Deer Season Over

Deer season is over here in Kansas except for an extended firearms season in a small area in northeast Kansas.

Deer Season

Is the deer season over where you hunt? Did you get that big buck you where after? If so send us some pictures to share with our readers. It was a good deer season for us here in Kansas, but it was tough. We were hit by EHD pretty hard and it made for some really tough hunting and there were not a lot of big bucks to be found on the properties that I was hunting. I was still able to film myself shooting a nice buck with a bow but he was no monster by Kansas standards for sure. Hopefully next year will be better but we will just have to wait and see.

deer season northeast Kansas

The Kansas deer season is over for 2012.

The DHBB forum has had some issues lately but I think we have them fixed and it should be up and running now. If you get a chance stop by and check it out. You can share hero pictures, share trail camera pictures, talk deer hunting. You can also buy or sell hunting equipment, buy or sell video equipment and more. So stop by and check out the DHBB Forum if you get a chance.

We have had two snowstorms the past couple of weeks here in Kansas and this time of year can be tough on whitetails. Food sources become harder and harder to come by, that’s why if you can plant food plots and implement some type of supplemental feeding you can really help the overall health of your deer herd. The more quality food whitetails have during the cold months of winter the better. Does are pregnant and need nutrition for their babies and bucks are trying to recover from the rut and gain back the weight they lost chasing those does. I have been putting out corn for the deer behind my house because there just isn’t much food for them this time of year. Year before last I saw a doe that was staving and freezing to death and it wasn’t pretty.

I plan on doing some coyote hunting in the next couple of weeks, I have seen quite a few lately, I guess the cold snowy weather gets them moving more looking for food. I’m gonna see if I can’t thin them out a little.


Rate Your Deer Season

I hope everyone had a great deer season.

Deer Season

Big bucks like this one make for a great deer season.

Big bucks like this one make for a great deer season.

I think deer season is just about over everywhere. I wanted to get some feedback on how all of you did this year. Did you get that big deer?

My deer season started off seeing quite a few  in Georgia during bow season, but I just wasn’t seeing any big bucks. I saw several small bucks and a ton of does. I wanted to shoot a doe with my bow but I kept holding off in hopes of getting a shot at a trophy buck that we had on trail camera. But I never saw him. My dad saw him one time just before dark just for a second, and he was gone. As it got closer to the rut I hunted hard and kept thinking I might see some big bucks. I was seeing a lot of nice rubs and scrapes but no big boys.

November 1st rolled around and some friends and I headed out deer hunting to the heart of monster buck country to do some bow hunting in Illinois.

Bow hunting in Illinois can make a deer hunting dreams come true.

Bow hunting in Illinois can make a deer hunting dreams come true.

If you have never been bow hunting in Illinois, I highly recommend it. We arrived on the first of November and were greeted by unseasonably warm temperatures. We hunted very hard for the whole week and saw a lot of whitetails and several smaller bucks chasing does, but the big bucks were laying low. We ended up extending the trip for a couple of days because we knew there was a cold front moving in. On the last morning of our trip I was able to rattle in a very nice 125″ class 10 pointer and was able to put the smack down on him at thirty yards and right then and there I fell in love with bow hunting in Illinois.

So that made my season a great one. While we were in Illinois we got reports from Georgia that the big boys were chasing like crazy and in full rut. By the time we got back home the rut was almost over. So if we hadn’t gone to the mid-west who knows maybe I would have been able to get a shot at the trophy whitetail that we had on trail camera, but then again you never know.

Let me know how you did this year. Did you get that trophy whitetail? I hope you all had a great year. I had one that I won’t soon forget.

Take the poll and let me know how you did.

  1. Poor, didn’t see many deer
  2. Okay, saw a few deer and some small bucks
  3. Good, shot a doe and some smaller bucks
  4. Great, shot a nice buck
  5. Excellent, shot a Pope and Young  or a Boone and Crockett

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Deer Season Over

We hope all of you had a great deer season. It was a great deer season for us and we are pumped about getting ready for a great upcoming season deer hunting. Now is the time to start preparing for next deer season.

Prepare Early For Successful Deer Season

deer season Georgia

Deer season may be over but now is the time to start getting ready for next season.

There are so many things that you can do to get ready for  those big bucks this year.

You can see where the forest was control burned, improving the deer hunting habitat.

We are planning on doing a controlled burn on our property this Thursday. The conditions are supposed to be just right for our burn and it will help our wildlife habitat tremendously. Always check your local laws and regulations before burning. I plan on doing a post next week on controlled burns and should have some great pictures and information on control burning for you.

Now is a great time to start doing some post season scouting, and I plan on doing a little while we are burning on Thursday. With the leaves off the trees and most of the vegetation gone you can really spot rubs and trails well this time of year.

You can still even spot old scrapes too. And you don’t have to worry about spooking the big bucks either. You can also search for that bedding area where you think those big bucks were hiding during the season . It’s never to early to start getting ready for next year, and the sooner you start your odds at a big boy will increase. And before to long the bucks will be shedding their antlers and why not scout while doing some shed hunting. It’s fun to be in the great outdoors shed hunting and scouting, and getting a little exercise too. I’m still sticking to my New Years resolution of getting in tip top shape and walking around out in the deer woods is great exorcise. And who knows you might just find that big boys bedding area or a big shed.