Deer Hunting Velvet Bucks

Have you ever seen any velvet bucks when deer hunting? I have seen a few when I was deer hunting but I have never harvested a buck in velvet. I would love to harvest one of the big bucks we have on our property, but I would really like to get one with a bow in full velvet. When deer hunting early in bow season the bucks tend to still be in bachelor groups and are grazing, then when summer turns into fall they start to browse more. Velvet Bucks The increased sunlight during the summer triggers growth hormones activated by the pineal gland in a whitetails body, that causes their antlers to grow. The pineal gland affects the deers summer and winter coat, breeding, when they grow their antlers and when they shed their antlers. The longer the days the antler growth increases. The velvet is skin tissue and … Continue reading

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