Monster Buck Classic Deer Hunting Show

Well it is almost time for the second annual Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas deer hunting show, it will be held January 25-27 at the ExpoCentre in Topeka Kansas. It should be a great weekend for the whole family, last years show was awesome and this years show should be even better. There will be a lot of great activities and great vendors and plenty of fun activities for the children. It will be a great show for all of us who love deer hunting.

Monster Buck Classic

Deer Hunting Show Monster Buck Classic

Monster Buck Classic deer hunting show Topeka Kansas.

Here are some of the great things you can enjoy at this years show.

Monster Buck Contest: The announcement of each category winner for the 2013 deer hunting season will be Sunday and they could crown a new King of Kansas Typical or Non-typical should someone enter, qualify and win. Last year the first ever King of Kansas Typical and Non-Typical bucks were crowned. Lucas Cochren’s 242 inch brute is the reigning King of Kansas Non-Typical and Rachelle Karl’s 182 1/8 inch bruiser is the reigning King of Kansas Typical. Will they keep their crown for another year or will one or both of these Monster Bucks will be overcome by a bigger buck? It will be exciting to see!Monster Buck Classic

Professional hunter appearances and seminars:

The Crush

  • Lee and Tiffany Lakosky “The Crush”
  • Dan Thurston “Drury’s Bow Madness”
  • Zac Cooper “Little Man, Big Dreams”
  • Troy Landry of the television series “Swamp People”

Unique attractions:

  • The Antler Collector- The world’s largest free range shed collection
  • Dave’s West Texas Rattlesnake Show
  • Jerry Boyles 3-D Bow Range and Pop Up Course

Awesome kids venue:

  • Tim Wright and the Pellet Range
  • The Monster Buck Classic tattoo parlor
  • New for this year is the Bunge Trampoline and Giant Super Slide (these attractions have a fee to participate)
  • Russell Whiles Entertainment presents Laser Shot Shooting Simulator and Paintball Target (there is a fee to play these games)
  • Glenna Cane face painting (small fee for this)
  • T.H.E. Kids Bow

“The Redneck A Blind A Day Giveaway”:

They will be giving one away each day of the event. During the 2013 Monster Buck Classic each attendee will have the opportunity to take home a Redneck Blind, a $3,000.00 value.

As you can see it is going to be a great weekend of deer hunting fun, so if you get a chance come on out and enjoy the show. I am ready to see some big ole Monster Bucks! For more information on the show please visit the official website Monster Buck Classic.


Deer Hunting Trail Camera Pictures

Deer Hunting Trail Camera buck named "Horn Donkey"!

Getting deer hunting trail camera pictures of bucks like this one at your honey holes can sure fire you up big time.

It has been a great season for us and we have gotten tons of great deer hunting trail camera pictures.

Deer Hunting Trail Camera Photographs

I don’t know how many deer hunting trail camera pictures I have gotten but it is a lot. I have been going through them lately and trying to organize them and delete the ones that I didn’t want to keep. It has been a job getting all of them put into folders and keeping them organized. I have three different properties that I have permission to hunt, and at all three I’ve gotten deer hunting trail camera pictures of at least one monster whitetail.

Whitetail  Andre The Giant

This is the only photo we’ve gotten so far of whitetail monster buck we named Andre The Giant.

The biggest buck we got a photo of was a whitetail we named Horn Donkey. He didn’t start showing up until around late October in the middle of the night but as the rut approached he started showing up more and more and at first it was all in the dark but then he started showing up in early morning and late evening hours. Then just a few days before we were planning on trying to hunt him on film he started showing up all times of the day. By checking our photos we were able to put together a plan of attack on this big Kansas brute and we filmed him being shot in November.

Unfortunately we haven’t found him yet, but I plan on looking all winter and will not give up. I went around to the neighbors and farmers and they all said they would be on the lookout for him. This buck is very special because we believe he could have possibly been a potential Kansas state record typical with a bow on film. So we will not give up looking for him because we believe the shot was a fatal shot.

10 Point Trail camera pictures

Trail camera pictures can help you pattern a big buck to help you figure out the best way to get a shot at him.

Some of the other bucks were really nice as well and hopefully they will make it through until next season and we will keep using our cameras to monitor our hunting properties and the bucks on them. So hopefully we will have more great photos to share with you.

If you have a question for us or would like to share some trophy photos just click on our contact form.

Deer Hunting Nocturnal Whitetail

Nocturnal whitetail Fat Albert

This nocturnal whitetail showed up later in the season at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes.We named him Fat Albert.

A nocturnal whitetail is the toughest to hunt.

Nocturnal Whitetail The Toughest

There is no greater challenge in my opinion than trying to kill a late season  mature nocturnal whitetail buck. It can be downright impossible. The number 1 factor that will cause a big buck to become nocturnal is presence of human activity. And for that very reason I like to do my scouting and hang my stands late in the summer and get out of my favorite deer hunting spots and leave them heck alone. I don’t want the whitetails to have a clue that I even exists when it is time for deer hunting.

The thing I look for when scouting for good deer hunting locations weather it be on foot or using a topographic map or aerial photo is the thickest bedding areas I can find. And if I can find a thick bedding area on the edge of a steep elevation that is where they like to bed where they can see downhill in front of them and smell danger from behind them. Then I like to find all potential food and water sources in the area and make a note of when these food and water sources will be available throughout the year.If I find a place like this then I go in on foot and try to locate trails leading to and from the bedding areas to the food and water sources. I try to pay attention to the tracks and see which way they are heading and this can help me figure out what time of day these tracks are being made. If the tracks are leading to the bedding area this trail is probably a great morning spot where you can catch him returning to bed early in the morning. If the tracks are leading away from the bedding area this is probably a great spot to setup in the afternoon when he is leaving his bed to go feed or get water.

By paying attention to details you can greatly improve your odds deer hunting. I think the most critical things you can do when you find these trails and decide to hunt them is always have a favorable wind, that is get downwind of these trails with the wind blowing from the bedding area in your face, otherwise you are wasting your time. And you need to be able to approach the location quietly so the buck has no clue you are there. I believe these tips can help you improve you chances of getting a shot a mature nocturnal whitetail buck.

nocturnal whitetail rare day shot

A nocturnal whitetail can be very hard to kill.