Double Drop Tine Buck

Double Drop Tine Buck Video If you enjoy deer hunting big bucks, I’ll bet you will like this video I found of a double drop tine buck. I was looking at videos on YouTube and I just couldn’t figure out  something, how in the world did they film these big bucks at night without disturbing them? It says that the video was taken with a very high magnification camcorder,but what about the lighting? This is an awesome double drop tine buck. I bet Mike Hanback would like this one. Have you ever seen a drop tine buck when you were deer hunting? I’ve seen some big bucks, but I have never seen a drop tine buck while deer hunting. I would love to see a buck of this caliber out in the wild, I probably would be shaking so bad I might not be able to pull it off, but I … Continue reading

Clean Deer Rifle

  It is always good to have a clean deer rifle. And now is a good time to make sure you have a clean deer rifle. I know one year I came home from the last weekend of hunting and I unloaded my Chevrolet pickup and put my gear in the storage room in the basement and never even cleaned my gun. It was almost summer before I cleaned it and it had a little rust. I want my clean deer rifle to be in tip top shape next year when I get after those big bucks. Walmart has gun cleaning kits at reasonable prices. Just make sure you get the right caliber kit for your gun. They sell a universal kit that works with different calibers. Just make sure you get the correct tips for your caliber. Clean Deer Rifle Tips The first thing I do before cleaning my … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Big Bucks Decisions

I wanted to tell you a story one of those big bucks decisions that happened to me while deer hunting at BF Grant WMA in Georgia. There comes times when we are out deer hunting that we have to make quick decisions, decisions that are right or wrong. This is one of those big bucks decisions has stayed with me for years and I wanted to tell you about it. Big Bucks Decisions My grandmother grew up on a dairy farm in a little town called Godfrey in Putnam county in Georgia. Which is where BF Grant WMA is located. I had seen a lot of big bucks taken at BF Grant, in issues of Georgia Outdoor News. So I thought it would be really neat to go deer hunting big bucks where my grandmother was raised. They have two rifle quota hunts every year. The first one being harder … Continue reading