Supplemental Feeding Deer

deer in snow

Supplemental feeding deer during the harsh winter helps them make it.

Supplemental feeding deer can be very beneficial to whitetail during the harsh winter conditions. As I sit here looking out the window at the recent snow thinking about deer hunting, I’m wondering how in the world the whitetails here in Kansas can survive such harsh winter conditions. It has been a tough very cold and snowy winter.

Supplemental Feeding Deer

supplemental feeding deer

During the winter whitetail nutrition is critical to survival.

I am feeding whitetails corn behind my house as often as I can hopefully it will help them survive these brutal conditions. Hopefully supplemental feeding deer. will help improve the health of the herd and improve the quality of deer hunting. The does are well into their pregnancy and I’m sure every bit of nutrition helps. I saw on the news the other night this has been the ninth most snowfall in Kansas since they started keeping records in the late 1800’s. The good thing about Kansas is there are plenty of crops early in the year and the whitetails are able to put on enough fat to survive the winter. Where the bucks get in trouble is when they rut really hard and loose a lot of weight and then harsh winter conditions hit before the big bucks can put back on some of the weight they lost during the rut. So if there there has been a tough winter where you hunt you might want to consider supplemental feeding deer. Where you do your deer hunting it will help them make it through the winter if you can afford it.

My New Mathews Z7

On a different note I sold my bow yesterday and have already got my eye on a new Mathews Z7. I have been having some shoulder problems and I guess I’m just not as young as I once was. I got where I was struggling to pull my 67# draw back without some considerable pain in both shoulders and have decided to go to a 50-60# bow. You want to be able to pull your bow back smoothly without having to strain and make to much motion. The bow I have decided to get is a Mathews Z7.

compound bow

The new Mathews Z7 is a sweet shooting bow.

I have heard nothing but good things from my friends about this bow and after doing a little research it’s the one I want. My friends that have the Mathews Z7 love it and say it is a sweet shooting bow.

I also wanted to tell you about a blog that listed in a recent article. I wanted to thank Mr. Overton for the kind words and listing us in his article. It’s over on you can check out the article Bringing Home  a Buck: The Top 50 Deer Hunting Blogs here.


Deer Hunting Whitetails Winding Down

huge Kansas buck

Deer hunting whitetails over bait is legal in Kansas.

How’s your deer hunting whitetails been this year? I have seen a lot of nice bucks harvested this year. I haven’t been able to hunt as much as I would have liked the last part of the season. How about you? Have you been able to get out deer hunting?

Deer Hunting Whitetails


deer hunting whitetails

This great buck was on the move during the Kansas rut.

I had one of the best early seasons that I have ever had as far as seeing whitetails, but after the rut I just haven’t gotten out much. I saw several big bucks this year from the stand but only one was in bow range and I missed him at 35 yards. Did you see any big bucks? Did you get to go much this year? The Kansas rut always seems to go by so fast to me. And if you work and don’t schedule your vacation just right you can easily miss the best time to be in the woods when the big bucks are really on the move. I’ll be glad when I can retire and hunt whitetails full time. That way I wont miss any of the action. All this hard work is messing up my time in the woods. It seemed like it was always something this year right after the rut. Oh well that’s the way it goes. I was able to get some really good video footage and spend a lot of time in the woods getting after them trophies. I hope you had a great season and enjoyed it as much as I did. I am already starting to get ready for next season. It won’t be long now before it is time to go looking for sheds and do some post season scouting.


Whitetails Trail Camera Pictures

I got a good deer hunting whitetails report from my friend and fellow Pro-Staff member Troy from the opening day of bow season in Georgia. Troy said he harvested a doe on Saturday morning. Way to go Troy enjoy those grilled back straps by the campfire.  I’m so glad it is time to go deer hunting.



Deer hunting big bucks like this one can be challenging mentally and physically.

I have gotten some really nice trail camera pictures from some of my friends. Looks like there are some really nice whitetails this year from all the trail camera pictures my friends have sent me. I have been moving for the last couple of weeks and the place we moved into has 120 acres that I have permission to bow-hunt on. I just put my stand out the other day and trimmed some shooting lanes and now I’m ready to go deer hunting whitetails.

bucky MGrew

Whitetails like this one should be shedding their velvet by now or very soon.

I am getting a little late start because of the move but hopefully I’ll see some whitetails. I went on google earth and studied the land and chose my stand location by studying the terrain features and think it will be a great spot. I put out two mineral licks and hope to get some good trail camera pictures.

stud buck

Trail camera pictures like this one will get your butt out of bed at 4:30 am in hopes of getting a shot at a buck of a lifetime.

Baiting is legal in Kansas and I am going today to get some apples to put out. Being from Georgia I’m not used to being able to hunt over bait but I am going to try it this year. There are horses on the land I hunt on but once the season starts they will be moved to a separate pasture and I will be able to put out some corn and hopefully get the whitetails coming in on a regular basis. I have heard there is a really good acorn crop this year, but I haven’t seen very many on this new property. The place we moved from was loaded with acorns but this place doesn’t seem to have very many this year. I hope you all have a great season and get one of those big bucks you have always dreamed about. I can’t wait to just get out in the stand and watch the sun go down and see all the beauty and sounds of nature that God has blessed us with. Have a great season everyone.

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