Whitetails Trail Camera Pictures

I got a good deer hunting whitetails report from my friend and fellow Pro-Staff member Troy from the opening day of bow season in Georgia. Troy said he harvested a doe on Saturday morning. Way to go Troy enjoy those grilled back straps by the campfire.  I’m so glad it is time to go deer hunting.



Deer hunting big bucks like this one can be challenging mentally and physically.

I have gotten some really nice trail camera pictures from some of my friends. Looks like there are some really nice whitetails this year from all the trail camera pictures my friends have sent me. I have been moving for the last couple of weeks and the place we moved into has 120 acres that I have permission to bow-hunt on. I just put my stand out the other day and trimmed some shooting lanes and now I’m ready to go deer hunting whitetails.

bucky MGrew

Whitetails like this one should be shedding their velvet by now or very soon.

I am getting a little late start because of the move but hopefully I’ll see some whitetails. I went on google earth and studied the land and chose my stand location by studying the terrain features and think it will be a great spot. I put out two mineral licks and hope to get some good trail camera pictures.

stud buck

Trail camera pictures like this one will get your butt out of bed at 4:30 am in hopes of getting a shot at a buck of a lifetime.

Baiting is legal in Kansas and I am going today to get some apples to put out. Being from Georgia I’m not used to being able to hunt over bait but I am going to try it this year. There are horses on the land I hunt on but once the season starts they will be moved to a separate pasture and I will be able to put out some corn and hopefully get the whitetails coming in on a regular basis. I have heard there is a really good acorn crop this year, but I haven’t seen very many on this new property. The place we moved from was loaded with acorns but this place doesn’t seem to have very many this year. I hope you all have a great season and get one of those big bucks you have always dreamed about. I can’t wait to just get out in the stand and watch the sun go down and see all the beauty and sounds of nature that God has blessed us with. Have a great season everyone.

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Deer Hunting Sweet Trail Camera

buck in beans

I got this trail camera picture of a very nice buck standing in the edge of a huge soybean field.

Today I went down to the soybean field and checked my trail camera. I had some really good shots of a couple of nice big bucks. I have the trail camera set up about ten yards from where Ill be deer hunting.

trail camera night picture

This deer in velvet is standing about 10 yards from where I’ll be deer hunting in the edge of a soybean field.

There are several good trails leading to the soybean field from the hardwoods that come down to the field. I have already got a tree picked out to put my new ladder stand in. The big bucks are  really using the back corner of this field quite a bit.

Trail Camera

It will be time to go deer hunting before you know it, do you have your trail camera out yet? I put out my new Moultrie Game Cam in a great spot and can’t wait to see some of the pictures it takes it is supposed to be a really nice trail camera.Those big bucks are growing their antlers at a rapid pace this time of year, and now is a great time to get some pictures of them as they develop. It is almost time to plant those cool season food plots for your deer hunting property. Now is a great time to prepare the soil for your fall planting. And it’s a great time to mow perennial food plots to control weeds as needed.

whitetails eating soybeans

The big bucks like this one are growing their antlers at a rapid pace this time of year.

It’s a great time to get those muzzle loaders and rifles sighted in and cleaned and ready for the season. Don’t wait until the last minute you will be glad you did it sooner than later. Also if you bow hunt it’s time to get that bow out and tuned up and ready to go. I have been shooting quite a bit and I can’t wait to get after those whitetails. From the looks of these pictures it could be a very interesting season.


Big Buck Trail Camera Photos

trail camera photos

Trail camera photos can help you figure out big bucks feeding patterns.

Well it looks like the big bucks are coming along just fine. I received an email of some trail camera photos at our club. It looks like the supplemental feeding and food plots are providing good nutrition for the deer. There are some really good shots of some trophy bucks.

Trail Camera Photos

It looks like these two big bucks are eating good!

buck showing off

This is one of my best trail camera photos.

It looks like a full moon! This buck is showing off for the camera!

buck feeding

I got this trail camera picture of this buck feeding during daylight hours.

big buck

This is Rosco a big buck that is very elusive.

These are some real good shots of some mature whitetail bucks. It looks like it is going to be a good upcoming season. I can’t wait to get out and get after some of these great bucks.

Do you use trail cameras to scout your deer hunting property for trophy bucks? Have you got some good shots of big bucks this summer? Aren’t trail cameras a great tool for helping us deer hunters figuring out mature whitetail bucks? I think it is so cool to see hunters get trail camera photos of big bucks and then harvest that buck by using the photos to pattern the buck and figure him out. Have you ever used trail camera photos to help you pattern and harvest a trophy buck? If you have some trail camera photos you would like me to put on here send them to me and I’ll gladly do it.

It wont be long until deer season is here. I am already fired up about it! How about you?