Gone Shed Hunting

I can’t believe it is March and it’s time to go shed hunting. Shed Hunting I am going out tomorrow shed hunting on two close by deer hunting properties to see if I can find some bone.  I would love to find the big bucks sheds that I missed with my bow at 35 yards and got it all on film to enjoy over and over and over. He may have won that battle but I’m not giving up on him just yet. I am more determined than ever to get him and if I can find his sheds that might help me figure him out and get him in my freezer and on my wall. His nickname is mulie because his G-2s fork and look like a mule deer. Not to mention that joker is absolutely huge as a mule. Talk about a big bodied whitetail I bet he … Continue reading

Shed Hunting Preparing Hotspots

Now is the time of year to get out and start shed hunting. The big bucks should be dropping their antlers very soon if they haven’t already. I haven’t been able to get out shed hunting yet but plan on it soon. Getting out shed hunting is fun and a great time to do some post season scouting. Shed Hunting I like to look for old rub lines,scrapes, feeding and bedding areas. A great place to start looking for antlers on your deer hunting property is feeding areas and trails leading to and from bedding areas and feeding areas. Finding a big antler or antlers is awesome and if you can harvest one of the big bucks that you have found his antlers is really cool. I would like to get a monster mounted with his sheds on the plaque that would be awesome. So get out and find some … Continue reading

Huge Whitetail Buck

I received  a picture this morning of a huge whitetail buck that would get any deer hunter fired up! I got a text this morning that was a trail camera picture of a huge whitetail buck and couldn’t believe my eyes. I bet they were happy to see this trail camera picture. This is one big whitetail buck. I don’t know what he will score but it has to be well over 200 inches. Huge Whitetail Buck Fellow Pro-Staff member Brad sent it to me and at first I thought it wasn’t real. He said this huge whitetail buck is on a 4,000 acre farm in Missouri that is under QDM. I’d say the QDM is working well for this farm. I am a member of the QDMA and if you would like to learn more you can click Quality Deer Management Association. I’d probably flat-line if this big boy … Continue reading