Deer Videos Bow Hunting Tips

I love watching and learning from whitetail deer videos. I was watching some deer videos this morning and saw this one I thought I would share with you. Deer Videos You can learn a lot from watching deer hunting videos if you pay attention to the details. Notice how this hunter doesn’t draw his bow back until the buck turns his head away from him. It is critical to draw your bow when the whitetail goes behind a tree or brush or looks away. This is a lesson I think that all bow hunters learn the hard way at least once when bow hunting. I like to watch and get bow hunting tips from deer videos. Bow Hunting Tips This hunter shows some extreme patience and it pays off watch and see when the hunter chooses to draw his bow. If you draw to soon you could end up holding … Continue reading

Sweet Bow Hunting Behind House

Bow Hunting Yesterday I got permission for bow hunting an awesome piece of property here in Kansas and I am super pumped and ready to go. And what makes it even sweeter is it is in my backyard. I have the okay to hunt 80 acres with a 23 acre soybean field that butts up to a 400 acre soybean field and a huge corn field and the 23 acre soybean field has a funnel of hardwoods that comes down to it and I can hunt the hardwoods as well. Last week I spotted four big bucks feeding in the soybeans and even though I couldn’t see them real good because of the distance and it was getting dark, I could tell one of them was going to be a shooter for sure, he was nice. I got them on video but they were so far away the video footage … Continue reading

Giant Missouri Buck Bow Hunting

I love to see  kids getting outdoors bow hunting. I received a call back in November from my friend Brad who told me about a giant Missouri buck that had been harvested by a fifteen year old boy with a bow. A friend of his Shawn at work had called him and told him about it. Brad asked me if I would like to go over and see the buck and do a story about it on here. I told him I would love to do a story on it. So the next day my son and I drove over and got to meet Taylor and his family and they were kind enough to let me take some video footage of the Pope and Young buck and do a story on here. The boys name is Taylor and him and his brother Tayden woke up a little late that day … Continue reading

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