Whitetail Buck Hit Late Deer Hunting

I have been doing some last minute late deer hunting, and so far it has been tough me. Late Deer Hunting Yesterday afternoon I was able to go do some late deer hunting. I had one blowing at me and then I saw 4 does and then a small 6-point chasing them, but no big bucks.  We are going back to Georgia and by the time we get back to Kansas the season will be over. I may get to go one last time this afternoon or in the morning and that will be it for my season. Even though I haven’t harvested a whitetail buck this year I have enjoyed being out there getting after those big bucks. It can be tough when it’s late deer hunting. Whitetail Buck Hit By Car The other morning I was headed home from work at 5:30 a.m near one of my favorite … Continue reading

Deer Hunting November Big Bucks Down

I just love deer hunting November. Seeing all the trophies being taken is awesome. It seems each year the bucks get bigger. I think all the Quality Deer Management is really paying off. The big bucks are on the move in Georgia. Thanks to my buddies back in Georgia for sending me some pictures of some Georgia big bucks. Deer Hunting November Robert McDonald harvested this very nice 9 pointer on November 1,2009 deer hunting in Putnam county in Georgia. This buck had been seen on trail camera since July and was know to be quite a wanderer. Robert got in the stand at 4:00 pm on November 1st and at 4:05 the buck showed up in a clear-cut with his nose in the air trying to wind a hot doe. Robert made a sixty yard shot with his 7mm mag and the buck ran to the tree he was … Continue reading

Big Bucks Variety

I saw this video of one of the greatest bucks of all time, I thought you might like. If you love big bucks and deer hunting as much as I do you will enjoy this video. That is a nice buck. Can you imagine seeing a trophy buck like that out in the woods? We’ll the big bucks should be dropping their antlers soon, if they haven’t already. I haven’t been able to get out and do any shed hunting yet, but I plan on going soon. I sure would like to find old big boys rack.  I plan on searching in food plots and on the trails leading to and from them. Having trail cameras can be a great way to know when the big boys drop their antlers. Also it will be time to plant food plots soon. It’s time to get soil samples if you haven’t already. … Continue reading