Shed Antlers Trail Camera Photos

The big bucks are shedding their antlers now. And I went shed hunting last week, but I didn’t have any luck. Some of the guys in our club went and found quite a few.

Pictures Of Bucks With Shed Antlers

Rosco at feeder

Trail camera photos can help you figure out big bucks.

big buck with shed antlers

This is Rosco with shed antlers.

I put out a trail camera and hopefully I will get some good shots soon. I did get an email of some trail camera photos taken on our deer hunting property. And the biggest buck that we know of on our property has shed his antlers, and I thought it would be cool to show you some before and after trail camera photos.

That’s pretty cool isn’t it. Were thinking his antlers may be regressing this year. The age factor probably will start to catch up with him. It sure will be interesting to see. We have seen him on camera for several years now, but he is just to smart, he didn’t get that big being dumb. We think he may have been seen once or twice during deer season, but not really sure. He is a smart buck and moves mostly at night. He will be hard to get for sure. Nocturnal bucks are the hardest one’s to get and do most of their moving at night except during the rut.

It is so neat to see the big bucks grow their antlers throughout the year. Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Hopefully, I will be able to get some good shots of some deer growing their antlers this year. I’ll put them on here if I do. There have been some really nice sheds found this year, a few of my friends have found some big ones. I would love to find Rosco’s sheds he is a brute for sure.

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Choosing Deer Hunting Rifle

Deer RiflesI just love looking at all the different  guns and would love to get a new deer hunting rifle. And I have decided that I want at least one of each. I love you honey, if you are reading this. There’s just so many nice one’s to choose from. Why not just get one of each, that way you don’t have to make such a tough decision on which one is best for you.

When you are shopping for deer rifles there are a few things to consider before making a decision on which one to buy.

Deer Hunting Rifle

I have had my eye on a Remington Model 700 mountain rifle for quite some time. Even though just last year I bought a Winchester Model 70 7MM WSM that I absolutely love. I shot a nice 9 pointer with it and it did a great job. When I got my first deer hunting rifle at 13 years old, I used a Marlin 30-30 lever action that my mother gave me. I’m sure she probably got a good deal, she worked at a gun store. I took a lot of deer with that rifle. I bet there have been as many deer taken with a 30-30 as just about any other rifle.

One of the things you should consider is what type of terrain you will be hunting. Will it be thick brush country, or wide open terrain, or a combination of both , or something else. I found another great article on calibers for deer. You can check them out and decide which one is best suited for the type of hunting you will be doing. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking you want to consider a light weight deer hunting rifle. I have Ruger M77 300 WIN Mag and I don’t like carrying that thing to far, it is heavy. But it sure will do the job on a big whitetail. They don’t go far when you hit them with it.

Also, you want to decide if you want a bolt action, auto loading, or lever action. Each one has its own special qualities.

You can see a great article on each here, bolt actions, lever actions, auto loading deer rifles. Once you do some research you can go to a gun store and check out different ones and compare prices and see which one fits your needs, and budget.

No matter which one you choose to get, I think it is our responsibility as hunters to practice with it, and sight it in properly, in order to make a good shot and harvest the animal as quickly and humanely possible.

Also I think that it’s not so much the caliber that matters(maybe at certain distances) but shot placement is critical. I think maybe I contradicted myself, because without the correct caliber, shot placement would be difficult.

deer hunting rifle by Winchester

Ruger and Winchester

I hope this article and the links in it, will be helpful to you , when shopping for a deer rifle.


Trophy Buck Deer Tracks

I went shed hunting at the deer camp this past Monday, and although I didn’t find any sheds it was a very good day to be out walking in the woods with my camera. As I was walking I saw a lot of deer tracks, some you could tell were doe tracks and some you could tell were  made by a trophy buck.

It always gets my blood boiling when I see a nice big set of trophy buck deer tracks. Have you ever been walking and when you see big boys tracks you stop in yours and follow them? Then, when you loose them you turn around and backtrack his steps to see where he came from. There is just something about seeing that trophy buck tracks that gets me going.

You can learn quite a bit about the deer by the tracks. Most of the time you can tell if it is a buck or a doe, you can tell if it is a big or small deer, you can tell which direction it was coming from and going to.

I have noticed that does front tracks will be on top of each other, while a big buck tracks will be further apart. I have heard that you can’t tell them apart but you can. A bucks hooves will be spread apart wide and a does will not.

I like looking for deer tracks the next day after a good rain. You can really see them good then.

I like to hunt where I see a nice big set of tracks going both directions on a particular trail. I get fired up when I see that. I like to get in a stand just down wind of a trail like that.

deer track

It always gets me fired up to see trophy buck tracks.

I walked up on this nice set of tracks while I was out shed hunting Monday. If I had to guess I would say this buck was two to three years old.
trophy buck deer tracks

I was thinking about which one I would rather see, a big set of tracks or a big rub on a tree? That’s a good question. I don’t know which one I would choose. They both make me stay in the stand longer and want to hunt in that area. How about you? Would you rather hunt where there is a big rub or a big set of tracks?