Deer Hunting Legend Horn Donkey

I recently filmed a deer hunting legend of a buck for us at DHBB. It was a great experience and one I’ll never forget. I harvested a big deer an 11 pointer back in October with my bow and got to film my good friend and fellow DHBB Pro-staff member Troy for a week of getting after whitetails here in Kansas. I have seen a lot of whitetails and some really nice bucks. As a matter of fact I saw the biggest buck I have ever seen in my life while in the woods, he was a real deer hunting legend in our minds that we were hoping to get a shot at.

Deer Hunting Legend

deer hunting legend buck

We filmed a deer hunting legend in our minds Horn Donkey.

Troy arrived in Kansas on November the 8th and a cold front was moving in the day he arrived, and with the recent activity you could just tell this cold front was going to have the big boys up and on their feet during daylight hours. I had been seeing a really nice buck that we appropriately named “Horn Donkey”. He started showing up in late October on my trail camera pictures. To my surprise he was living right behind my house. He started showing up only at night on October 26th and the a few days before Troy arrived he started getting bolder and showing up right at daylight and right at dark. Then the day before Troy was to arrive he showed up on our trail camera pictures later in the morning hours and earlier in the afternoon and was there all hours of the day. Troy and I knew if we played it smart we just might get a shot at this once in a lifetime buck. Just the possibility of getting a Boone and Crockett buck with a bow on film had Troy and me so excited we couldn’t think straight.

I picked Troy up at the airport and it was raining and cold. We made a quick visit to Cabellas and then arrived at my house around lunch time. Troy got unpacked and we had some venison stew for lunch and then Troy shot his bow. We decided to hunt a different location than where we were getting the trail camera pictures of “Horn Donkey” because the wind was unfavorable.

Trail Camera Picture huge buck

We started got this trail camera picture Horn Donkey on October 26.

Horn Donkey picture

This is Horn Donkey eating a little corn.

The first evening hunt was uneventful and cold and wet. But the next morning the conditions were perfect for deer hunting and we had an awesome hunt. We got settled in the 2 loc-ons well before daylight and the excitement was in the air. The rut was on and we had a Booner on trail camera right where our stands were. The wind was out of the northwest and perfect. We saw four bucks and two coyotes that morning and 2 of the bucks were nice but they weren’t what we were after. We were after “Horn Donkey”. We hunted until about 11am and then slipped out and had some lunch and got back in the stand around 2:00pm. The wind was blowing pretty hard in our face as we made our way to the stand and we walked up on about 25 turkeys as we got to the stand. We got up in the stand and got situated and I decided to do a little calling.

A few minutes after I did the calling I looked up and there is the biggest buck I have ever seen in my life standing about 35 yards away and it I can tell immediately it is “Horn Donkey” and he looks much bigger in the flesh than he does in photos! His mass was much bigger than I ever imagined.

I lean over and Tell Troy to get his bow and to be still that our boy was here. He said I had a fire in my eyes and he could tell I was serious.  Then I turn and get my Canon XHA1s turned on and get on him. The buck slowly walks out from behind some brush from the opposite direction of where we were expecting him to come from. A world class buck is now standing 30-35 yards away and in my viewfinder and my heart is pounding like never before. I can feel my legs start to tremble. But I was not going to make a wrong move.

He walks a few yards but since he came from the opposite direction of where we were expecting my Motion Camera arm is now in a little bit of an awkward position and as I try to slowly follow him it makes a slight noise and the big brute which is now about 23 yards stops and stares me down for what seemed like forever. I’ve got the camera in between my face and him and my heart is thumping. Finally he flips his tale and licks his lips and starts slowly walking. This whole time I thinking shoot him Troy, not able to see what he’s doing or when he might be able to draw. I don’t even want to breathe because I’m afraid he might see me.

We film this world class buck at 23 yards for almost 6 minutes and it is by far the most intense 6 minutes of my entire life. The whole time the monster whitetail knows something is not quite right but he just can’t figure it out. The wind was in our favor and he is rutted up and hungry.

Finally the buck let’s Troy get drawn back and turns broadside at about 28-30 yards and I hear the release and a whack and the buck does an unbelievable back leg kick and falls as he lands and scoots into the brush and I swing the camera to follow him and you can hear him crashing through the brush and then silence. I swing the camera to Troy and say “did you get him?” There was a limb between the camera and the spot of impact.

After reviewing the footage we figured Troy’s arrow just nicked a small limb causing it to deflect right and hit the buck back. We have reviewed the footage hundreds of times and because of the limb you just can’t tell the point of impact. We believe it was a gut shot just in front of the ham about midway up the ham quartering to and into the right ham hitting the leg bone in the ham.

We believe he is fatally shot it is just a matter of how far he ran and where he died. We only found a small speck of blood on a sapling and that was it.  We sat in the tree for about 40 minutes and then we backed out and went back to the house to review the footage. We waited a while and then decided to go to the spot he was standing a look for blood. We couldn’t find anything no blood no guts no nothing. We backed out for the night and waited over 24 hours until we went in looking for him.

We got permission from the neighbors and we searched every creek, ditch, thicket for about 5 days straight going over the same spots 4 and 5 times. Troy was devastated and we couldn’t sleep at night. I went to most of the neighbors and introduced myself and asked the to be on the lookout for buzzards, crows, smell any clue and they all said they would let me know if they see anything.

I still look daily for any sign. It is heartbreaking to get so close to getting a world class whitetail on camera, but if you hunt you know these things can happen and do happen sometimes. I consider myself blessed to be able to encounter such a beautiful animal out in the great outdoors. I won’t give up looking for him.

We believe he will score in the 180’s but if we are guessing wrong just a little on our circumference measurements he could possibly challenge the Kansas state record typical with a bow on film. It is an experience that I will never forget and I’m sure Troy wont either.

