Booner Bait Supplemental Deer Feed Attractant

We are very excited to announce we have developed a new product called Booner Bait supplemental deer feed attractant, which we have been field testing for the past seven years in Kansas and Kentucky. I came up with the idea while I was living in Kansas and after years of testing we came up with the final recipe which absolutely drives the deer crazy and helps the overall health of the deer herd and helps the bucks grow their antlers to their full potential. You can compare BoonerBait™  ingredients to our competitors and easily see BoonerBait is not just a bunch of salt, it has critical trace minerals and other beneficial ingredients to help antler growth tremendously. Supplemental Deer Feed Attractant It all started when I took a job transfer from Georgia to Kansas and I rented a farm house on a 120 acre farm in northeast Kansas. Being from … Continue reading