DHBB Needs Sponsors

We are currently talking with several companies about being sponsors and there are some exciting possibilities in the works. Sponsors If your company would like to team up with DHBB with some type of sponsorship we would love to work with you as a team to get some awesome whitetail footage and promote your product at the same time and make big things happen. Feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will get back to you asap. Would you like to be the first to team up with DHBB for the 2011 season? We are currently page rank 1 for Google searches for many whitetail keywords. And we are working hard to get better and better each day. Any type of sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and we will make it well worth your time. I am so pumped for spring to be here. It has … Continue reading

Short Sweet Deer Hunting Opportunities

I was thinking the other day about my brother-in-law and a big buck he harvested behind our houses on a little late evening deer hunting adventure. And I wanted to do a article on last minute deer hunting opportunities. We have all heard the stories about the guy that was running late or had to catch a plane or whatever, and ends up getting a monster at the last minute. And it just goes to show you if you get a chance to get after those big bucks even if it’s the last few minutes before sun down, do it. One afternoon I had decided to go back behind my house deer hunting. Deer Hunting Opportunities It was a 65 acre piece of land that was beautiful hardwoods and pastures. I headed back to a nice logging road that had several trails crossing it and I set a stool out … Continue reading

Supplemental Feeding Deer

Supplemental feeding deer can be very beneficial to whitetail during the harsh winter conditions. As I sit here looking out the window at the recent snow thinking about deer hunting, I’m wondering how in the world the whitetails here in Kansas can survive such harsh winter conditions. It has been a tough very cold and snowy winter. Supplemental Feeding Deer I am feeding whitetails corn behind my house as often as I can hopefully it will help them survive these brutal conditions. Hopefully supplemental feeding deer. will help improve the health of the herd and improve the quality of deer hunting. The does are well into their pregnancy and I’m sure every bit of nutrition helps. I saw on the news the other night this has been the ninth most snowfall in Kansas since they started keeping records in the late 1800’s. The good thing about Kansas is there are … Continue reading