Whitetail Rut Mississippi

It looks like the big bucks are on the move, and it is good hunting as the whitetail rut Mississippi!

Whitetail Rut Mississippi Hard

My good friend Ray over a 2X-Treme Designs sent me some pictures of a  big deer he took the other day. It is one of the biggest he has ever harvested and it’s a nice one. He also sent me a picture of his son J.R.’s first deer.

first deer

J.R. harvested his first deer in Mississippi on January 9,2009.Congratulations J.R.!

Congratulations J.R. on your first deer! Dad just had to wipe the blood on your face didn’t he. That’s all right my dad did the same thing to me when I got my first deer.

It is always great to see kids hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. Ray said he has seen several big bucks.

whitetail rut Mississippi

Big bucks like this one Ray harvested on January 8, 2009 are more likely to make a mistake during the whitetail rut Mississippi.

It is always fun to hunt big bucks during the breeding period. The best time to harvest mature big bucks is during the whitetail rut Mississippi. The whitetail rut is different there than it is in Georgia, it is just now peaking in there. I never could figure out what makes them rut much later there than here in Georgia.

Ray killed his buck on January 8, 2009 it is his biggest buck to date and he took it on the same date that he took his first whitetail ever deer hunting. It sounds like January 8th is Rays lucky day. He used a Quaker Boy Doe Bleat to call the buck in and made a neck shot at about 100 yards and dropped him right in his tracks. Ray said he didn’t realize how big he was until he got over to him. The buck has an 18″ inside spread with 6″ bases and was 6 1/2 years old. Ray took his buck on the 8th and his son J.R. took his first whitetail on the very next day January 9th. That had to be very exciting for Ray and J.R. great job guys!

Ray did the logo and header design for DeerHuntingBigBucks.com, and he can help you with any of your graphic design needs. So be sure to go over and check out his website.

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Trophy Bucks Locked

I got an email the other day of two trophy bucks that got locked up when fighting and I thought I would share them with everyone. I don’t know the source of these photos other than the name on the email but they are some cool pictures. I just hate it when trophy bucks get locked like this and can’t get free. If you like deer hunting as much as I do you don’t want  trophy bucks like these  to die  by being locked together. At least they were able to free the buck that was still alive.

Lucky deer. Another day it would probably been dead.

Trophy Bucks Locked Up

trophy bucks fighting get hung up

During the whitetail rut trophy bucks often fight and get their antlers locked and are often unable to get loose.

On November 6, a relative, Dona Viereck, called to tell us that she was driving to Canton , South Dakota and had seen a buck in the distance with his head down. It wasn’t moving, and although she honked the car horn repeatedly, he wouldn’t raise his head.

She grabbed her binoculars and looked at him, and saw that the buck’s horns were entangled with those of another one, which was dead. So she called us and asked if we wanted an adventure — untangling the animals! Well, we went, pronto!!! I took my camera and we walked right up to them.

They were tangled in an old fence line just east of a golf course, where some railroad tracks had been. The live buck was on the high side, and the dead buck on the slope. The other buck had been dead for 2 or 3 days, we estimated.

locked trophy big bucks

Big Bucks can get their antlers locked so bad that they can’t get apart without someone helping them.

Terry attempted to break a point off the dead buck’s rack with his pliers, but couldn’t. He tried turning the dead buck’s head but the other one just became more frightened and started backing up.

The live buck had the bigger rack – a 5 x 6. The dead buck was bigger bodied and looked to be an older deer. It had more “stickers” on its rack. The now scared buck eventually got out of the fence, and out in the open. Terry pulled an old post out of the fence line and used it to try and pry the racks loose, but it didn’t work.

two bucks hung up from fighting

During the whitetail rut bucks often fight and can get their antlers locked so bad they can’t get free.

We finally decided to go to a friend’s house in order to borrow his chainsaw, but then we thought something quieter would be better, and so got a hacksaw instead. Terry sawed the main beam on the dead buck and then other one was free! The buck didn’t realize this for probably 30 seconds or so. When he did, he started striking the dead buck in the face repeatedly. He finally raised his head a little, and then a little more. He stood there with his head held high looking at both of us and we wondered if he were going to try charging us too! Then he turned and ran off rather wobbly. He went a short distance, lay down briefly, and then got up and took off in the direction of the Big Sioux River .
-Terry and Sherry Bolding

At least they were able to finally free the big buck and he will live to see another day. I hate it when whitetails get locked together when fighting and they end up dying. Great job Terry and Sherry!


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Deer Hunting Buddy Public Hunting

Well I just had to share this video with everyone. I think I got a new deer hunting buddy.

Deer Hunting Buddy

deer hunting buddy

This is my new deer hunting buddy.

My three year old son Noah and I went down to camp to get my portable stands out of the woods, and we had a great time. We had a blast even though we didn’t see any. It’s the first time I have taken him to the woods with me and I enjoyed every second of it. We had to walk a pretty good way to the stand and he stuck right there with me. We even saw a big bucks tracks. He wanted me to carry him through the woods when it got kind of thick. I have always wanted to have a son to take deer hunting. And I can’t wait until my two boys get big enough to take them deer hunting with me. That is if they want to, I wont push it on them but will take them if they show an interest when they get big enough to go. I think they will both enjoy hunting and the great outdoors as much as their daddy does. My oldest has already asked when I was going to take him with me.

National forest

There are some great public hunting hunting places in Georgia.

I did a post on some public hunting land here in Georgia that is still open to get in  some late season whitetail action. And it looks like I am going to try out one before the season ends. We had planned on going to Illinois but our schedules just aren’t working out to be able to do it. So we are switching to plan B and are going to try to do some public hunting in Georgia. Hopefully we will get some good action on film to share with everyone. I sure would like to be able to go  one more time this year but Georgia offers some great late season bow hunting on public land as well. Maybe we will get lucky and see some big bucks. I wanted to remind everyone to take a child  and get them involved in the great outdoors and you will make memories that you and them will cherish forever.