Deer Season Over

Deer season is over here in Kansas except for an extended firearms season in a small area in northeast Kansas.

Deer Season

Is the deer season over where you hunt? Did you get that big buck you where after? If so send us some pictures to share with our readers. It was a good deer season for us here in Kansas, but it was tough. We were hit by EHD pretty hard and it made for some really tough hunting and there were not a lot of big bucks to be found on the properties that I was hunting. I was still able to film myself shooting a nice buck with a bow but he was no monster by Kansas standards for sure. Hopefully next year will be better but we will just have to wait and see.

deer season northeast Kansas

The Kansas deer season is over for 2012.

The DHBB forum has had some issues lately but I think we have them fixed and it should be up and running now. If you get a chance stop by and check it out. You can share hero pictures, share trail camera pictures, talk deer hunting. You can also buy or sell hunting equipment, buy or sell video equipment and more. So stop by and check out the DHBB Forum if you get a chance.

We have had two snowstorms the past couple of weeks here in Kansas and this time of year can be tough on whitetails. Food sources become harder and harder to come by, that’s why if you can plant food plots and implement some type of supplemental feeding you can really help the overall health of your deer herd. The more quality food whitetails have during the cold months of winter the better. Does are pregnant and need nutrition for their babies and bucks are trying to recover from the rut and gain back the weight they lost chasing those does. I have been putting out corn for the deer behind my house because there just isn’t much food for them this time of year. Year before last I saw a doe that was staving and freezing to death and it wasn’t pretty.

I plan on doing some coyote hunting in the next couple of weeks, I have seen quite a few lately, I guess the cold snowy weather gets them moving more looking for food. I’m gonna see if I can’t thin them out a little.


Food Sources Late Season Deer Hunting Tactics

I can’t believe it is already December, I hope everyone has had a much fun as we have getting after those big bucks this year. Do you plan on doing some late season deer hunting?

Late Season Deer Hunting

I sure do and there are some late season deer hunting tactics to think about that will help improve your odds at getting a mature buck on the wall. My main focus this time of year is finding where the food is. With their being less food sources this time of year if you can find a hot food source and set up in between there and the bedding area with the wind in your favor you got a chance. Food plots can make for some exciting late season deer hunting. Not everyone has the time or resources to plant food plots but if you have a food plot to hunt this time of year it can pay off big time deer hunting. If you don’t have food plots to hunt locate what the whitetails are eating on the land you are hunting and focus on that area looking for trails to and from and deer droppings, rubs, scrapes or any kind of whitetail sign. Some late season food sources are hay fields, cut agriculture fields, native grasses, acorns, leaves, or if you can bait in your state that can be the place to be. Find out what food sources you have available on your property this time of year and you can plan a way to set up in between the bedding area and feeding area and plan to approach your stand or blind with the wind in your face and hunt downwind of where you expect the whitetails to be traveling or feeding and you can get it done. Also if you find where the does are feeding and one of those does that didn’t get bred goes into estrous all heck could break loose and you will be there waiting on that big boy. Chasing whitetails this time of year can be tough and draining but it can be very rewarding too. Every year I see pictures of several huge brutes taken this time of year even after the rut is over, heck they have to eat so find those food sources. If you haven’t gotten your buck yet don’t give up just yet, remember persistence pays off!


Mac Late Season Deer Hunting Buck

My good friend Mac took this old buck late season deer hunting in Dooley county in Georgia.

Georgia 12 Pointer

I have heard several reports of big bucks like this hitting the ground all over Georgia. Preston got this nice buck in Dooley county in Georgia.

I have heard of several nice bucks being taken this year, and I have heard a lot of my friends in Georgia have had really good years in the peach state. My good friend Mac and his son Preston both got nice bucks in south Georgia in Dooley county. Preston took a really nice 12 pointer, he had to whistle at the buck to get him to stop and he put him down. Congratulations to Preston and Mac, I love seeing the Georgia boys getting it done.

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AntlerGear DHBB Bow Hunting Kansas

bow hunting Kansas eight point

My self filmed whitetail bow hunting Kansas November 14, 2012.

I hope everyone is having a great deer season. So far I have seen some really nice bucks being taken bow hunting Kansas. I was lucky enough to film myself shoot a nice eight pointer with my Mathews Z7 here in Northeast Kansas last Sunday evening. He was one of the biggest bucks I have had on trail camera this year he was a nice buck but not a giant by any means as far as Kansas standards go. It was some awesome footage and I will be sharing it with you in the future. I can’t wait to eat some tasty venison and now I’m planning on trying to get at least two does deer hunting.

Bow Hunting Kansas

AntlerGear and DHBB Pro-Staff Members

AntlerGear and DHBB Pro-Staff members Mike, Troy and Adam

This past week I had a blast bow hunting Kansas with my good friends from Pro-Staffers and my good friends Troy Redner and Mike McKenzie flew in for a week of bow hunting Kansas whitetails and we had such a good time hunting, eating, laughing and cutting up. It was warm for the first few days but we made the best of it. Any time spent hunting with family and friends is always good. Be sure to checkout AntlerGear on facebook and give them a like. They have some really cool stuff.

8 point Kansas whitetail

Mike with his first bow buck taken in Kansas!

My friend and newest DHBB Pro-staffer Mike took his first bow buck this Wednesday morning, he had a quick two hour hunt on his last day before he had to get on a plane back to Atlanta and he got it done on a 8 pointer. He came close to getting a shot at three or four different much bigger 8 pointers but just couldn’t get a shot at them but he finally sealed the deal at the last possible minute. Congratulations Mike on your first bow buck, next year we are gonna get you and Troy on some big boys.

I believe that there has been a pretty bad outbreak of EHD around here and even though I haven’t found any dead deer I have gotten several reports of dead deer being found all around where we live. I have only gotten one 150″ buck on my trail cameras this year where last year I had several really nice bucks. It seems we just don’t have the big bucks like last year. It is kind of a scary deal when you see places like Montana’s Milk River last year where the deer herd was hit very hard. I guess it’s natures way of balancing the herd. I haven’t seen the usual number of deer being hit by cars either.

It has been a very quiet year for me and my buddies as far as rut activity here. We only saw one buck following a doe all of last week and that is pretty much it. I don’t know if it just hasn’t happened yet or what. I have seen a few scrapes and rubs but nothing that just was exciting and got me fired up. What kind of rutting activity have you seen where you are hunting? I have heard from a few of my Georgia buddies that the rut has been full bore all over the state the past couple of weeks. I’ve seen a lot of great peach state bucks taking the ole dirt nap.

I’d like some of you to send me some pictures of your big bucks being taken this season to share with the good folks on my DHBB facebook page. Lets see those hero pictures everyone. Good luck out there and stay safe and wear those safety harnesses.