North Closes Headed South Hunting

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There are many places to head south hunting before deer season closes January 15,2009 in Georgia.

Well, the Northern zone has closed here in Georgia but there are still some options available  to do some late season hunts. You can still head head south hunting.

South Hunting

The southern zone is open until January 15, and are still some options available to do some public hunting.There are still many public hunting opportunitys available to do some last minute public hunting. There are some great places open to public hunting if you want to head south hunting and get in some last minute deer hunting. Looking at the regulations I see several places that are open to public hunting. I counted 28 places open to public hunting until January 15 if you want to head south hunting.

Here is the list I came up with in alphabetical order. I hope I didn’t miss any. Looks like there are some great options still out there. Look how many acres are still open, I bet there is little pressure this time of year.

  1. ALBANY NURSERY WMA (300 ac.) Deer-Archery (either sex Dec. 13 -Jan. 15: Sign-IN
  2. ALEXANDER WMA (1300 ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex): Sept 13- Jan.15: Sign-IN.
  3. BULLARD CREEK WMA(13,900 ac.) Ocmulgee Tract open for Archery deer hunting only: Sept. 13-Jan.15; Sign-In.
  4. CHICKASAWHATCHEE WMA (19,700ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex) Dec.29-Jan. 15; Sign In.
  5. DOERUN PITCHERPLANT BOG NATURAL AREA (600 ac.) Deer-Archery (Either Sex): Nov. 1-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  6. ELMODEL WMA (1600 ac.) Deer-Archery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan.15; Sign-In.
  7. FALL LINE SANDHILLS NA (876 ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan.15; Sign-In.
  8. FLAT TUB WMA (3,597 ac.) Firearms (Either Sex):Dec 27-Jan. 11; Sign-In.
  9. HANNAHATCHEE WMA (5,600 ac.) Firearms (Bucks Only): Dec.22-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  10. HILTONIA TRACT (500 ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan. 15; Sign-In. Primitive Weapons (Either Sex): Nov. 8-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  11. J.L. LESTER WMA (477 ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex): Dec. 24-Jan. 7; Sign-In.
  12. LAKE BURTON WMA (CHATTAHOOCHEE NF) (12,600 ac.) Deer & Bear-Archery (Either Sex & Bear): Jan. 3-10; Sign-In.
  13. LAKE SEMINOLE WMA (15,680 ac.) Firearms (Bucks Only): Dec. 22-Jan. 15.
  14. LAKE WALTER F. GEORGE WMA (1,800ac.) Deer Achery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan. 15.
  15. LITTLE SATILLA WMA (18,920 ac.) Firearms (Either Sex): Oct. 18-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  16. MAYHAW WMA (4,700 ac.) Firearms (Buck Only) Jan. 5-15; Sign-In.
  17. MEAD FARM (200 ac.) Deer Archery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  18. MONTEZUMA BLUFFS NATURAL AREA (500 ac.)Deer Archery (Quality Buck & Antlerless): Nov. 1-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  19. OHOOPEE DUNES NATURAL AREA (2500 ac.)Deer Archery (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan.15; Sign-In.
  20. PAULKS PASTURE WMA (16,600 ac.) Deer Achery (Either Sex): Archery Only Area (Either Sex): Sept 13-Jan. 15; Sign-In
  21. PENHOLOWAY SWAMP WMA (4,269 ac.) Deer Achery (Either Sex): Dec. 8-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  22. RICHMOND HILL WMA (7,400 ac.) Archery Only Areas Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  23. SANSAVILLA WMA (16,867 ac.) Archery Only Areas (Either Sex): Sept. 13-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  24. SAPELO ISLAND WMA (9,000 ac.)Deer Archery (Either Sex): North End-Dec. 15-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  25. SILVER LAKE WMA (9,200 ac.) Firearms (Buck only): Jan. 7-15; Sign-In.
  26. TOWNSEND WMA (10,876 ac.) Firearms (Either Sex): Oct. 18-Jan. 15; Sign-In.
  27. TUCKAHOE WMA (15,100 ac.) Firearms (Either Sex): General Hunting Jan. 8-10; Sign-In.
  28. WARWOMAN WMA (CHATTAHOOCHEE NF) (15,800 ac.) Deer & Bear-Archery (Either Sex & Bear): Jan. 9-11; Check-In.

Please be sure to check the regulations for yourself, before you go.

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Down South Hunting Big Bucks

Big bucks harvested down south hunting in Monroe county Georgia.

These big bucks were taken in Georgia.

Georgia deer

Down south hunting the rut can be action packed.

Big Bucks

Check out this truck load of big bucks. My good friend Brad sent me these pictures taken down south hunting trophy bucks.  It looks like they had a great season down south hunting. This picture shows that this club has been doing some good quality deer hunting management. It looks like the trophy bucks were on the move, looking for love in all the wrong places.

South Hunting

These trophy bucks  were all taken down south hunting within a three day period during the rut, at their club in Monroe county in Georgia. It just shows that the best time to harvest big bucks is when they are in full rut and chasing does. It is a very exciting time to be in the woods, when the big bucks are on the move looking for does in estrous. The whitetail respond to calling and scents more during the rut as well. It looks like there was some great rutting action down south hunting this year. In order to achieve good quality deer management, it is imperative to get the buck to doe ratio to at least 1:3 buck to 1:2, or 1:1 is best.

We are proud to have Brad join our Pro-staff. He has years of experience in the great outdoors and knows how to get after those whitetail bucks.

Also on our Pro-staff is Jay. Jay is has harvested some very nice whitetails and loves to bow hunt, and we are sure glad to have him on board. He is guaranteed to keep everyone laughing. This picture shows Jay practicing a little quality deer management.