Deer Hunting Video Austin

I did a story a while back about a young man from Kansas named Austin and I thought you might like to watch this incredible hunt, it is an inspiring deer hunting video. Deer Hunting Video Watch this really cool deer hunting video. This past season Austin killed a nice 8 pointer with a crossbow. Austin is blind but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting out and enjoying the great outdoors deer hunting. My friend Terry has a not for profit organization that takes kids with disabilities and illnesses out to enjoy the great outdoors. I thought you might like to go by Terry’s website and see the video of Austin killing his buck. Terry takes the time and the effort to take these kids out that might not get the chance to go deer hunting otherwise. It is just nice to see .  Terry received an … Continue reading

Favorite Deer Hunting Video

Deer Hunting Video Today I was looking at some videos on youtube and saw one a great deer hunting video. This guy is deer hunting big bucks in Kansas and gets a shot at a really nice huge whitetail . He smokes one of the big bucks with his bow and it runs stops and looks like he isn’t even hit and suddenly  falls and then another trophy deer comes in and attacks the monster while it is laying dead on the ground. The guy literally walks right up to the buck while he is attacking the other one and has to run him off. Anyway it is my favorite footage of deer hunting of all time. Spring has sprung and after about a 200 day gestation period the does should be giving birth about now. Some does from the age of  two and a half if they are healthy … Continue reading