Shed Hunting Snow Monster Buck Classic

shed hunting antler

I found this antler shed hunting.

I need to get back out  shed hunting after all this snow is gone and look for more. I recently got out and did a little shed hunting and was lucky enough to find one nice shed in a cut bean field.

Shed Hunting

I have heard of several really nice sheds being found and I hope to find a few in the next couple of weeks. Last year I didn’t find a single shed and I did a lot of walking. For some reason the properties I hunt don’t seem to have very many sheds every  year. Shed hunting is a lot of fun and it is nice to find sheds of deer that are on the property where you are hunting. I really like seeing pictures of bucks people have taken and they have their previous years sheds in the picture, that is really neat.

Snow Stressful On Deer

Well we have had a ton of snow here in Kansas and we need the moisture bad so it’s a good thing but I know this time of year can be a big stress on deer. Food sources are hard to come by this time of year and the snow makes it really tough on them. I am putting out supplemental feed this time of year to help the deer make it through this really tough stretch of bad weather, they are really coming to the corn this time of year on the property I hunt. Also coyotes can be tough on them this time of year as well. I have seen several coyotes since we’ve had snow, the cold weather makes them have to get out more and find more food to survive, and the weaker deer can be the one’s they go after. I plan on getting after some coyotes as soon as this snow melts. They can really be tough on the deer and I plan on being tough on them and get rid of a few of them.

Kansas Whitetail Hunting Show

A few weeks ago we had a blast at the second annual Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas deer hunting show. It was an unbelievable show and was a lot of fun. I had planned on taking tons of pictures but I dropped my camera and broke it, so much for getting a lot of great pictures. There were some amazing big bucks entered in the Monster Buck Contest and great vendors and the celebrity hunters were all awesome. I really enjoyed meeting Troy Laundry of Swamp People, he is such a nice man. I also enjoyed talking to Drury Outdoors Dan Thurston he is a great guy and the whole Nock On crew were there and very nice and fun to talk to. It really was an awesome show and we can’t wait until next years show.Monster Buck Classic This is a picture of Dan Thurston and I standing in front of Dan’s neat 1963 Chevrolet van at the Monster Buck Classic.

Don’t forget now is the time to start getting ready for next deer season. It is a great time to put out mineral lick sites for the deer and it will be time to plant those food plots soon.


Shed Hunting Trail Camera Pictures

Successful Shed Hunting Trip

It was really nice here in Kansas yesterday so I got out and did some shed hunting. I didn’t find any big bucks sheds but it was a successful trip never the less. I don’t know where all those big sheds are but I plan on going shed hunting again real soon and finding them. I know they are out there. I have some friends that have been doing some shed hunting and they are finding some really nice sheds. I have got several more places that I need to get out and check for sheds and also establish some more mineral licks.

antler found shed hunting

This antler was found on a recent shed hunting trip in Kansas.

Trail Camera Pictures

I also put out some mineral/vitamin supplement and block and put put my favorite trail camera which is a Moultrie. I did a lot of walking and was able to find a nice little shed, it was a little 8 pointer that I had several Moultrie trail camera pictures of.

shed buck trail camera picture

This is the buck I got trail camera pictures of that I found his left side shed.

I also plan on getting another Moultrie Game Spy to put out.

Micro Food Plots

I am also thinking of doing some small food plots behind my house. I want to plant some corn and soybeans to leave standing so during the harsh winter months they have here in the mid-west once most of the other crops are harvested I’ll still have some standing food sources that the heavy snow fall won’t cover up and the whitetails will stay in the area. Having standing food during the winter months should really attract and hold the whitetails on the deer hunting property. If you have standing crops during the cold winter months it can be as or more action packed as when the rut is in full swing. When it is cold the whitetails must eat so they will be hitting those food sources hard. So now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to improve your deer hunting property to better your chances of harvesting that buck of a lifetime this deer season. And you can plant some small fairly inexpensive food plots that will make a big difference in getting a chance at a buck of a lifetime. You will thank yourself if you do plant some small food plots when you are still seeing deer late in the season when everyone else says they are not seeing as many deer as they were earlier in the season.

I saw a great hunting show last night that was talking about this very thing. Midwest Whitetail which is one of my favorite shows had a very good show about micro plots. Midwest Whitetail has a lot of great shows and their website is very good as well. So if you get a chance check out their website


Shed Hunting Whitetail Management

I wanted to remind everyone that now is a great time to establish salt/mineral licks and is an effective practice of whitetail management.

Whitetail Management

mineral lick products

The big bucks will be growing their antlers very soon and the minerals will help provide them with the essential nutrients to grow nice big healthy racks. Today I went to Cabela’s and bought a 20 lb. bag of Imperial Whitetail mineral/vitamin supplement and a mineral block. Tomorrow when I go looking for bone I am going to be post season scouting as well and I am going to establish a mineral lick and start a little early whitetail management. The way I am going to do this is I will locate an area where two or more trails intersect and I will dig a hole about two feet in diameter and several inches deep. I will mix 5lbs of the mineral/vitamin supplement  with the dirt and put it back in the hole I just dug then I will  op it off with a mineral block. I will be placing my Moultrie Game spy on a nearby tree and then we will be able to watch the bucks grow their antlers from the very beginning. It should be fun to watch their progress. Hopefully some of the same big boys will be back this year. Time will tell. Do you do any whitetail management where you hunt? If not you might want to think about it. You can make a difference in the quality of the bucks on your property by doing a few things and even if your funds are limited you still can make a difference. Establish mineral/vitamin licks. Let the small bucks walk. Shoot more does if your buck to doe ratio isn’t 1/1  or 1/3. If you do just these three things you should see some improvement in your quality of bucks in the very near future.

Shed Hunting

I was able to get out the other day and do some scouting and shed hunting.

whitetail management

Post season scouting and shed hunting is a great time to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

I wasn’t able to hunt the property as much as I would have liked this past season mainly because I was focusing on another piece of property but I know there are some really nice bucks in the area and there should be some sheds out there. It was nice to find several big rubs that I hadn’t seen before and it just confirms what I was already pretty sure of, that there where some nice bucks using the property. Tomorrow I am going to look for sheds on another deer hunting property that has some really nice bucks on it and I am hoping to find the antlers of one of the big bucks that I missed during bow season. Have you started shed hunting? Are you having any luck shed hunting on your deer hunting property?