Trophy Buck Deer Tracks

I went shed hunting at the deer camp this past Monday, and although I didn’t find any sheds it was a very good day to be out walking in the woods with my camera. As I was walking I saw a lot of deer tracks, some you could tell were doe tracks and some you could tell were  made by a trophy buck.

It always gets my blood boiling when I see a nice big set of trophy buck deer tracks. Have you ever been walking and when you see big boys tracks you stop in yours and follow them? Then, when you loose them you turn around and backtrack his steps to see where he came from. There is just something about seeing that trophy buck tracks that gets me going.

You can learn quite a bit about the deer by the tracks. Most of the time you can tell if it is a buck or a doe, you can tell if it is a big or small deer, you can tell which direction it was coming from and going to.

I have noticed that does front tracks will be on top of each other, while a big buck tracks will be further apart. I have heard that you can’t tell them apart but you can. A bucks hooves will be spread apart wide and a does will not.

I like looking for deer tracks the next day after a good rain. You can really see them good then.

I like to hunt where I see a nice big set of tracks going both directions on a particular trail. I get fired up when I see that. I like to get in a stand just down wind of a trail like that.

deer track

It always gets me fired up to see trophy buck tracks.

I walked up on this nice set of tracks while I was out shed hunting Monday. If I had to guess I would say this buck was two to three years old.
trophy buck deer tracks

I was thinking about which one I would rather see, a big set of tracks or a big rub on a tree? That’s a good question. I don’t know which one I would choose. They both make me stay in the stand longer and want to hunt in that area. How about you? Would you rather hunt where there is a big rub or a big set of tracks?

Deer Hunting Big Bucks Spring Shed Hunt

Well folks, I finally have an image in the header of my blog. With the help of a very nice man named James. He went out of his way to help me and I really appreciate it. So stop by and check out his site His site is also on my blog roll.
I finally made it to deer camp yesterday and  went shed hunting. I didn’t find any but I had a great time, just being in the great outdoors. I took a lot of photos for the site.
I took the photograph in the header of the blog yesterday. I laid in the food plot and took the picture of the deer stand you see in the photo. I saw a very nice big buck this past deer season out of that very stand. The stand is on a perched on a hill and you have a lot of ground to cover when hunting this stand. You can see for a long way in every direction. This stand keeps you very busy, you don’t know which direction to look when you are hunting it. It is near the river, and is just a very good stand. I thought it would be a great image for the main header of
deer hunting big bucks. The picture just doesn’t do justice for this stand.
Yesterday when went for a shed hunt down by the river I found three large turtle shells. They were up the hill from the river. And I was wondering what happened. The only thing that I could think of is the river rose up and when it went back down the turtles may have washed upside down and couldn’t turn back over and died. But I’m
just not sure.deer hunting big bucks turtle shells
With spring finally here I saw a lot of beautiful trees blooming. I saw a fox squirrel that looked like he weighed forty five pounds, and he had climbed up onto the feeder and was eating. He needed to be on Jenny Craig’s diet. I also saw two hen turkeys. Even though the wind was really whipping and I didn’t find any sheds it was a beautiful spring day in the great outdoors.

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deer hunting big bucks pictures of beautiful spring day

Amazing Buck Fight

I was looking at videos on YouTube of this amazing buck fight. I thought you guys and gals would like to see this one.

amazing buck fight

This wasn’t an amazing buck fight but a pretty picture nonetheless.

For some reason it’s not the best quality video but it is a pretty amazing buck fight. This guy shoots a brute and this deer is just standing there like nothings wrong then just falls over, then another buck comes up and starts fighting it while it is laying on the ground. Then the hunter has to run off the other buck, it is awesome. You will like this video,  if you like deer hunting. I guess the smaller buck figured this was his chance to whip the big bucks butt. These two have probably had many disagreements in the past. And now the smaller buck figured it was a great opportunity to show him who the boss was now. It is one of if not the best videos I have ever seen. I just wonder what was going through the hunters mind when that other buck showed up and started attacking the buck he had just put down? That buck was clearly in full rut. I have heard about bucks attacking decoys before but attacking a dead deer, that’s pretty wild. One thing I really like about Kansas deer hunting is only getting one buck and the way that the rifle season is pretty much after the rut, it lets the bucks reach peak age to be real trophy bucks. I’m mainly a bow hunter so I really like the Kansas deer hunting regulations. It is nice to know when you go hunting in Kansas you have a chance at seeing a mature whitetail buck. Anyway this is a great video filmed in Kansas and you should check it out if you get a chance. It is one of my favorite deer hunting videos ever.

Amazing Buck Fight Video