Deer Hunting Property Just Got Better

Deer Hunting Property South Georgia buck

Our deer hunting property has food water and cover and is a prime location to get big bucks like this one.

I am ready to go deer hunting. Why, you might ask?

Deer Hunting Property

Well today I found out the deer hunting property that I have permission to hunt across the road from where I live, the lady came over today and told me they will be planting in a yearly rotation corn, soybeans and wheat.  The property I have permission to hunt butts up to this property where the crops will be planted. And the property that butts up to the other end already is planted in crops every year. So where I hunt will have crops on both ends. It is a beautiful hardwood ridge with two creeks running through it. And a nice thick bedding area. It was already a great piece of property but the new crops on it will definitely improve it tremendously. The biggest problem I have with this is I have to rethink my stand situation.

I plan on going tomorrow and doing some post season scouting and some shed hunting. When I am scouting I will be considering some different stand locations and how the new crops will change the whitetails patterns. I have got a couple of places in mind for stands.

Scouting With Google Earth

I have been studying the land on Google Earth and I see a couple of funnel areas that would be a great spot to ambush a big cruising buck checking the feeding areas for does in estrous. If you haven’t tried Google Earth to scout your properties you might want to check it out it could save you some time scouting.

I was at Cabelas today and I bought some Whitetail Institute 30-06 mineral supplement  and I am going to establish a new salt/mineral lick spot. I also got a great deal on a Moultrie I65 Game Spy and I am going to put it out so we can watch them big bucks grow those antlers throughout the spring and summer. I am so pumped up and looking forward to going deer hunting this year.

Mathews Z7

One of the other reasons I am stoked is I got my new Mathews Z7 today and it is sweet. I have a broken shoulder and a torn rotator cuff and will be having surgery next week and I won’t  be able to shoot it for quite some time after that, so even though my shoulder is hurt I just had to shoot it today. And let me tell you I was impressed. The Z7 has a very smooth draw cycle and is quiet as quiet as a church mouse. It is all nice and fast too. I can’t say enough good things about this bow. If you are in the market for a new bow I would definitely recommend giving the Mathews Z7 a look.

sweet shooting bow

If you are in the market for a new bow I recommend giving the Mathews Z7 a look.


Improve Deer Hunting Property

Looking to improve your deer hunting property? There are some things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for those big bucks.  If you own or lease your property there are some things that you can do to improve your property quite a bit. Here is a list of things you can do to improve your deer hunting property for big bucks.

Deer Hunting Property

food plot on deer hunting property

Planting food plots will improve deer hunting property for big bucks.

1.Buck to doe ratio -Herd management. One to one buck to doe ratio is ideal. One to three is okay. Decrease your buck harvest and increase your doe harvest, depending on the ratio of your herd. Let your yearling bucks grow don’t shoot them. Let them grow to three and a half years old at least, with five and a half being better. Implement size restrictions on bucks. By setting a width and number of points restriction. Some clubs have restrictions of eight points or better or as wide as its ears.

2.Food Plots– If you ask me food plots is high on the list of things you can do to improve your hunting property for big bucks. Whitetails eat five to eight pounds of food every day for each one hundred pounds of body weight. Food plots give quality nutrition at the times of year when the whitetails need it the most. During the spring when the does are fawn bearing, during antler growth, and during the harsh cold months of winter when food is hard to find. Providing good food sources will definitely help the overall well being of your deer herd.

3.Control burn– Every year around February or March we do a control burn on our hunting property. We plow multiple fire breaks and clean the brush out from around all our deer stands, and we wait for the conditions to be right and then do the burn. We have to obtain a permit before we are able to burn. You always need to make sure you have the proper permits when burning. Every state may have different requirements so be sure to check with the proper authorities in the state where you are planning on burning.

4.Plant shrubs and trees– A few of the popular trees and shrubs are saw tooth oak, wild plum, crab apple, persimmon, honeysuckle, Hawthorne, dogwood, apple, pecan.

5.Supplemental feeding-High protein is good for antler growth. During the winter supplemental feeding can help deer survive the cold winter.Feeders are a great place to set up trail cameras. You can see whitetails up close and watch them grow.

You can improve your property by doing these five things.


Trail Camera Deer Hunting Property

Having the advantage of putting out several can tell you a lot about your deer hunting property. Do you scout with a trail camera?

Trail Camera Deer Hunting

Moulrie trail camera deer hunting

A trail camera deer hunting is a handy scouting tool.

Deer season will be here before you know it and a trail camera can be a great way to learn so much valuable information for your upcoming deer season. Some of the best places to setup a trail camera are on food plots or feeders or trails leading to and from them.  Feeding patterns such as time of day and preferred food choice are some of great information they can tell you. Also the overall health and deer population of the deer herd using your property.  How many bucks and what age they are and size? Are they shooters, management bucks, or do they need to get older? You have just got to love having help getting all of this great information on your hunting areas. They can also tell you a lot about the predators lurking around your deer hunting property.

Deer Hunting Property

We have had quite a few bobcats and coyotes and they can have an impact on the deer herd if they get to populated. We think we even saw a black panther roaming around on our deer hunting property. I sure would like to get some pictures of it. They are really neat looking.

trail camera photograph

Trails cameras can give you valuable information on your deer hunting property.

Have you gotten any good photos of trophy bucks on your property yet? They should be getting bigger everyday! It’s always fun to watch the big bucks grow each year. We have had a huge monster buck on camera for several years now and it is going to be interesting to see what he does this year. He is at the point where we think he might start regressing or even die from old age. He is such a smart mature trophy whitetail and is just absolutely beautiful. He has been the stud on our property for several years now and it will be interesting to see what happens with him this year. I respect him so much he is just a truly awesome creature.