Flint River WMA Has Great Hunting

Flint River WMA public land buck

I took this nice buck deer hunting the Flint Rive WMA in Georgia.

If you like deer hunting big bucks then you should try Flint River WMA, in Dooly county in Georgia.

Flint River WMA

Several years ago I remember hearing about some really nice bucks being taken on the Flint River WMA, then I saw some pictures of some big bucks that were taken there. So I started thinking maybe I should put in to go there. So a friend and I put in for the quota hunt that year. I guess a lot of people had the same idea that we did. Going hunting where there were some big bucks. We knew it might take us a couple years to get drawn. So the next year we put in for the hunt again. Same results, we were rejected. So now we were more determined than ever to go deer hunting big bucks. That following year we were finally drawn. I think the hunt was December 2-5. We both worked together so we lined up our vacation days and before we knew it, it was time to go hunting. We left early on a Friday morning and headed to south Georgia. We arrived before lunch, and went scouting. We saw a lot of rubs and scrapes. We both picked out a place that looked like there were some bucks in the area and we were ready  to go hunting. The next morning I hunted in some planted pines over looking a swamp. I saw some but no bucks. One thing about Dooly county, you may not see a lot of deer, but you know that there are some quality bucks roaming those woods. After I hunted until around 11:00am. I saw three, but they were all does. I decided to get down and scout a little. I was supposed to meet my friend Steve around noon. As I am slowly walking down this road with planted pines on both sides, I am looking down each row. I spotted what looked like two eyes and a nose looking at me. I was walking slow and looking hard. But I almost walked right by these two eyes and nose. Looking down the rows of pines was like looking in a tunnel. You could see the sunshine at the end of the tunnel. I eased back to get another look, with my Browning A-Bolt ready. When I put my scope up I could see the outline of a trophy buck getting out of his bed. I immediately knew he was a shooter. So I aimed and squeezed. He slipped in the mud and got back up and ran about thirty yards and that was it. He was a beautiful main frame eight-pointer. You could tell he had been fighting with a bigger buck. He was beat up pretty good. The hunt was a seventy five quota hunt, and I believe I was the only one to harvest a trophy buck. I am proud of him. His feet have white patches on them like he has a little piebald in him. He is a very unique trophy, taken from Flint River WMA. I was very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to hunt and harvest such a wonderful animal. If you get the chance, hunt Flint River WMA.This is the Flint River Trophy I harvested.

Small Tracts Big Bucks

big bucks of Gwinnett county

This is my of my first big bucks.

One should never under estimate the potential of small tracts of property for deer hunting big bucks. More and more big bucks are being taken every year off of small tracts of land. I think due to the fact that these tracts have everything that the deer need to survive, along with little or no hunting pressure. This allows the deer to reach the age to develop to full potential.

Big Bucks

Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine called me while I was on my way to work at 4:30 am. He drives a big rig for UPS. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He had just seen a monster buck crossing Roswell road in the city of Roswell, Georgia. Which is a very busy city. Then just yesterday a friend of mine said another friend of ours saw a monster buck in Roswell in broad daylight. That’s two big bucks within a month in a very busy city. The deer are very good at adapting to all the development going on around them. Another friend of mine regularly goes deer hunting for suburban trophies and has been very successful at it, he has taken several nice bucks hunting with a crossbow. Some of the nicest bucks taken in Georgia every year come from Fulton county, which is as big city as it gets. One of the biggest bucks I have on my wall at home came from a fourteen acre tract of land my dad owned in Gwinnett county. It wasn’t in the city but it was a small tract of hunting property. If you have deer hunting privileges on a small tract of property and you haven’t hunted it yet you might want to. You just might get that trophy buck of a lifetime.This is the Gwinnett Buck I took on a fourteen acre tract.

Internet Scouting

Using internet scouting to find big bucks deer hunting is another helpful tool to add to your list of things to make you a more consistent trophy hunter.

internet scouting buck

Use internet scouting to pinpoint hot spots.


Internet Scouting Whitetails

Internet scouting is a great tool to help you find those spots to get big bucks.You can get topo maps and aerial photographs that will really help you pin point big bucks travel corridors and bedding locations. You can narrow down your locations to scout on a certain piece of property, to areas of interest to check out when you go scouting. The topo map will give you the elevation and depressions. The aerial photos can help you determine hardwoods and pines. The pines are darker and the hardwoods are lighter. Deer will travel natural corridors or funnels. Deer hunting can be hard work, why not let the topo maps and aerial photos eliminate some of that work for you. Once I pinpoint several good locations then I’ll actually go scout them. Big bucks can be bumped very easily so you don’t want to do to much scouting in an area. With the maps and photos you can pin point an area of interest and get in and back out without disturbing the area to much. There are many companies that offer different maps and aerial photos. I bought some from mytopo.com a couple of years ago that were very nice and inexpensive. They were a little older than I had hoped but they were still very helpful. Other recommended sites are www. topozone.com, and Google Earth. There are many others. These can be very helpful tools to help your deer hunting. You can pin point areas of interest, scout them and locate the exact area with the best deer sign and place your stand accordingly. I’m going scouting tonight when I finish this article. I’ve got a place I’ve been wanting to check out. Technology is a wonderful thing. Locating areas of interest on a map and then going there and seeing the deeris really neat. These can be of great value if you are going to a public land hunt or somewhere you have never hunted before.