Deer Hunting Food Plots

It’s time to start thinking about planting those hunting food plots on your deer hunting properties and why not do a little shed hunting while you are at it?

Hunting Food Plots

buck taken on food plot

Deer Hunting food plots can be a great place to find big bucks like this ones sheds.

Why not enjoy deer hunting year round? Now that spring is upon us it is time to get out and find those big bucks sheds. Getting out in the great outdoors looking for deer sheds can be a lot of fun and a great way to get some much needed exercise. But with turkey season coming up you may want to wear some fluorescent orange while out looking for sheds. The big bucks should be shedding their antlers by now. A great place to start looking is in hunting food plots and on trails leading to and from them. It can be great to find a big boys sheds that you have on trail cameras that you have been deer hunting.

For all of nature spring is time for birth. With a gestation period of around 202 days does will give birth around the end of May or Early June. Does that are 2 1/2 may have twins.

Food Plots

If you are serious about quality deer management now is the time to start preparing to plant spring and summer food plots.In my opinion food plots are the number one thing you can do to improve the overall health the whitetail herd. You can plant them fairly cheap and still have fantastic results.

Soil Samples

Getting soil samples where you are planning on planting is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you get the best results out of your hunting food plots.

hunting food plots Deer Hunting

Getting soil samples where you plan on planting hunting food plots will ensure the best results out of them.

When you get the results back from your soil samples you can lime them accordingly. You will get the best results out of them if you put out the recommended amount of lime on each one. When deer season rolls around you will be so glad you got the soil samples and have beautiful green food plots for the deer and they will attract more deer and make it easier to pattern the big boys feeding patterns.

Spring is a great time to get out in the great outdoors and find sheds and improve your property for big deer.

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Favorite Pictures Deer Hunting

When I first started deer hunting back in 1980 the way we would take pictures of our harvest was with a Polaroid camera. You would take the picture and then the pull it out of the camera and fan it in the air and watch it develop right before your eyes. Some of my favorite memories of deer hunting were captured on film by way of Polaroid the are some of my  favorite pictures deer hunting. The way we take take pictures of deer these days is much easier than back in the day. We used to have to get the film developed. So you would have to wait until you finished the roll of film and then take it to Eckerds and wait to have it developed, you could pay extra and get it developed that day. Today we just store our pictures of deer right on our computer. It makes things so much easier.

I have a photo album of all of my past memories deer hunting. It is fun to pull it out and recall some of the bucks that I harvested in the past. It always brings back so many fun times in the great outdoors. I have always saved my photos of past hunts and am sure glad that I did. I have some great ones.

I wanted to show you some of my favorite photos of the 2008  season, it has been a great season so far for me. I made a lot of memories that I will cherish forever.

Pictures Deer Hunting

Big buck pictures deer hunting in Illinois.

I took this buck in November.

I was able to harvest a trophy buck bow-hunting Illinois.

10 pointer

Bow-hunting Illinois is a great way to harvest a big buck like this one it is one of my favorite pictures deer hunting.

These are just a few of my favorites from 2008. I am already excited about next season.


eight pointer

Payton’s first deer is a trophy buck.

Pike County Illinois Deer Hunting

Pike County Illinois Deer Hunting Heaven

Pike county Illinois is deer hunting heaven.

There are a lot of great places that I would love to deer hunt. I have seen them in the Team Realtree videos or some of the great hunting shows on television. Whether it be the Milk River in Montana, or the brush country of south Texas, or Ohio, or Iowa. There are so many great places to go deer hunting, but there’s one place that I would like to go more than any other in the United states, and it’s Pike County, Illinois. It seems like heaven right here on earth to me. With the big bucks that you consistently see taken from there, it just seems like the place I would love to be able to hunt the most. Year after year, you hear about trophy bucks being harvested there.

Pike County Illinois

Pike County, Illinois is located in West Central Illinois, and is the largest county in the state. It consist of over a half a million acres, and is 849 square miles. It is bordered by the Illinois River on the east, and the Mississippi River on the west.

Over half of the county is pasture and cropland which are planted in wheat, corn, soybeans , and alfalfa. Which are not very big compared to some of the other mid-west states crop fields. And a lot of them are separated by creek bottoms, and brushy timber lots and overgrown fields, it’s prime big buck habitat. Plenty of food and water, and plenty of cover. A lot of the land is Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Pike County Illinois, corn field

Deer hunting Pike county Illinois cornfields sure sounds good to me.

With a buck to doe ratio of about 4 to 1 it is a great place to see a lot of mature bucks rutting and chasing does during the rut. It is not uncommon to see three or four bucks chasing one doe. It makes for some great trophy hunting. Rattling, grunting, and using scents, and decoys are very effective ways of taking big mature trophy whitetails in Pike County, Illinois. There is a lot of heavy rutting that takes place during the rut there. So you can use these different tools to your advantage to score on a big boy, if you use them at the right time.

Some people say that the increased hunting pressure has taken a toll on the number of big bucks being taken there, but it is not true, the number of big bucks being harvested there has increased, and is very impressive. Every year there are a number of very large bucks harvested there.

Although I have never been deer hunting in Illinois you can bet that it  is on my wish list of places that I hope to visit and hunt someday. Hopefully, in the very near future. I am looking at going on a bow hunt there soon.

You can go to the Illinois state wildlife resources website  to find out more information on hunting in Illinois.