Deer Hunting Preparation

deer hunting preparation agriculture

Deer hunting preparation is a year round task.

Today I went and started my deer hunting preparation and got all my trail cameras up and running and hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to share soon. I had a great day out in the woods putting up cameras, trimming trails and I put out some apples and I am pumped and ready to start my deer hunting preparation.

Deer Hunting Preparation Now

I went to two of my favorite deer hunting spots and I saw the new corn they planted on the property that butts up to the land I hunt. My neighbor had told me they were planting corn back there but I wasn’t quite sure where they were going to plant it. I thought from looking at the map that they were going to plant it deeper into their property but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they planted the corn all the way down the south property line where I have permission to hunt. This¬† particular piece of deer hunting property was already awesome but having the corn all the way down the south property line makes it even more awesome.¬† Now it has corn on the south property line and a huge corn field on the east property line as well. I have a stand in the hardwoods that run in between the beautiful corn fields and there is a very nice creek where the whitetails can get water. This piece of property has everything whitetails need, plenty of food, water and cover. The other piece of property I went to today is an absolute honey hole. I put up a trail camera on a mineral lick site for whitetails and I trimmed some shooting lanes and trails to the stands.

mineral lick site for whitetails Kansas

This is a mineral lick site for whitetails I established on one of the properties I hunt.

This piece of property is surrounded by huge soybean fields that are coming up nicely and has corn planted on two ends of the property. Needless to say I am stoked to get after some huge whitetails.

I talked to fellow DHBB Pro-staffer Troy today and he got his Kansas tags today and will be coming to hunt with me during the rut in early November. I will be filming Troy on his hunt and hopefully we will get some awesome Kansas whitetail rut action on film to share on DHBB. Troy will be making the trek to Kansas from Georgia, it will be his first time getting after Kansas whitetails and he is super pumped about it. I hope I can help Troy get a huge Kansas buck and get it on film to boot. If you are considering coming to hunt Kansas this season now is the time to get your tags. Now is also the time to get those mineral licks established and get those trail cameras out to get those pictures of those big bucks as they develop.