Jake Deer Hunting Kansas Scores

I wanted to share a story my friend DHBB Pro-Staffer Jake sent me about a great buck he took deer hunting Kansas with his friend Marc this past season. You just got to love deer hunting Kansas bucks. A well placed 40 yard shot from Jake’s Mathews Drenalin resulted in a great buck for him and I’m sure is a memory that they won’t ever forget. That’s what makes being in the great outdoors with family and friends so special is you make so many great memories that you remember forever. Deer Hunting Kansas A Good Friend, Hard Work, the Reward By: Jake Artzer In late May 2011 I received a phone call from a friend of mine.  The purpose of that phone call was to invite me down to hunt his 3500 acre farm with him.  Marc and I met about three years prior, through my fiance who is … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Kansas

Deer hunting Kansas is special. We are finally getting settled here in Kansas in our new home. It has been a very busy last two months for my family and I. I started my new job a few weeks ago and it is going well. I came out here before my family and found us a place to live and then brought my family out. We found a nice farm house on 80 acres surrounded by corn. There are some really big bucks in the area, and plenty of corn and soybeans for them to eat. Kansas is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been all over the state but where we live is gorgeous. Deer Hunting Kansas I also found a deer hunting Kansas area about 30 minutes away that is over 9,000 acres. I also found 341 acres of Kansas public land about 4 miles from my house. Also in … Continue reading