Deer Hunting Video Austin

I did a story a while back about a young man from Kansas named Austin and I thought you might like to watch this incredible hunt, it is an inspiring deer hunting video.

Deer Hunting Video

Watch this really cool deer hunting video. This past season Austin killed a nice 8 pointer with a crossbow. Austin is blind but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors deer hunting.

inspiring deer hunting video

This is the buck Austin took it is amazing deer hunting video.

My friend Terry has a not for profit organization that takes kids with disabilities and illnesses out to enjoy the great outdoors. I thought you might like to go by Terry’s website and see the video of Austin killing his buck. Terry takes the time and the effort to take these kids out that might not get the chance to go deer hunting otherwise. It is just nice to see .  Terry received an award this past year, it was the Streamlight challenged hunter of the year award. Even though Terry has cancer he still gets out and takes these kids to enjoy the great outdoors. That is awesome. So go by and check out his website and watch the video of Austin shooting a buck with his crossbow and some of the other videos he has of other kids as well. It is really a good thing Terry is doing for these kids.

On a different note if you are planting food plots this year have you got them planted? Just this past week in the mid-west I saw a lot of farmers planting. I got my garden planted about a week ago. It seemed  like the cold weather would never go away. It was a really rough winter here in the mid-west this year. I heard several reports of bucks being found shed hunting that didn’t make it through the harsh winter. Mother nature can be cruel. That’s why on the properties where I hunt I try to put out some corn when the conditions get really tough. This year I want to leave some standing corn and soybeans so late in the year when the snow is deep and food is scarce they will still have a food source to count on. I am going to talk to the land owners where I hunt to see how much it would cost me to leave some standing crops.

Favorite Deer Hunting Video

Deer Hunting Video

Today I was looking at some videos on youtube and saw one a great deer hunting video. This guy is deer hunting big bucks in Kansas and gets a shot at a really nice huge whitetail . He smokes one of the big bucks with his bow and it runs stops and looks like he isn’t even hit and suddenly  falls and then another trophy deer comes in and attacks the monster while it is laying dead on the ground. The guy literally walks right up to the buck while he is attacking the other one and has to run him off. Anyway it is my favorite footage of deer hunting of all time.

deer hunting video Kansas

This is an awesome deer hunting video.

Spring has sprung and after about a 200 day gestation period the does should be giving birth about now. Some does from the age of  two and a half if they are healthy and the winter was not to harsh they may have twins. Most of the time one will be a doe and one will be a buck. The fawns will grow quickly during June and July. And as the days become longer the bucks will start growing their new antlers. So now is a great time to get those trail cameras out  and watch those trophies develop their antlers all summer long up until bow season starts. It’s fun to see their development at the different stages of growth throughout the year. Have you seen any deer growing their antlers yet? Their antler growth will be slow at first during the spring but once the long days of summer roll around the antler growth will begin to be much more noticeable. So get those trail cameras out and watch those bucks develop throughout the summer months. Trail cameras are a great way to learn more valuable information that can help you get that once in a lifetime buck once deer season rolls around.