Gun Cleaning

Now that the deer season is over in most parts of the country , now is a good time for a good gun cleaning. You want to make sure you don’t just put it back in the case after using it all season and forget about it. Cleaning your gun thoroughly is very important.It is easy to use your favorite rifle all season and then put it away after deer season and forget about it. It is important to store it nice and clean to prevent rust. And when deer hunting rolls around you will have a nice clean gun that works properly and that is safe to shoot. Safety: Don’t ever point any firearm at anyone even if you know that is unloaded. Take out the magazine or clip and clear the chamber, don’t just eject the shell visually check to ensure the chamber is clear.To make sure a … Continue reading

Deer Hunting Nocturnal Whitetail

A nocturnal whitetail is the toughest to hunt. Nocturnal Whitetail The Toughest There is no greater challenge in my opinion than trying to kill a late season  mature nocturnal whitetail buck. It can be downright impossible. The number 1 factor that will cause a big buck to become nocturnal is presence of human activity. And for that very reason I like to do my scouting and hang my stands late in the summer and get out of my favorite deer hunting spots and leave them heck alone. I don’t want the whitetails to have a clue that I even exists when it is time for deer hunting. The thing I look for when scouting for good deer hunting locations weather it be on foot or using a topographic map or aerial photo is the thickest bedding areas I can find. And if I can find a thick bedding area on … Continue reading

Late Season Bucks

Having food can really increase your odds at getting late season bucks.It can be a real challenge if you don’t have any  food sources to focus on when getting after  late season bucks. Late Season Bucks Tips Having food can really increase your odds at getting late season bucks deer hunting. Is the rut over where you are? It seemed to peak around the second week of November here in Kansas. I know there will still be some does that were not bred that will come into estrous but for the most part it seems to be over. With the cold weather it seems the bucks are focusing on the food sources to regain the weight that they lost during the rut in order to be able to survive the harsh winters here in the mid-west. If you have some food sources available this time of year you really have … Continue reading