Whitetail Management Control Burn

There are many things you can do to improve your whitetail management control burn on your deer hunting property. Whitetail Management Control Burn Doing a whitetail management control burn is one of the whitetail management tools you can do to improve your deer hunting. Before ever doing a control burn always check your local laws and regulations first. Most places require a permit before doing a control burn. But if you want to improve your deer hunting property you need to do some whitetail management. It can increase your quail population too. Fire helps to keep the sapling hardwoods under control but still allows the re sprouting in woods which are kept open with ample sunlight on the ground. This gives birds some protection from predators by allowing some  cover to grow close to the ground.  Fire helps removes  dead vegetation on the ground exposing seeds and tender young vegetation … Continue reading

Diversify Hunting Property

Spring is a great time to improve your hunting property. I know it is still spring but with summer right around the corner the big bucks antlers can grow over an inch per day during their growing period which is about 150 days and can even grow a lot more than that during the peak of summer. So now is a great time to start getting those mineral lick sites freshened up and planting food plots and fertilizing fruit trees, get those trail cameras out and get some great early pictures of those big bucks. I moved to Kansas last August and was able to do some deer hunting in Kansas last year but this year I plan on being ready. I am so pumped to be deer hunting in Kansas because I know it is a great state for big bucks. I believe one of the main reasons there … Continue reading

Improve Deer Hunting Property

Looking to improve your deer hunting property? There are some things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for those big bucks.  If you own or lease your property there are some things that you can do to improve your property quite a bit. Here is a list of things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for big bucks. Deer Hunting Property 1.Buck to doe ratio -Herd management. One to one buck to doe ratio is ideal. One to three is okay. Decrease your buck harvest and increase your doe harvest, depending on the ratio of your herd. Let your yearling bucks grow don’t shoot them. Let them grow to three and a half years old at least, with five and a half being better. Implement size restrictions on bucks. By setting a width and number of points restriction. Some clubs have restrictions of eight … Continue reading