Down South Big Deer Stories

I hope every one’s having a great season.  Since my bow hunting trip to Illinois, I have been glad to be back down south hunting.  I was looking in my GON magazine and many hunters have been successful harvesting big deer. I have seen a lot of pictures big bucks on the walls of the local gas station hang outs. I just love this time of year hearing all the different stories of all the big deer, hunters have taken down south hunting near where I live. I love all the hunting stories from all over, but when you hear a story about a big buck from near where you live it kind of gets you fired up!

We have a big buck on our club we have had on trail camera for several years now, and the other day my dad called me and he was excited he saw him from the stand, for just a second, he didn’t stick around long enough for dad to get a shot, but sightings of him during daylight hours are rare, so now we are all fired up. I sure would like to be able to share a story about this buck with you, before this deer season is over. Although since the time my dad saw him, the rut has cooled off a lot.  Deer season  always seems to go by so fast.

Do you have any good stories about big deer taken or seen near where you live? I’d love to hear some of your stories, from near where some of you live. If you have photographs to go with your story send them to me and I’ll try to put your story and photos on here.

Big Deer

big deer buck

Ronnie Peters Lincoln county big deer.

This is a picture of another big deer, a peach state monster I did a post on last year, you can see the full story here Lincoln County Giant Buck.

Just yesterday I was reading a great story at  OTHMAR VOHRINGER OUTDOOR BLOG . He had posted a story about a huge whitetail on his site that was very interesting. Click on his link, and go check it out. He has a great blog definitely worth going over to check out.

Deer hunting stories are always fun to share, and if you think about it we can all learn from each others stories. You can find out many helpful tips and information about deer and deer movement, and maybe use that information to help you bag a big trophy buck. When someone is telling me a story about a hunt I always try to get as many details about the hunt as I can. Was he with a doe? What was he eating? What time of day was it? What was the weather like? What type of woods were you hunting? Any information that may help me figure out the deer I am hunting. Like the old saying says, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

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Big Bucks Boxing Video

Bucks Boxing Video

Today I was looking at deer videos , check out this cool bucks boxing video.These two big bucks are fighting it out, it is unbelievable neither one of them wants to give up. Most bucks fight with their antlers, but not these two big bucks. Have you ever seen two bucks fight out in the woods while deer hunting?

bucks boxing video

I haven’t actually seen two bucks fight, but I have heard them, I have seen some light sparring and I have seen where the ground was tore up where two bucks fought.  I have tons of trail camera pictures of bucks fighting and some of them look very intense. This is something you don’t hear about very often to my knowledge two bucks fighting with their hooves.  They are just going at it big time, they are gonna be sore tomorrow.

I just love watching  deer videos on YouTube there are some really good ones out there. I love watching the ones of the big bucks in Kansas and the mid-west there are some incredible bucks in the mid-west, videos of them are my favorite.

I love to film my hunts also, it is very challenging doing it solo, but it can be done with patience and persistence. Filming hunts solo ads a whole new element to hunting. You have to be able to turn on the camera and get it on the animal, zoom, focus and get your weapon ready and many other element. I love the challenge and hope to film all my hunts for years to come. Who knows maybe someday you will see one of my videos on YouTube. I have gotten some pretty good footage so far and hope to get some really good footage in the future. It is just something I love to do.


Big Bucks Gone

Are the big bucks gone? They have disappeared. It seems as if the rut has slowed to a crawl on our hunting club here in Georgia. I went deer hunting two full days this week and although I saw plenty of deer, I didn’t see one racked buck.

Where Have The Big Bucks Gone

big bucks gone

Have your big bucks gone too?

two does in food plot

This is a picture I got of two does in food plot.

deer food plot

This food plot is beautiful.

The bucks have had a lot of pressure on them during the long season and they are worn down from rutting and they are staying in the thick stuff and mostly moving at night. I think the week I was in Illinois bow hunting, the rut peaked at our club, so now I will focus on hunting food plots and hope to catch a big buck slipping in for a evening meal or try to catch him heading back to bed early in the morning. I have seen a lot of does and fawns in the food plots but no Mr. Big. Once all of the shooting starts and the rut peaks it seems as if the big bucks we get on trail cameras are nocturnal and hard to find. I’m thinking by seeing a lot of does in the food plots, maybe one will come into heat and I’ll catch a buck following her. With the cold weather upon us, the browse and acorns will eventually be scarce, and the food plots will be more and more in demand. We have a lot of food plots on our club so the deer have plenty of food to last them through the cold winter. We also have feeders that we often get trail camera photos of our big bucks visiting during the middle of the night. We don’t hunt the feeders but since we have added them you can tell a difference in the deers feeding patterns.  Now that the rut has slowed I will definitely be focusing more on the food plots and bedding areas and trails leading to and from.

What about where you hunt? Are the deer still rutting? It is interesting to get feedback on the rutting activity in other hunters properties.

When we were in Illinois I was amazed that we weren’t seeing much big buck sign(scrapes and rubs). We knew there were big bucks in the area but I was expecting there to be big rubs and scrapes everywhere. Maybe the hot weather we encountered when we arrived had a lot to do with it. The big ten pointer I harvested was huge. He was definitely the biggest buck I have ever taken. He was well over two hundred pounds and had an unbelievable amount of fat on him. Maybe that’s why they just don’t move when its hot. When the weather changed and got colder you could definitely tell, we started seeing more bucks immediately. The first morning it was nice and cold is when I rattled in the ten pointer.  I think we were there right at the beginning of the rut and while we were there the bucks were in full rut at my club in Georgia. Then when I came home the rut was winding down. The does that were not bred or didn’t get pregnant will come back into heat in about twenty eight days. Although by then the bucks urge to breed has decreased, studies have shown that sperm production in bucks is almost half of what it was in mid November, in December. Not that they won’t breed they will, but survival becomes critical and rest and food are their main concern. They need to gain some of  the weight back that they have lost from the rut, in order to survive the winter. Therefore, I will be concentrating on hunting trails to and from the bedding area to the feeding areas.