Whitetail Fawns

whitetail fawns

The does will be having their fawns soon, predators will be on the prowl and the fawns spots will help to hide the fawns from them.

If you like deer hunting big bucks, you know that not only has spring training begun for the boys of summer, and Nascar is at full throttle, the fishing is fixing to get real good, turkey season is starting.

Whitetail Fawns

Okay, with all the fun going on it’s easy to forget about the does giving birth to their whitetail fawns. Why is this significant? Well if you enjoy deer hunting real big bucks one of these new fawns could very well be one of those big bucks of a lifetime. Hopefully the does are healthy during the gestation period. The gestation period for a doe is around 202 days. Usually around late May early June is when the fawns will be born. Usually after the age of 2-½ on they will give birth to twins. Most of the time one will be a buck and one will be a doe. Sometimes the does will give birth to triplets
The first two days are critical to the survival of the fawn. After the two days, there chances of survival are much better.
Usually whitetail fawns weigh between four and seven pounds when born. The doe will determine a safe location for the fawn and it will stay in that surrounding area for the first three to four weeks. The doe will come to the location so the fawn can nurse. The only time the doe comes around, is to nurse the fawn, as not to give away it’s location. The fawn is odorless for the first few days.
The spots help keep the fawn camouflaged. If trouble comes near its instincts will tell it to lie flat and motionless.
About two weeks after birth, the fawn will start to eat solids. After about a month it will be able to travel around with its mother. It will loose its spots around twelve weeks, and start looking like a mature deer. They will remain with their mother for about a year sometimes longer. The doe will teach the fawn all about survival .
During June and July the fawns will grow quickly. Fawns are every playful and fun to watch. I would like to take my camcorder and record some fawns playing, it is downright funny sometimes. One time when I was deer hunting I watched two older fawns chase each other around a cornfield. It was a sight to behold. One of them would be feeding and the other one would playfully dance up to it, and when it would get close, the other one would chase it about 100 miles an hour around the corn field. They did that over and over until it got dark.
So when I hear that bat hit the ball, or hear gentlemen start your engines, or catch a big fish, or hear that turkey gobble I will smile and think about that newborn fawn and what a wonderful spring day it is.

Deer Hunting Opportunity Ocmulgee Banks

There’s a place I wanted to tell you about if you would like a great deer hunting opportunity.

Deer Hunting Opportunity

deer hunting opportunity

Ocmulgee Banks offers a great deer hunting opportunity.

Ocmulgee Banks is a conservation Community in middle Georgia. They have five acre tracts of property for sale with deeded access to more than 2400 acres of prime deer hunting opportunity for big bucks. Most of which is protected from future development through a conservative easement. The fact that it is protected from future development is just an awesome guarantee, to be able to hunt for generations to come, on prime whitetail habitat. The first time I heard about this place I absolutely fell in love with it. I guarantee you if I had the money I would buy one of these five acre tracts in a heartbeat. To be able to buy a five acre tract and build a house in a intensely managed prime deer hunting habitat for big bucks on 2400 acres of protected property from future development, that would be a dream come true for me. I would to raise my two boys on a place like this. Words can’t even describe how much I would love to be able to afford a place at Ocmulgee Banks. I wanted to highlight a few things that make Ocmulgee Banks so neat. Then I will give a link for you to get a better look on the Internet.

  • 200 acres of warm and cool season food plots
  • 2400 acres of prime hunting land
  • Managed by a professional wildlife biologist Grant Woods
  • Two electric pass code gates provide access to the property
  • State of the art underground utilities in place
  • Covered storage for farm equipment, four-wheelers, etc.
  • Insulated metal barn with full bathroom, and a clubhouse under development
  • Rifle range
  • Archery range
  • Miles of all terrain vehicle trails, gravel roads
  • Extensive frontage on Ocmulgee river
  • 1 professional full-time manager for farming, and roads, etc.

So if you think this is something you would like to find out more information about, you can call 888-hunt-fun. This is not an advertisement. I just thought I would tell you about what I think is a great opportunity to preserve the chance of a lifetime, for you and your family. To me this would be a dream come true, to be able to have a place at Ocmulgee Banks. I just wanted others to know about this wonderful deer hunting opportunity.



Double Drop Tine Buck

Double Drop Tine Buck Video

If you enjoy deer hunting big bucks, I’ll bet you will like this video I found of a double drop tine buck. I was looking at videos on YouTube and I just couldn’t figure out  something, how in the world did they film these big bucks at night without disturbing them? It says that the video was taken with a very high magnification camcorder,but what about the lighting? This is an awesome double drop tine buck. I bet Mike Hanback would like this one. Have you ever seen a drop tine buck when you were deer hunting? I’ve seen some big bucks, but I have never seen a drop tine buck while deer hunting. I would love to see a buck of this caliber out in the wild, I probably would be shaking so bad I might not be able to pull it off, but I sure would like to try.

I wanted to remind everyone to get your soil samples for your food plots, and plant some trees. Also now is the time to burn your property. Just make sure to check your laws and regulations before you do. Also now is a great time to start looking for those sheds. Those trophies should start dropping those antlers soon. Just a few reminders.

I talked to a friend of mine who has eighty acres in Arizona and I am going to mail him a trail camera to put on his land and see what we can get on camera. And I will put them on here for you to enjoy. He says there are some really nice mule deer on the property. Also they have mountain lions. As a matter of fact, some of you may have heard about a huge mountain lion that was hit by a car in Arizona. It was hit about ten miles from where my friend lives.