Potential World Record Deer

Can you imagine being the lucky hunter harvesting a world record deer? We all dream about one day harvesting a trophy buck deer hunting. Heck most of us would love just to see a big deer. Every year many hunters harvest big bucks. Just think what it would be like taking a world record deer hunting. These days it probably change your whole life if you were fortunate enough to do that. I have heard of  hunters taking big bucks and then getting many different lucrative offers to put the story on TV hunting shows, in magazines, or advertising products such as scents, bows, guns, calls, and many other items, and sharing your story about the deer. But imagine the way your life would change if you harvested the biggest typical or non typical buck in the world. I imagine for the most part it would be a positive thing to happen for someone, but I also think it could have it’s negative aspects as well.

World Record Deer

Recently I heard about a humongous whitetail harvested in Buffalo County Wisconsin, that is a potential world record deer. I guess we will find out after the 60 day drying period for big bucks to be officially scored. I imagine the man’s life has been kind of crazy since he took the whitetail. I bet his phone is ringing off the hook!

Hunting world record deer

A food plot can make your property more attractable to deer. Maybe even a world record deer.


The deer will go nocturnal when pressured.

I am going on a hunt this Tuesday morning, and I am planning on taking my camera and camcorder to get some good footage to share with everyone. It has been rainy this weekend and is supposed to rain tomorrow then Tuesday is supposed to be nice and cold. So hopefully the weather will get the big boys moving again. Also, the does that were not bred during the first estrous cycle should be coming back in heat soon, and that should get the monsters back on the prowl again. Our food plots are looking really good and we are seeing quite a few whitetails using them. The later it gets during the season the more attractive they seem to be, since the other food sources become less abundant. The great thing about having food plots is that they provide year round nutrition for the herd when other food sources diminish.

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Filming Deer Hunting


Filming deer can be fun and exciting.

me filming deer hunting

Filming deer hunting is a real challenge.

I have tried filming deer hunting before and it is something I am very interested in learning more about.

Filming Deer Hunting Fun

Yesterday I decided to take my camcorder hunting. I setup my tripod in the deer stand with me and attached my camcorder, and waited for the big bucks. I was hoping to get some deer on film, and maybe try to capture myself harvesting a whitetail, bow-hunting.

I got in the stand and the action started filming deer hunting early and was able to have a great afternoon of videoing and hunting. I am really getting the fever for bow-hunting and outdoor videography. I took my bow to test my archery skills, but I didn’t bring my arrows, I always forget to bring all of my supplies hunting. I was able to get a big fox squirrel  and seven whitetails on film, but the big bucks never showed up. I got some really good footage of the whitetails and squirrel. But it started raining while I was there, and rain and expensive video equipment just don’t mix. Especially when you don’t have the right equipment to protect your camera while filming hunts. I am already wanting to invest in a professional outdoor videography package. I found a really cool website that offers professional outdoor videography packages. You can go check them out at CambellOutdoorChallenge. They have a great line of products, and they even have a competition you can enter and compete against other teams filming hunts. So be sure and go over and check them out.

The rain wasn’t too bad so I was able to keep the camera out and I just covered it up and still got some great footage. I had a wonderful evening, I had several whitetails feeding in the food plot and they stayed around feeding for quite some time. It was fun catching them on video. I’m still trying to figure out how to download the video so I can share it with you. I am looking forward to getting some great footage in the near future. I’d like to do it for a living, who knows maybe someday soon I will.

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Pressure Making Bucks Elusive

bucks elusive late season

Human pressure makes deer hunting challenging and the bucks become elusive.

The pressure of a lot of hunters in the woods and guns going off makes bucks elusive.

Bucks Elusive

Have you ever noticed the later it is in the season the less big buck sightings there are. It’s because the big boys are smart and know not to be out roaming around during daylight hours because they have heard, smelled and even encountered the hunters invading the woods during gun season and it makes the bucks elusive. The smart old bucks have been through this all before and a lot of them will become nocturnal. You must change your strategies if you want to score on a late season trophy buck.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, mine was great. Although I gained a few pounds, we had some delicious food and got to spend time with the family. I slept in this morning and then I decided to go deer hunting. I had to stop by the taxidermist and drop off my Illinois bow kill. I am so pumped that I finally harvested a mature whitetail with a bow. I have got the fever for archery now. Today I took my bow, gun and video camera with me, if any big bucks came within bow range I was going to sling an arrow, and I was going to try to film it all as it unfolded. But there was only one problem, I left my arrows at home, oh well, it happens. At least I brought my gun, with bullets. 

Illinois big buck

The big bucks were rutting in Illinois.

Sometimes when I go deer hunting, I stop by the taxidermist and checkout all of the big bucks. DD’s Taxidermy in Mansfield Georgia does a great job. He has had some real studs brought in this year. I can’t wait to see the mount once he finishes it. I think I am going to get him mounted in a semi-sneak pose looking left. It should be awesome! I am already looking forward to going back bow hunting in Illinois. 

I arrived at  camp around 1:00 pm and decided on a good place to set up where the wind was right and an area known for big bucks. It is a strip of hardwoods and pine mix that has a huge food plot beside it, there is a big bedding area near that is real thick. Once I got in the stand around 1:45 I saw a huge black headed reddish brown fox squirrel. He got on a nearby limb and was giving me a earful of what he thought about me. I told him I would be back during squirrel season to see if he felt the same way then. Just seeing that big beautiful fox squirrel made my day. I think they are gorgeous with the different colors.

About 3:30 I saw movement in the food plot about 150 yards away. four whitetails made there way into the food plot, two fawns, a mature doe, and a young three pointer. I got some great footage with my video camera of them. If only I could get my camcorder to download videos I could share them with you. I should have taken some pictures of them to put on here. The next time I go deer hunting I plan on doing that. I watched whitetails all afternoon saw a beautiful fox squirrel and got to breath some fresh air and listen to all the sounds of nature going on all around me. Although the pressure seems to be making the big boys elusive, man I have a lot to be thankful for.