Ethical Deer Hunter

Are you an ethical deer hunter? I believe that if you deer hunt it is your duty to be an ethical one.

Ethical Deer Hunter

ethical deer hunter

It is our duty to carry on the hunting heritage.

The laws that we as deer hunters are to abide by should be respected and followed to make sure future generations of deer hunters can enjoy the freedom to hunt for years to come. If we break the laws and recklessly ignore them, that gives the antis fuel for the fire. There is a small percentage of hunters who disregard the deer hunting regulations and give all of us law abiding ethical deer hunters a bad image. It’s just not fair to us, to be portrayed as a bunch of drunk rednecks that just want to kill something. To me hunting is so much more than killing something. Hunters do so much for wildlife preservation, and the preservation of wildlife habitat. We all can do more to ensure our sons and their sons will be able to  carry on the hunting heritage for years to come.

I was searching the internet and I ran across some really good articles on hunting ethics. We all need to do our part to teach our children and others to be ethical hunters. We can all do our part to be good sportsman and ensure that our sons and theirs are able to hunt for years to come. It feels good to introduce young people and old to the great outdoors. It is something that we can pass on to future generations and they will be able to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come. Take a child or a friend outdoors you will be glad that you did, you will make memories that will last a lifetime. I have so many great memories of my past adventures in the outdoors and I hope I can help others create their own memories that they will cherish forever.

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Food Plots Planted Growing

food plots planted growing well

The food plots planted this spring.


We got our deer hunting food plots planted and they should be coming up by now. I haven’t had a chance to get to the deer camp to check my trail camera, and see the property since some logging was done, and since the food plots were planted.

A few reminders on your summer plots to help get the best results out of your plots.

Food Plots Planted

Spray plots for weeds when weeds are four to twelve inches tall. Also when clover reaches 10 to 12 inches tall mow down to 4 to 6 inches. Don’t mow to low or to often though. You don’t want them to burn during the summer heat.

Also during early fall fertilize with a 0-20-20 or similar fertilizer. Apply when it is dry.

Hopefully I will have some good trail camera photographs to share soon.

I sure hope we don’t have another drought like we did last year. That was the worst drought I can remember in all my years.

It is great to be posting again and hopefully much more often now.

Deer Hunting Magazines

Georgia Outdoor News Hunting Magazines

Georgia Outdoor News hunting magazines are very informative.

Where do you get your deer hunting information? Whether it be on television, or magazines or the internet, there are some great resources out there, packed with lots of great deer hunting information.

I wanted to talk about some of my favorite hunting magazines. There are some really good ones out there.

Hunting Magazines

My local favorite hunting magazine is Georgia Outdoor news. It is a great publication on hunting and fishing and any other outdoor stuff you can think of. They have fishing and hunting reports, classified ads, a scrapbook, my favorite is the Spy Cam, they have an outdoor kids scrapbook, articles on local hunting and fishing hotspots, and many other great interesting things. They also have a website that you can check out a If you are a hunter or fisherman from Georgia this magazine is for you. Of course you probably already know about it if you are.

One of my other local favorites is Georgia Sportsman. I have been reading it for as long as I can remember. I remember when I first started getting into the great outdoors and hunting, I would read every article that Georgia Sportsman put out. That is how I learned to hunt. That and my dad.

They too have great local stories and articles on deer hunting information.

My favorite deer hunting magazine is North American Whitetail. It is for the serious Whitetail trophy hunter. It has a lot of great information and tips on hunting big mature bucks. It also has a lot of great ads that pertain to deer hunting big bucks. They feature some of the biggest bucks taken every year. And they have a great television show also. They are my favorite big buck resource. If you are into big Whitetails North American Whitetail is for you.

I recently joined the National Rifle Association. When I did I received a subscription to American Hunter. It is a great publication as well. It has a lot of hunting information as well as firearms for hunting information, and equipment for hunting too.

Also they keep you up to date on any thing that pertains our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It is a all around wonderful magazine that I would recommend to any one that hunts or cares about our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Any thing that helps preserve out hunting heritage and our Second Amendment is all right with me.

There are a lot more great hunting magazines out there, these are just a few of my favorites. Some of my other favorites are, Deer & Deer Hunting, OutdoorLife, Field and Stream, Buckmasters, Peterson’s Bowhunting, and many more.

There are a lot of different resources to get your deer hunting information, hunting magazines have always been one of my favorite resources.

What about you? What are some of your favorites? Maybe there are some good one’s I don’t know about, that I need to check out.

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