Whitetail Management Control Burn

There are many things you can do to improve your whitetail management control burn on your deer hunting property.

whitetail management control burn

Whitetail Management Control Burn

Doing a whitetail management control burn is one of the whitetail management tools you can do to improve your deer hunting. Before ever doing a control burn always check your local laws and regulations first. Most places require a permit before doing a control burn. But if you want to improve your deer hunting property you need to do some whitetail management.

whitetail management

Control burning is an effective whitetail management tool.

It can increase your quail population too. Fire helps to keep the sapling hardwoods under control but still allows the re sprouting in woods which are kept open with ample sunlight on the ground. This gives birds some protection from predators by allowing some  cover to grow close to the ground.  Fire helps removes  dead vegetation on the ground exposing seeds and tender young vegetation there and allowing turkey and quail access to food and giving them easy movement through the new vegetation and plants. It also stimulates hard seeded plants and native grasses to sprout. Burning  increases the production of seeds and grass plants on which turkey and quail and other birds and animals such as deer depend on through the year. So if you are looking to improve your herd on your property you need to consider burning some parts of your property to improve your wildlife habitat.

Every year the club my Dad is in burns different sections of their property. And this is how they do it.

Control Burn

  1. They wait until the conditions are right for burning. (you want 25 to 50percent relative humidity with winds no more than 13 miles an hour but definitely a little wind 7 miles an hour is about the most wind you want if your crew is inexperienced).
  2. Plow fire breaks around all sides of where you will be burning(make sure they are wide enough so the fire won’t jump it).
  3. Clean out the brush from around stands and buildings and anything you don’t want to burn.
  4. Make sure you have the proper tools for burning.(shovels, drip torch which you mix 3-1 fuel to diesel mixture, fire swatter 12″x18″ reinforced rubber attached to handle used to smother fire, a backpack water pump sprayer, safety equipmentfirst aid kit /drinking water/ leather boots and gloves/ fireproof pants and shirts long sleeve /eye protection, ATVis nice to carry tools and checking the fire faster than walking, Two way radios for constant communication
  5. Make sure they have enough man power to keep the fire contained. The burn they almost always use is the back fire. They start a fire line on the downwind side fire break and let the fire burn slowly back into the wind. This is by far the safest and easiest fire to contain. There are other burning methods but I don’t recommend them unless you and your crew are experienced.

Diversify Hunting Property

oat food plot hunting property

Food plots provide quality nutrition for whitetails, improving your hunting property.

Spring is a great time to improve your hunting property. I know it is still spring but with summer right around the corner the big bucks antlers can grow over an inch per day during their growing period which is about 150 days and can even grow a lot more than that during the peak of summer. So now is a great time to start getting those mineral lick sites freshened up and planting food plots and fertilizing fruit trees, get those trail cameras out and get some great early pictures of those big bucks.

I moved to Kansas last August and was able to do some deer hunting in Kansas last year but this year I plan on being ready. I am so pumped to be deer hunting in Kansas because I know it is a great state for big bucks. I believe one of the main reasons there are so many trophy whitetails in Kansas is the quality nutrition available for the deer.

Hunting Property

I have noticed the farmers are plowing the fields getting ready to plant the corn. The more quality nutrition available means more trophy whitetails. Some hunters think genetics make a bucks antlers bigger but good nutrition and letting them get older will make a huge  difference.

The key to having a hunting property that provides nutritional needs for your whitetail herd is diversity. Clear-cuts, old fields such as CRP, food plots, and mast such as acorns and apples and pears and persimmons during autumn and soft mass like blackberries  all provide different types of food sources that the deer need at different times of the year. The more diverse your property’s food sources are the more trophy whitetails it will attract.

Quality food means trophy whitetails.

Control Burning

Control burning let’s the native grasses grow better and also provide quality nutrition as well. So diversify your deer property by planting food plots that provide quality nutrition year round, control burn, properly manage old fields and watch those brutes get bigger each year. I dream about owning my own hunting land one day, I would love to be able to manage my own property. That is one really good thing about living in Kansas there is a whole lot of agriculture that provides the whitetails quality nutrition year round. Man I’m getting pumped just thinking about September!

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Improve Deer Hunting Property

Looking to improve your deer hunting property? There are some things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for those big bucks.  If you own or lease your property there are some things that you can do to improve your property quite a bit. Here is a list of things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for big bucks.

Deer Hunting Property

food plot on deer hunting property

Planting food plots will improve deer hunting property for big bucks.

1.Buck to doe ratio -Herd management. One to one buck to doe ratio is ideal. One to three is okay. Decrease your buck harvest and increase your doe harvest, depending on the ratio of your herd. Let your yearling bucks grow don’t shoot them. Let them grow to three and a half years old at least, with five and a half being better. Implement size restrictions on bucks. By setting a width and number of points restriction. Some clubs have restrictions of eight points or better or as wide as its ears.

2.Food Plots– If you ask me food plots is high on the list of things you can do to improve your hunting property for big bucks. Whitetails eat five to eight pounds of food every day for each one hundred pounds of body weight. Food plots give quality nutrition at the times of year when the whitetails need it the most. During the spring when the does are fawn bearing, during antler growth, and during the harsh cold months of winter when food is hard to find. Providing good food sources will definitely help the overall well being of your deer herd.

3.Control burn– Every year around February or March we do a control burn on our hunting property. We plow multiple fire breaks and clean the brush out from around all our deer stands, and we wait for the conditions to be right and then do the burn. We have to obtain a permit before we are able to burn. You always need to make sure you have the proper permits when burning. Every state may have different requirements so be sure to check with the proper authorities in the state where you are planning on burning.

4.Plant shrubs and trees– A few of the popular trees and shrubs are saw tooth oak, wild plum, crab apple, persimmon, honeysuckle, Hawthorne, dogwood, apple, pecan.

5.Supplemental feeding-High protein is good for antler growth. During the winter supplemental feeding can help deer survive the cold winter.Feeders are a great place to set up trail cameras. You can see whitetails up close and watch them grow.

You can improve your property by doing these five things.