Scouting Tips Whitetail Properties

I have been doing some shed hunting lately and walking a couple of my favorite whitetail properties. Have you done any post season scouting where you hunt? Post Season Scouting Whitetail Properties There are a few things that can really help when post season scouting your whitetail properties. To save time and limit your hard work it helps to have maps. Some of the most helpful are aerial, topographical and plat maps. Aerials are awesome they not only show the deer hunting property you have access to but the surrounding ones as well. They show pinch points, funnels, food sources, bedding areas, and travel routes. Topo maps show elevation and help finding ridges and valleys, creeks and roads and even show where the trees are at on your whitetail properties. Topo maps can be a very useful for post season scouting. Plat maps show property lines, rivers, roads and property … Continue reading

Post Season Scouting Property

It is a great time to do some post season scouting before all the foliage greens up. Before you know it, it’ll be time to go deer hunting. I was out on one of the best properties that I have permission to hunt, and I was looking for sheds although I didn’t find any sheds I found some really nice rubs. Somehow I had overlooked them during the season. I don’t like to walk around to much during the season so I don’t disturb the whitetails. I don’t even want them to know I’m there at all. Post Season Scouting Pays Off How about your hot-spots, do you do any post season scouting? I always find something that I didn’t know was there during the season, weather it be a nice rub or a scrape line or a nice big white-oak tree. It seems like I always overlook some things … Continue reading