Giant Kansas Whitetail

Horn Donkey

Well, I went and checked my trail camera today and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see a giant Kansas whitetail on my trail camera.

Giant Kansas Whitetail Pictures

I got a giant Kansas whitetail on the trail camera right behind my house. He is a main frame 12 pointer with great tine length and great mass and we believe he will score in the upper 170’s easily and we have named him “Horn Donkey”. He is officially on our hit list. DHBB Pro-Staffer Troy will be here next week and we will be trying to get the giant Kansas whitetail on film deer hunting in the mid-west. This is the second buck that I have gotten pictures of so far that we believe will go 170 plus. And the big boys are starting to get a little frisky and the next couple of weeks¬† of deer hunting ought to be crazy. I can’t wait to get out and film some of the intense rut action here in the heartland. And there is no challenge as exciting as matching wits with a giant Kansas whitetail.

I got this giant Kansas whitetail on trail camera for the first time this week.

I will be filming  for a buddy of mine this week and he has some really nice bucks showing up on his properties as well. Hopefully we can get some big deer down. I just love this time of year, when the big boys start chasing and cruising, there is nothing like being in the woods when the rut action heats up. I plan on getting out as filming hunts as much as possible during the next few weeks. How about where you hunt, are you starting to get any big boys on your trail camera? This is the time of year to get out and stay in the woods as much as possible, even stay out all day if possible. The more time you can spend in the woods the better your odds of seeing a mature buck will be. Even if you are not getting any pictures of the big boys if you have does on your property eventually the big boy will show up, and he may even be a buck that you have never seen before. So get out and log those hours in the woods to increase your chances of seeing that big brute you have been dreaming of. If you get a buck send us some pictures and the story and we will try to get them on here to share with our readers. Good luck everyone!

giant Kansas whitetail

This buck showed up on my trail camera right behind my house.

I wanted to remind everyone to stay safe out there and wear those safety harnesses. Just last week I heard some sad news about a guy that was Bill Jordan’s long time camera-man. Apparently he fell out of a tree and he passed away. Us hunters are all brothers and sisters and it is sad to hear one of our brothers has died from a accident in the outdoors. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike’s family and friends. I wasn’t sure if I should say something about this unfortunate accident but if I can help save but one person from being injured or dieing then it is something that I felt I should mention. Stay safe out there everyone, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.


Exciting Trail Camera Picture

trail camera picture buck

While my camera was taking this trail camera picture I was deer hunting 13 yards from this buck. I was filming him for 15 minutes.

I recently got and exciting trail camera picture. Bow season started yesterday here in Kansas and I was able to get out this morning and finally was able do some deer hunting.

I hunted a lock-on stand that is right behind our house. The wind was supposed to be out of the southwest this morning according to the weather report on yahoo but when I went outside the wind was out of the southeast and I decided the stand behind the house was okay to hunt with a southeast wind. I headed out with plenty of time to get in the stand before daylight. I finally got settled in as daylight was cracking and after a few minutes I looked to my right and I see horns heading my way from about 70 yards through a small strip of trees. The adrenaline started pumping as I swung my camera arm slowly around and got my camera ready. The buck was in no hurry and after what seemed like forever he finally made his way down a path that led to about 13 yards from the tree I was in. I kept thinking how good it was to be deer hunting again and how much I missed these moments during every day of the off season.

Trail Camera Picture

The exciting trail camera picture I got was when the big brute walked right up and stood in front of my trail camera as I filmed him with my Canon XhA1s.

I didn’t have any trail camera pictures of this buck before I got this one.

I was was trying to score him and see if he would make Pope and Young and I think he just might have made the score but I kept thinking about the buck I have been getting tons of trail camera pictures of across the road on another piece of property that I have permission to hunt on. He was bigger than this buck, but this buck sure tempted me as he stood broadside at 13 yards for 15 minutes. I was proud of myself for holding out on the big boy and he sure will be nice next year if he makes it through to next season. I know there is no guarantee of that but that’s the chance you take to let them get big and it’s a risk I willing to take to hopefully get a chance at a sure enough stud next year. And I know there are bigger bucks on some of the deer hunting properties that I have access to. I was able to get some great footage of him and I am trying to come up with a name for him and build a little history with him. I hadn’t gotten any pictures of him before yesterday and I didn’t know that until I pulled my card and checked it when I came out this morning. It was great to be out chasing whitetails again and a great way to start the season off. I think I might just head back out to the same stand in the morning. I plan on shooting a few does this year and tomorrow would be a great day to get some meat in the freezer, unless a bigger buck shows up. I don’t think I could hold out on a buck much bigger than him.

Trail Camera Whitetail Footage

A trail camera can help you pin-point hot spots.

Whitetail footage is always fun to get and it won’t be long and it will be time to go deer hunting and get some whitetail footage. I went and checked my trail camera this past weekend. I am fired up, I got my first shooter on trail camera this summer and he is living not even a half a mile away from my house on a piece of property that I have permission for deer hunting on. In about a four day period I got about 650 pictures on that one particular trail camera.

whitetail footage

I got some really good pictures of him and he is a big 9 pointer with good mass and great tine length. He is officially on my hit list. I can’t wait to film some awesome whitetail footage this fall it should be a lot of fun.

Whitetail Footage

We will be filming all of our hunts here in Kansas this year and can’t wait to get some great whitetail footage to share with you. My new Canon XHA1s is all decked out and ready to go. I am so pumped for September the 19th to get here. How about you, are you ready for the season? It will be here before you know it.

Now is the time to get those stands out and trim those shooting lanes, dial those bows and guns in early and put the hard work in necessary to get you prepared for the season. Don’t wait till the weekend before the season to get sighted in. The more prepared you are the better your odds will be at killing that trophy buck of a lifetime this fall.

The other day I was out scouting and putting out some minerals for the deer and I spotted two bucks walking across a meadow coming right to me and I had the wind in my face. So I hunkered down in some brush and pulled out my camera and was able to get some really good pictures of them. They walked up to about five yards away before they saw me. It was really neat seeing two bucks in velvet walk right up to me. One was a nice young 9 pointer that has a lot of potential and should be a really nice buck next year. I was kicking myself for not having my video camera I could have really of gotten some great whitetail footage.

whittail footage camera

DHBB will be filming all our hunts this year and hope to get some great whitetail footage.

I don’t know about you but the Fall is my favorite time of year, the nice cool weather arrives, the leaves change color, deer season finally arrives and college football baby. It just doesn’t get any better than that in my opinion.

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