Deer Hunting Property Just Got Better

Deer Hunting Property South Georgia buck

Our deer hunting property has food water and cover and is a prime location to get big bucks like this one.

I am ready to go deer hunting. Why, you might ask?

Deer Hunting Property

Well today I found out the deer hunting property that I have permission to hunt across the road from where I live, the lady came over today and told me they will be planting in a yearly rotation corn, soybeans and wheat.  The property I have permission to hunt butts up to this property where the crops will be planted. And the property that butts up to the other end already is planted in crops every year. So where I hunt will have crops on both ends. It is a beautiful hardwood ridge with two creeks running through it. And a nice thick bedding area. It was already a great piece of property but the new crops on it will definitely improve it tremendously. The biggest problem I have with this is I have to rethink my stand situation.

I plan on going tomorrow and doing some post season scouting and some shed hunting. When I am scouting I will be considering some different stand locations and how the new crops will change the whitetails patterns. I have got a couple of places in mind for stands.

Scouting With Google Earth

I have been studying the land on Google Earth and I see a couple of funnel areas that would be a great spot to ambush a big cruising buck checking the feeding areas for does in estrous. If you haven’t tried Google Earth to scout your properties you might want to check it out it could save you some time scouting.

I was at Cabelas today and I bought some Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral supplement  and I am going to establish a new salt/mineral lick spot. I also got a great deal on a Moultrie I65 Game Spy and I am going to put it out so we can watch them big bucks grow those antlers throughout the spring and summer. I am so pumped up and looking forward to going deer hunting this year.

Mathews Z7

One of the other reasons I am stoked is I got my new Mathews Z7 today and it is sweet. I have a broken shoulder and a torn rotator cuff and will be having surgery next week and I won’t  be able to shoot it for quite some time after that, so even though my shoulder is hurt I just had to shoot it today. And let me tell you I was impressed. The Z7 has a very smooth draw cycle and is quiet as quiet as a church mouse. It is all nice and fast too. I can’t say enough good things about this bow. If you are in the market for a new bow I would definitely recommend giving the Mathews Z7 a look.

sweet shooting bow

If you are in the market for a new bow I recommend giving the Mathews Z7 a look.


Baiting Southern Zone Georgia

baiting corn pile

Baiting is a controversial topic.

How do you feel about baiting? I have lived here in Kansas for two years now and baiting is legal here and somehow it just doesn’t feel right doing it deer hunting.


supplemental feeding

Baiting deer is legal in some states.

I grew up deer hunting in Georgia mainly in the northern zone some in the southern zone, and for thirty plus years I have hunted without the use of bait. During all those years I have done just fine without it.  Now that I am in Kansas where it is legal I have hunted over bait and it just doesn’t seem right. I’m not saying I won’t do it again, I will but it just is not something that I am used to doing.The one good thing that baiting does is provide the whitetails food during the harsh winter months when they are struggling to survive the extreme conditions. For the first time in my life I saw a deer that was laying there about to die from the extreme conditions and it wasn’t something I enjoyed seeing. That being said you can supplemental feed without deer hunting over it. But then there is the issue of spreading disease while supplemental feeding. When you have animals eating from the same place how can you not risk spreading disease?   Well it looks like baiting may become a reality in the southern zone in Georgia. I know this is a very sensitive topic and many people have many different opinions on the subject. How do you feel about it?

Food Plots

On a different note are you planting any food plots this spring? Planting food sources and hunting the food sources is the best way to hunt in my book. Do you get soil samples of your food plot areas before you plant them? If you don’t you may not be getting the most out of your food plots. Soil samples are inexpensive and easy to do and  make a big difference in the quality of your plots. It’s not to late to get those soil samples if you plan on planting this spring. If you don’t have the resources to plant food plots on property that you hunt then the more post season scouting you can do to locate food sources and bedding areas and travel corridors in between the more prepared you will be when the season rolls around. I have found a great way to find prime spots is using google earth. You can really locate bottlenecks and other key areas such as hardwoods and bedding areas. If you haven’t tried it you might want to give it a try. You might be surprised how handy of a scouting tool it can be.


GameGlide List

GameGlide Top Hunting Blogs

I wanted to thank the good folks over at GameGlide. They recently included Deer Hunting Big Bucks in a recent post on their blog titled The Top & Most Influential Hunting Blogs. It was a honor to be included in such a great list of hunting blogs and to know they enjoy reading Deer Hunting Big Bucks, and we hope you all enjoy visiting us from time to time. You can go over and check out the post by clicking this link The Top Most Influential Hunting Blogs. Go over and check it out and visit their site and see what looks like a great product they are offering. I haven’t tried their product out yet but you can bet that I hope to this upcoming season.

This past season I did a lot of deer hunting. A lot of my hunts were on a great piece of public land about an hour away from where I live in Kansas and it was out in the boonies. I hunted quite a bit by myself and was wondering, if I kill a big buck way out here in the middle of nowhere by my self how in the world would I get him out of here? I just figured I would worry about that when and if that time ever came. It was either hunt by myself or don’t hunt at all. I know it isn’t the smartest thing to do go by my self, but I elected to do it rather than sitting at home on the couch. If you kill a big buck you will figure out a way to get him out of the woods. I was wanting to get a cart but just wasn’t able to afford one at the time and had I known about the GameGlide I sure would have had one in my backpack. Well you can bet this season I’ll have one in my backpack.  I was checking out their site and they have videos, a blog, pictures, news and even live wildlife cams. The wildlife cams are really cool. I can’t wait to try the GameGlide with a big ole buck. I thinking it sure would make that drag a lot easier on my back, dragging a whitetail through the woods. Your buddies will probably thank you too when they are helping you get that big boy out of the woods. I also went over to youtube and found a great video on their ultra light hunting sled. I wanted to share it with you.

Illinois buck GameGlide

I could have used the GameGlide on this deer hunting trip in Illinois.