New Deer Hunting Products

There are some really cool new deer hunting products that are out for 2014. I saw a lot of different ones at the Monster Buck Classic in Topeka this past January and I have been wanting to share a few with you that I really deer hunting products HuntForce

New Deer Hunting Products

  1. INFERNOEPS™ Element Protection System- This was one of my favorite new deer hunting products I saw at the Monster Buck Classic. It is a back pack that you convert into a full body suit or system to hunt out of in extreme cold. It is light weight, very easy to use, and it is guaranteed to perform against ice, high winds, snow, and sub-zero temperatures. It has many features that I just love like the ultra quiet outer layer, plenty of room in the compartments for all your gear, the lining is durable and treated with an anti-microbial finish to keep human scent and odors inside the bag, and it is lightweight right at 8 pounds. This is just a really nice system that I plan on getting very soon. I hunt in Kansas and the wind and cold can just be brutal here, as a matter of fact there where days this past season that I just didn’t think I would be able to stay warm, so I didn’t go hunting but with the INFERNOEPS™ I think I could and would be able to hunt much longer.
  2. HuntForce- Is an application designed to use your trail camera pictures into a deer hunting strategy. I stopped by the HuntForce booth at the Monster buck Classic and they gave me a tour and showed me what HuntForce was all about and I tell you what I was blown away. From the individual buck profiles where you can track them for their lifetime to the organization of all your trail camera pictures, and the reports show you exactly when and where your individual bucks are showing up it is just awesome. Talk about a game changer HuntForce helps you figure out where and when to hunt and gives you the information to help you get that big brute you have been after.
  3. Johnson 360 Tree Stand- Although I haven’t tried a Johnson 360 tree stand I saw it and knew it was a great stand right away. Hunting here in Kansas finding a good tree to hang a stand in can be downright impossible at times and that’s what makes the Johnson 360 different from most other tree stands because it is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically and will fit almost any tree. I have sat in a stand that was crooked and it is no fun whatsoever. The Johnson 360 looks like a great stand and I will definitely be getting one in the near future.
  4. Hunter’s Specialties® Limb Lock™ Bow Holder- A tree stand bow holder that uses the weight of your bow to close the jaws around the lower limb and all you have to do is grab your bow and pick it up and the jaws release. I really need one of these bad. Bow hunting in Kansas can be very windy at times and I have been hanging my bow on a bow holder and the wind gets it rocking so much sometimes I think it’s going to blow right off of it. I need me a Limb Lock™ bow holder for sure.
  5. The Siege® STREAMLIGHT- The Siege® is a compact, alkaline hand lantern. I could really use one of these bad boys around deer camp and the house. It’s waterproof, it floats, it’s tough, has multiple modes, red for night vision with flash sos mode and night vision preserving mode to save battery  and white with high medium and low. You can stand it up or hang it with the built-in d-rings one on top and one on bottom to hang it either way. This is a very nice lantern and I need to get one soon.

    These are just a few cool new deer hunting products I wanted to share with you, they all look like some great products to me.

It’s about time to get those spring food plots ready for planting, just a reminder soil samples can make a huge difference in the success of your food plots so don’t forget to get those soil samples done now!

Mid West Big Deer Harvest Decline

big deer harvest

The extreme winters have taken a toll on the deer throughout the mid west, as well as extreme drought conditions and EHD(Epizootic hemorrhagic disease).

By Adam Doby

As I was working at the Monster Buck Classic in Kansas this past January I just couldn’t help but notice that the big deer harvest numbers were down and the big bucks brought in and entered into the Monster buck contest just seemed to be down from the previous two years. Not that there weren’t some really nice bucks brought in, but the amount of them was just obviously down. I asked several others at the show if it was noticeable to them and they said yes. One of the outfitters I spoke with at the show told me in the fall of 2012 on a farm in Northeast Kansas they found seventeen dead bucks in one small pond.

I never found any dead deer but heard story after story of farmers and locals who did, one really nice drop tine buck was found in a pond about 450 yards from our house, just across the property line from where I hunt. I saw this video on YouTube and it just really hits home in seeing this, it’s not a very pretty thing to see the animals that we love and respect and want to help conserve getting wiped out by this awful damn disease.

Big Deer Harvest Numbers Down

I hunt in northeast Kansas and I run up to ten trail cameras throughout the season and the number of shooter bucks I get on those cameras has declined over the last couple of years, I believe caused by EHD (Epizootic hemorrhagic disease), drought, extreme winters, predators and over harvest in previous years. The drought and the cold winters have caused a decline in quality food sources but the main reason for the decline in the big deer harvest numbers I believe is EHD. As if EHD wasn’t bad enough Kansas made crossbows legal and even extended antler-less seasons, which  neither of these made much sense to me at all, why would you add a crossbow season and extend antler-less seasons when your deer herd was obviously hurting? I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, what do you think?

The big deer harvest numbers are down all across the heartland and there are a lot of people talking about it and Bill Winke of MidWest Whitetail recently wrote an article on his blog after attending the Iowa Deer Classic about the big bucks harvest numbers being down at the Iowa Deer Classic.

Mark Kenyon over at Wired To Hunt recently wrote an article about the QDMA for the first time is convening a “North American Whitetail Summit” to discuss ways to combat this recent trend in whitetail populations.

I sure hope the deer population will rebound, but this winter in the mid west has been brutal and I sure hope this summer isn’t as dry as it has been the last couple of years. Whitetails are amazing creatures and seem to adapt to many strenuous conditions, I just wish they could catch a break this summer and have a mild moist summer. Only time will tell. The stress they have gone through lately makes me appreciate them more and more everyday.

Has there been cases of EHD where you hunt lately?

Non Typical King of Kansas Whitetail Crowned

It was a great deer hunting show in Topeka January 24-26 at the Monster Buck Classic, the big news was a new non typical king of Kansas whitetail was crowned. The big buck is a beautiful whitetail that all deer hunters dream about taking some day. The Monster Buck Classic had some impressive bucks brought in over the 3 day event. It is always fun to see all the monster Kansas bucks brought in to be scored and some entered into the Monster buck contest.

Non Typical King of Kansas Whitetail

Cade Hays King of Kansas Non-Typical

Non Typical King of Kansas Whitetail

The reigning champ Lucas Cochren’s 238 4/8″ King of Kansas Non-Typical fell to the new reigning King of Kansas Non-Typical buck killed by Cade Hays with a gross Boone & Crockett score of 247″ and net score of 239 7/8″, only a slight difference of  1 and 1/8 inches! Talk about close. Cade had a video from a trail camera of the big brute rubbing a tree and had the actual tree as a pedestal to hold the mount, it was really impressive.

Both Lucas and Cade’s bucks are amazing bucks and are once in a lifetime bucks. Congratulations to both of them for taking such beautiful bucks!

King of Kansas Typical

Don Parr’s King of Kansas typical.

Don Parr’s Typical King of Kansas another amazing monster buck held on as the King of Kansas typical (194 6/8 net) for at least another year. What a stud typical buck, congratulations to Don for retaining the King of Kansas typical once again. To see this buck in person is just really impressive, the G2’s and 3’s are just crazy long.

It will be fun to see how long the King of Kansas bucks can hang on to their crowns. One thing is for sure when it comes to monster bucks Kansas has them. So you never know what you might see show up at the “Monster buck Classic We Are Kansas” deer hunting show next year.

Lucas Cochran's King of Kansas non-typical

Lucas Cochran’s former King of Kansas non-typical