansas

rifle hunting Kansas

When rifle hunting Kansas expect it to be cold.

Do you like deer hunting with a rifle? If you do and you like rifle hunting Kansas now is the time to be in the woods.

Rifle Hunting Kansas Short Season

When I moved here a few years ago I was pleasantly surprised to find out the rifle season here wasn’t until late November into early December and was after the rut. The reason I say pleasantly surprised is because I prefer using a bow over using a rifle and I knew that I would be able to hunt big bucks during the rut that hadn’t been put on alert by the sound of guns going off in the woods during the peak of the rut and the time leading up to it. Let me say that I am not at all opposed to guns I just prefer using a bow because I love the challenge having to get the deer into closer range. There is just something special about rifle hunting Kansas. I think what makes rifle hunting Kansas so special is the number of quality bucks roaming the woods here.

Huge whitetail buck we named "Horn Donkey"

Rifle hunting Kansas can be a great time to get a buck.

And I think that having a short gun season and having it after the rut lets the big bucks have a chance to survive and reach an age where they can reach their full potential. That and the fact the deer have an unbelievable amount of crops and food to help them through the winters and get nice and big. There is an early muzzle-loader season here and though I haven’t done it yet it is a great opportunity to get a shot at a big buck in his early season feeding pattern when the bucks are more than likely still in bachelor groups. The muzzle-loader season opens when bow season does and is only for around thirteen days and once it is over it is bow only all the way up until the end of November when the gun season starts. I think it is critical to let the bucks get at least 4.5 to 5.5 even 6.5 years old to reach their maximum potential and not having a gun season during the peak of the rut is the key. If it was gun season during the rut many more bucks would be killed obviously. I forgot to mention that another thing they have here is an early season youth and disability season which is really good to give the kids a chance to get a whitetail before the rest of the hunters invade the woods. I can’t wait to take my boy next season to try and get him his first deer, and that early season youth period will be a great time to do it. If you get a chance take a kid out and introduce them to the great outdoors, you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Let us know how your season is going. Maybe even send us some pictures of you with your buck and we’ll try to get them posted on here for everyone to see.