Deer Hunting Food Plots Whitetail Rut

deer hunting food plots coming up

Deer hunting food plots near thick woods is a great place to get a monster.

whitetail rut buck Illinois

This deer is proof that the best time to harvest big bucks is when the whitetail rut.

Deer hunting food plots are a great addition to any property.

Deer Hunting Food Plots

We have been planting spring and fall plots for quite some time and it has made a huge difference in the health and quality of our herd. I highly recommend planting deer hunting food plots if you have the resources, in my opinion they are the best thing you can do to improve your herd. Deer hunting food plots will keep and hold deer on your property and improve the health of your herd.

Well Friday I am looking forward to going and hunting one of our awesome food plots. We are getting a lot of rain today and tomorrow, but it is supposed to clear out of here by then and I am planning on going to Jasper county and see if I can get after those big bucks. I am really frustrated with the big bucks, they are not wanting to come out and play. I am still gonna be focusing on the food plots. I’m hoping to catch a big boy heading to one of our food plots right before dark. This time of year has always been the hardest of the season for harvesting big bucks. I may find the thickest stuff I can find where nobody ever hunts and hunt there, I may have a better chance than at food plots. These dang big boys are so dang smart this time of year.

Some places around the country are just now experiencing the whitetail rut. I have never figured out why Alabama’s whitetail rut so much later than where I have always hunted. It’s not that far from here but the whitetail rut a lot later there.

The other day I saw something I had never seen before. I saw a white fox squirrel. He wasn’t completely white but he was the whitest I’ve ever seen. I was able to get him on video and thought I would share it with you. When I first saw him I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was beautiful. It seems like this year I have seen more fox squirrel’s on our property. Just the other day I filmed a red fox squirrel. They are really big, almost the size of a big cat. I have seen many different colored fox squirrels over the years. It is neat seeing all the different color combinations in fox squirrels.

I hope every one is having a great season so far and remember to get those kids involved in the great outdoors. We need to take them out and let them experience the outdoors and get them interested in the outdoors at a young age. I can’t wait to take my sons with me so they can learn about wildlife preservation and preserving wildlife habitat. Just a couple of days ago my three year old son asked me, daddy when are you going to take me deer hunting? I was hoping he would show an interest in it, and I told him I would take him with me soon. I did a post a few days ago about my cousins son Payton harvesting his first buck. My cousin was in the stand with him when Payton took him. I know that was a memory they both will cherish forever. I hope one day to be there with my sons when they harvest their first bucks.

Whitetail Rut Jasper County Bucks

buck taken rattling

The best time to hunt is during the whitetail rut.

I received my monthly issue of GON magazine today and from what I’m reading they expect some good action during the month of December throughout the state of Georgia. So I’m hoping that means a lot of late season action for the Jasper county bucks. I don’t think all the action is over for the the whitetail rut. As a matter of fact I am  looking forward to the whitetail rut to kick in for our Jasper county bucks. In November it kicked in so fast and then it was gone. When the does go in heat all heck breaks loose and then once they go out of estrous it’s dead for a while. But when the does come back into estrous it’s going to pick up. With the hunting pressure being heavy during November the big boys go into nocturnal mode. Especially when the does go out of estrous. This buck was harvested during the whiteail rut.I don’t think the whitetail rut will be as intense in December as it was in November, but it just takes one trophy buck to make your whole season. The Jasper county bucks seem to have a way of being very hard to locate this time of year. But I’m not giving up just yet. There is almost a month left of deer hunting. There where so many white oak acorns this year the deer had plenty of food during November, and didn’t have to travel far to get their food, it was everywhere. But now as the food sources disappear more and more, I’m going to be focusing on food plots. The deer really need the nutrition this time of the year, especially the bucks due to the fact they lost so much weight chasing does ans looking for does. They need to gain weight to be able to survive the cold winter. So food plots are a great place to be this time of the season.

I’m planning on heading out to our club in the morning, and hunting all day. I hope to do some filming. So hopefully I’ll get some good footage to share with everyone.

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Public Hunting Whitetail Rut

Illinois Buck

This deer was harvested during the whitetail rut.

10 point buck whitetail rut

Southern Illinois 10 pointer harvested in the 2008 whitetail rut.

I have been on several  Wildlife Management Areas that offer great public hunting. Just about all of them were in Georgia. But there are many great places all over the country. Check out the link below for a great article on some awesome places to hunt on Wildlife Management areas. Some of them you are able to hunt smack dab in the middle of the whitetail rut.

Whitetail Rut

Public hunting during the whitetail rut can be action packed and might make for some great deer hunting.

full draw

This bow hunter takes advantage of some great public hunting by bow hunting in Illinois

At the end of last deer season some buddies and I started thinking about this deer season and we decided to do some public hunting. We planed a trip to go bow hunting in Illinois. I told my buddy to count me in when he first told me they were going. I had always dreamed about going on a trip like this. So I started preparing right away. I practiced like crazy all summer long with my bow. I replayed the scenario in my head over and over, drawing my bow at just the right moment and making a good clean shot on a big brute. And as we planned it we were trying to time it with the whitetail rut. When we arrived the weather was very warm and the big boys were laying low.The timing was a little bit early although the deer were starting to chase, but the first few days we just weren’t seeing the big bucks. But a cold front moved in on the last couple of days and the action was intense. My buddy saw ten big bucks chasing does but the big boy that presented him a shot was broken off just above his G1 on one side. He let him cruise by at about twelve yards. The next morning was cold and man I was pumped. I was bow hunting in Illinois and all the conditions were perfect.  I was able to rattle in a big ten pointer and my PSE Stinger put him down for the count. And this was on land open to anyone with a license. I would definitely recommend bow hunting in Illinois.

There are many great opportunities out there, to harvest some very nice monster big boys on land that is open to anyone in just about every state. We had to pay for a license and a room and food and gas. It wasn’t cheap but it was very reasonable for someone wanting a chance to bag a trophy buck.

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