Favorite Deer Hunting Spot Looking Good

I’m getting the fever to go to my deer hunting spot. Deer Hunting Spot I went and put out another bag of Whitetail Institute 30/06 mineral/salt supplement at one of my favorite deer hunting honey holes the other day. I haven’t been there since March and it just amazed me how much of a jungle that place has become since March. I guess all the rain we have had just made all the green lush plants just take off. I pulled the sd cards in two of my trail cameras and put out a new camera. I had to change the batteries in two of my cameras and put batteries in my new camera. I also had to get a new sd card so when I go to check my cameras I can just swap out the cards. I had to do some trimming with a machete on some of … Continue reading

Trail Cameras Hot Spots

Well it looks  like it is time for me to get busy and get those trail cameras checked and refresh my mineral licks. I have had two trail cameras out on some mineral licks for some time now but I haven’t checked them lately. I had a buddy and his grandson fly here to Kansas from Georgia to visit us and we went to the Nascar race at Kansas Motor Speedway. They were here for a few days and one day we decided to go fishing at one of our favorite deer hunting properties. The fishing was great and my 5 year old son caught a really nice bass and a big ole catfish and we caught a lot of bream and crappie. This pond is smack dab in the middle of prime land for deer hunting. And as we are sitting there fishing one of the boys says hey … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Ohio Trail Camera Pictures

Trail Camera Pictures My good friend Kelley sent me a few trail camera pictures quite a while back of a nice whitetail his friend Doug had gotten deer hunting in Ohio. I love reading first buck stories so I thought you might like this one.  I had to take some time off for a few days, I just had shoulder surgery last week  but I hope to be fully recovered when it comes time to go deer hunting.  Here is Doug’s story about his first buck. Doug had gotten several trail camera pictures  just before he killed him. My First Deer Here are the details on the 8 point buck I shot on November 7th, 2010. On November 7th, 2010 the temperature was 20 degrees, and it was daylight saving time (the time moved back and hour) so I woke up early, around 4:30 am to get ready to go get them that morning.   The … Continue reading