Tree Stand Safety

Every year we hear about someone being injured falling from a tree stand while deer hunting. There are some things that you can do yourself to ensure it never happens to you when climbing your stand to ensure tree stand safety.

I myself am very lucky, when I was around fourteen years old I was building a permanent stand in the fork of a tree, in the rain no less, and fell about seven feet and landed in the fork of the tree. I was scouting some land near my dads house and had found signs of some big bucks. I immediately went and got the wood, hammer, and nails, and started building. In a light drizzle I’m up in this tree leaning around nailing, with my feet on the big steel spikes I had driven into the tree. I was making good progress and the in a spit second I fell, I was stuck in the fork of the tree, it knocked the breath out of me and scratched me and bruised me up pretty good. It hurt bad. I was able to get myself down without any further damage and went back to my dads house which was a long way through the woods. I easily could have been paralyzed that day. I know it was stupid but it happened so fast. I never returned to build that stand. I learned a lesson that day, but I was one of the lucky ones, it could have been much worse.

Tree Stand Safety

There are some things that you need to think about before climbing when deer hunting stand.

Tree Stand Safety

Know how to use smart tree stand safety techniques.

  • Always read the instructions and warnings that come with your stand. Save them and read them every year before using your stand.
  • Always know the weight limit and never exceed that limit.
  • Use every safety device provided with your stand.
  • Wear a fall arrest system full body harness. Single belts and chest straps are not recommended. Inspect your fall arrest for wear or damage. Hunting is fun but can be dangerous.
  • Practice hanging at ground level in your full body harness, before going to the woods. To get the feel of it. So you will learn what it is like to have to hang suspended. Use the harness exactly as the directions say.
  • Always let someone know where you are going to be hunting.
  • Hunt with a buddy if at all possible. Although I know for me sometimes the only time I can hunt is by myself.
  • Take a cell phone with you, a walkie talkie, whistle,  flashlight. Keep them within reach always while in the tree.
  • Put your stand on the proper tree for your tree-stand. A healthy tree  that is straight and that fits within the size limits of your stand.
  • Use a rope to pull your gear and bow or unloaded gun up. Don’t ever climb with anything in your hands.
  • Always lower your gear down on the other side of where you will be climbing down.
  • Know your limits. Don’t be in a hurry when climbing or descending.
  • Don’t extend but about a foot at a time.
  • Make sure the stand has a good bite on the tree on every move.
  • When climbing a ladder always keep three points of contact at all times.

Deer hunting big bucks is dedicated to helping teach safety in the woods when hunting. And hopefully you will hunt safe.

Deer Hunting Mid Day Big Bucks

mid day big bucks Adam Jasper 9 pt.

I took this deer hunting mid day big bucks.

Hunting mid day big bucks can pay off big time. I remember when I first started deer hunting, I would go in the morning until 10:00 or 11:00 am. Then I would go back to camp and eat lunch and hang out until 2:00 or 3:00 pm when it was time for the evening hunt.

Mid Day Big Bucks

I started hearing about more and more big bucks being harvested while hunting during the middle of the day. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If there  is a lot of deer hunting  pressure in an area they will feed at night and bed during the early morning. By mid day they will either get hungry, thirsty, or not be tired anymore and need to stretch. Also with other hunters coming in and out of the woods, if you stay in the woods you may see a buck that was jumped by another hunter and are on the move. With less hunters in the woods during mid-day maybe the bucks feel safer to move about. If it is during the rut, bucks will either be looking for a doe in heat or chasing a doe in heat, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. The more time you spend in the woods, the better your chances of harvesting big bucks.

It was the middle of November and my dad and I had gone that morning and we both had returned to camp around 10:45 a.m. My dad fixed us breakfast, he’s the camp cook, and a pretty darn good one at that. He decided to take a nap after we ate. I had been wanting to check a road bed for scrapes that seem to be in the same spot every year. It was a very warm day for November. I slowly made my way down to the road where I suspected the scrapes. Then I spotted a doe crossing the creek at the bottom of the hill. She didn’t see me. She kept looking back as if something was behind her. I knew it might be a big buck following behind her. She walked down the creek out of sight. I eased down the road slowly, looking and listening to every movement and every sound. Then I heard something coming at me on the same trail the doe had taken. I positioned myself behind a tree and got my rifle ready. When I saw him he had his nose to the ground and was walking slowly. The sight of that big rack made my heart start pumping faster. I made the decision to shoot him and my new Winchester 7mm short magnum put him down for the count. He was a beautiful 9 pointer. And I harvested him on a warm mid day in November. He was following a doe during the middle of the day.

Special Places

special places buck

This buck was taken in one of my special places.

Do you have some  special places that you like to go deer hunting for big bucks? That place where every time you go you feel confident you just might see one of those big bucks. That place that’s so beautiful and serene that when you’re there the stress of your everyday life just goes away. I have had several places like this during my many years of deer hunting. I’d like to tell you about one of my special places.

Special Places Deer Hunting

The full moon was shining brightly as I made my way up the firebreak between the planted pines and the big hardwood ridge. It was a cold November morning and the rut was at its peak. The smell of pines and earth along with the cold morning air was invigorating. I was finally at my special place. I had been working a lot lately and hadn’t had many chances to go deer hunting. But now that I was there I was pumped. The conditions were perfect and I was in that place. As I got closer to the tree I was going to hunt in, I heard something run down the ridge in front of me. I stopped and listened as it ran off. Was it one of the big bucks? I slowly made my way to the crest of the ridge and turned left and eased up to my tree. I quietly put my portable on and made my way up. Once I was settled in I felt excited. I patiently waited as the rays of sun made their way through the hardwood. The view of the creek at the bottom of the ridge was beautiful. I listened as the birds sang their songs and the squirrels chased each other around the hardwood ridge. Then I decided to take out my rattle bag and grunt call. I grunted a few times then made the sound of antlers tickling together lightly. Then I crashed the rattle bag as hard as I could and made one heck of a fight up in that pine tree. I grunted a few more times then got my gun ready and waited. About five minutes later I saw a glimpse of a deer coming towards me. It was a nice buck. This was his territory and he was ready to defend it. He wasn’t going to allow another buck in his backyard. He came right to the tree I was in. I slowly raised my rifle and a well placed shot dropped him in his tracks!
Hunts like this only happen every once in a while. I took the time to savor the moment and thanked the Lord for such a special place to hunt and such a magnificent animal.