We documented the entire series of events of the whole week from me picking Troy up at the airport to the hunt to us searching for the buck on film all in high definition. It is some awesome footage and now we are in the process of editing the hunt footage and deciding what to do with it. Hopefully we will be able to share it with you soon.

I hope everyone is having a great season so far. Good luck everyone.

Deer Hunting Ohio Trail Camera Pictures

trail camera pictures

This is a trail camera picture Doug got of the whitetail just before he killed him.

Trail Camera Pictures

My good friend Kelley sent me a few trail camera pictures quite a while back of a nice whitetail his friend Doug had gotten deer hunting in Ohio. I love reading first buck stories so I thought you might like this one.  I had to take some time off for a few days, I just had shoulder surgery last week  but I hope to be fully recovered when it comes time to go deer hunting.  Here is Doug’s story about his first buck. Doug had gotten several trail camera pictures  just before he killed him.

Deer Hunting in Ohio

This is Doug’s first buck he killed deer hunting in Ohio.

My First Deer

Here are the details on the 8 point buck I shot on November 7th, 2010.

On November 7th, 2010 the temperature was 20 degrees, and it was daylight saving time (the time moved back and hour) so I woke up early, around 4:30 am to get ready to go get them that morning.   The Deer were moving, because the rut was in full swing.   I took a shower, and got ready and headed to my stand.  I placed my stand at a pinch point where two trails came close together that deer use to travel to their bedding area.  I climbed into my stand about a half an hour before sunrise, and about 10 minutes later, two 4 wheelers came through a gate separating our property with the neighboring farm’s property.  I immediately thought this probable ruined my hunt for the morning, but decided to stay.  Eventually, 45 minutes past and I moved in my tree stand, when I did three doe took off running about 40 yards in front of me.  That morning there was frost on the ground, and I was surprised I did not here the three doe walk in near my stand.  About the same time I thought they had been there the whole time.  I was tired and thought of getting down to get some rest; I had been hunting hard for the past two days.  Suddenly, 5 minutes later I heard something crashing/running through the woods, and as I looked to my left approximately 15 yards from my stand, there was a buck.  The Buck was focused on the three doe that just ran off.  I immediately pulled my crossbow up, and was deciding if I should shoot him or not.  He was moving further away from my stand, 20, 25 yards; everything was going through my mind so fast.  Is this buck big enough?  Should I hold off, I just started my vacation I have the rest of the week to hunt.  Mean while, the buck move further away, 30, 35 yards and was ready to step behind a group of small saplings, when I aimed and put the pin just behind his front leg, and pulled the trigger.  As soon as I shoot the buck jumped and kicked his back legs hard, I knew he was hit well.  I listened as he ran about 20 to 25 yards down over a hill, I then heard a crash, and figured he went down.   My younger brother who was hunting about 300 yards away heard the crash and was sure I stuck one.  I got out of my stand and started look for a blood trail, but did not see any blood the first 10 yards.  I thought maybe I missed him, but kept walking a few yards later I found blood sprayed all over a group of small trees/saplings.   I then looked down the hill, and there he was lying with his head propped up on a log.  The arrow hit both lungs and he only ran approx 25 yards, before expired quickly, he didn’t know what hit him.  This buck was a decent first kill; hopefully next year I can shoot his daddy.

Trail camera pictures can help you pattern a big whitetail buck to improve your odds of killing him.

Shot with a Crossbow:  Ten Point – Fusion, distance 34 yards.

Congratulations Doug on a great first buck. Great story and trail camera pictures of him to. Thanks for letting me share it on here. Also thanks to my good friend Kelley for sending me the story and trail camera pictures. I wanted to tell everyone Kelley is in an awesome band called Fishing with Dynamite if you get a chance go check out their great music.


Shed Hunting Trail Camera Pictures

Successful Shed Hunting Trip

It was really nice here in Kansas yesterday so I got out and did some shed hunting. I didn’t find any big bucks sheds but it was a successful trip never the less. I don’t know where all those big sheds are but I plan on going shed hunting again real soon and finding them. I know they are out there. I have some friends that have been doing some shed hunting and they are finding some really nice sheds. I have got several more places that I need to get out and check for sheds and also establish some more mineral licks.

antler found shed hunting

This antler was found on a recent shed hunting trip in Kansas.

Trail Camera Pictures

I also put out some mineral/vitamin supplement and block and put put my favorite trail camera which is a Moultrie. I did a lot of walking and was able to find a nice little shed, it was a little 8 pointer that I had several Moultrie trail camera pictures of.

shed buck trail camera picture

This is the buck I got trail camera pictures of that I found his left side shed.

I also plan on getting another Moultrie Game Spy to put out.

Micro Food Plots

I am also thinking of doing some small food plots behind my house. I want to plant some corn and soybeans to leave standing so during the harsh winter months they have here in the mid-west once most of the other crops are harvested I’ll still have some standing food sources that the heavy snow fall won’t cover up and the whitetails will stay in the area. Having standing food during the winter months should really attract and hold the whitetails on the deer hunting property. If you have standing crops during the cold winter months it can be as or more action packed as when the rut is in full swing. When it is cold the whitetails must eat so they will be hitting those food sources hard. So now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to improve your deer hunting property to better your chances of harvesting that buck of a lifetime this deer season. And you can plant some small fairly inexpensive food plots that will make a big difference in getting a chance at a buck of a lifetime. You will thank yourself if you do plant some small food plots when you are still seeing deer late in the season when everyone else says they are not seeing as many deer as they were earlier in the season.

I saw a great hunting show last night that was talking about this very thing. Midwest Whitetail which is one of my favorite shows had a very good show about micro plots. Midwest Whitetail has a lot of great shows and their website is very good as well. So if you get a chance check out their website