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We are currently talking with several companies about being sponsors and there are some exciting possibilities in the works.


If your company would like to team up with DHBB with some type of sponsorship we would love to work with you as a team to get some awesome whitetail footage and promote your product at the same time and make big things happen. Feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will get back to you asap. Would you like to be the first to team up with DHBB for the 2011 season? We are currently page rank 1 for Google searches for many whitetail keywords. And we are working hard to get better and better each day. Any type of sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and we will make it well worth your time.

I am so pumped for spring to be here. It has been a long tough winter here in Kansas and I know it had to be tough on the whitetails. I have heard several reports of big bucks being found dead on shed hunting trips. Hopefully not to many of our big bucks on the properties we hunt didn’t make it. I’m glad we were able to supplemental feed them during the toughest part of the winter. We have a lot of work to do to get ready for next season and we have already started getting things done.

sponsors DHBB

Deer hunting big bucks is looking for sponsors.

We are already in the process of preparing for next years deer hunting. We have been using a lot of the same deer hunting equipment for years and we have just got to upgrade some things this year.

This year we are going to be filming all our deer hunting adventures and wow getting ready to make that has been quite expensive. We just purchased a new HD video camera , a new bow, a new trail camera and are needing several other things such as a camera arm, binoculars and the quite a few other things.

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Short Sweet Deer Hunting Opportunities

I was thinking the other day about my brother-in-law and a big buck he harvested behind our houses on a little late evening deer hunting adventure. And I wanted to do a article on last minute deer hunting opportunities. We have all heard the stories about the guy that was running late or had to catch a plane or whatever, and ends up getting a monster at the last minute. And it just goes to show you if you get a chance to get after those big bucks even if it’s the last few minutes before sun down, do it. One afternoon I had decided to go back behind my house deer hunting.

Deer Hunting Opportunities

Deer Hunting Opportunities Mark

Mark harvested this buck on a late afternoon one of the deer hunting opportunities behind our houses.

It was a 65 acre piece of land that was beautiful hardwoods and pastures. I headed back to a nice logging road that had several trails crossing it and I set a stool out and waited. Well I had been there about an hour or so when I heard something coming. Low and behold here comes my brother-in-law Mark and he is coming to hunt the same area that I was at. He didn’t know I was back there. So he comes up and we talk for a second and then he walks off headed to the other side of the tract. By this time it is getting pretty late and it wouldn’t be long before dark. About 20 or 30 minutes later I heard Mark shoot. And I’m wondering what he got. So after a little while I head over and find Mark and he says he has shot a nice buck. And sure enough when we got over to him it was a great Georgia buck. And it all happened on a hunt that lasted probably less than an hour. Mark easily could have said the heck with it there’s not enough time to hunt. But this just shows if you got daylight even the least bit you got a chance. I know one thing for sure you got a better chance on a short hunt than you do sitting on the couch. Mark got his biggest buck ever on a hunt that was short and sweet. I have heard many stories like Marks that were short yet sweet. If you get a chance to do a quick hunt you might want to think twice about not doing it, it could be the best hunt of your life.


Supplemental Feeding Deer

deer in snow

Supplemental feeding deer during the harsh winter helps them make it.

Supplemental feeding deer can be very beneficial to whitetail during the harsh winter conditions. As I sit here looking out the window at the recent snow thinking about deer hunting, I’m wondering how in the world the whitetails here in Kansas can survive such harsh winter conditions. It has been a tough very cold and snowy winter.

Supplemental Feeding Deer

supplemental feeding deer

During the winter whitetail nutrition is critical to survival.

I am feeding whitetails corn behind my house as often as I can hopefully it will help them survive these brutal conditions. Hopefully supplemental feeding deer. will help improve the health of the herd and improve the quality of deer hunting. The does are well into their pregnancy and I’m sure every bit of nutrition helps. I saw on the news the other night this has been the ninth most snowfall in Kansas since they started keeping records in the late 1800’s. The good thing about Kansas is there are plenty of crops early in the year and the whitetails are able to put on enough fat to survive the winter. Where the bucks get in trouble is when they rut really hard and loose a lot of weight and then harsh winter conditions hit before the big bucks can put back on some of the weight they lost during the rut. So if there there has been a tough winter where you hunt you might want to consider supplemental feeding deer. Where you do your deer hunting it will help them make it through the winter if you can afford it.

My New Mathews Z7

On a different note I sold my bow yesterday and have already got my eye on a new Mathews Z7. I have been having some shoulder problems and I guess I’m just not as young as I once was. I got where I was struggling to pull my 67# draw back without some considerable pain in both shoulders and have decided to go to a 50-60# bow. You want to be able to pull your bow back smoothly without having to strain and make to much motion. The bow I have decided to get is a Mathews Z7.

compound bow

The new Mathews Z7 is a sweet shooting bow.

I have heard nothing but good things from my friends about this bow and after doing a little research it’s the one I want. My friends that have the Mathews Z7 love it and say it is a sweet shooting bow.

I also wanted to tell you about a blog that listed DeerHuntingBigBucks.com in a recent article. I wanted to thank Mr. Overton for the kind words and listing us in his article. It’s over on EngineeringDegreeOnline.org you can check out the article Bringing Home¬† a Buck: The Top 50 Deer Hunting Blogs here.