Whitetail Season Successful No Big Buck

whitetail seasonWell this whitetail season has been a good one for me here in Kansas, even though I haven’t been able to get that big buck on the ground with my bow. I have seen as many as sixteen different nice racked bucks but I have only seen one really nice buck that I would have shot given the chance.

Whitetail Season

early whitetail season

I have filmed several young but promising bucks at very close range but the one big boy I saw was locked down with a doe about one hundred yards across a field and just would not leave the doe he was with to come to the many different calls I used to try and lure him into bow range. Having a very busy work schedule during the rut didn’t help me at all and the the moon phase during the rut¬† seemed to really have the big boys moving at night and has made for a tough deer season. I had three bucks on my hit list as of early October, but since that time I have not gotten any trail camera pictures of any of those three shooters on my hit list. I hope they make it through the season if I’m not able to get one on the ground by the end of the Kansas whitetail season.

I was able to film myself shooting a big Kansas doe with my bow on Thanksgiving morning, my freezer was empty and I needed to get some meat to help feed my family. She was a big beautiful doe with a very light tan coat and white patches on all of her feet. I have many trail camera pictures of her and had told myself if given the chance I would take her.

Not having a single shooter on my trail cameras since early October has been very puzzling to me and frustrating but I have continued to hunt hard in hopes of catching a big buck cruising looking for does on the 120 acre tract that I hunt here in northeast Kansas. Now that the rut is pretty much winding down and we are having some really cold weather I am focusing on late season food sources. As I write this it is about 17 degrees and snowing, the deer really need carbohydrates to stay warm so I will be hunting somewhere close to corn. If you have late season food sources this time of year it can be a huge advantage to set up near those food sources.

How has your deer hunting been? Have you gotten any whitetails this year? Even though I haven’t been able to take a big buck, I consider this whitetail season to be a success. Just being able to see so many bucks at such close range and be able to film them and to take a big Kansas doe has made it a fun year, anytime I spend in the woods away from the rat race is time well spent. Just to see the sun come up on a cold crisp November morning is a blessing, and one that I will always love.

Send us those pictures of your whitetail season and share your success stories with us, we’d love to hear them. Thanks for stopping by and an early Merry Christmas everyone.

Whitetail Bucks Growing

whitetail bucks with ticks

I got several whitetail bucks that are covered with ticks on their ears.

Well I went and checked three trail cameras this morning and put out some corn and went this afternoon and put batteries in another camera and put out a Trophy Rock.

Whitetail Bucks

I got a lot of pictures of some whitetail bucks that look like they could grow into some nice deer at each different deer hunting honey hole. I am pumped to say the least, the whitetail bucks are growing and it won’t be long before the season will be here. I saw wildlife biologist Grant Woods talking about how the ticks are really bad this season in Missouri and I am seeing the same thing here in Kansas, some of the deer have got ticks all over their ears and it seems like more than I ever remember seeing. I’m not sure how they respond to so many ticks but hopefully they will be fine. I got several pictures at each of my mineral lick sites and some of them look like they could end up being shooter whitetail bucks. The deer are really hitting the mineral lick sites that I have put out at each deer hunting honey hole and really are liking the new recipe that I am trying this year. It is a inexpensive way to make your own mineral lick sites that the deer love and it will help them grow nice big antlers. I like to top my sites with a Trophy Rock.

buck at mineral lick

This deer really seems to be enjoying the Trophy Rock.

I have already got my stand locations picked out and am looking forward to hanging stands and putting up ladder stands and cutting shooting lanes and getting each deer hunting honey hole set up and ready for a great season. It is a lot of work getting all the stands hung and spots ready to hunt but I enjoy it and it is a great way to get in shape. The corn and soybeans are coming up nicely here in Kansas although we could use a little more rain. It is going to be a long hot summer but the season will be here soon so I am doing all I can to put in the hard work early so I can get out of those areas and leave them undisturbed before the season. I just don’t like going into an area right before the season and having to cut shooting lanes and hangs stands. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to do it later but getting it done early gives you an advantage if you ask me. The big boys catch on to a lot of commotion in the woods right before the season, that’s why I like to give it time to settle down and it gives you a better chance of slipping in and catching them with their guard down. Is anyone else getting any good pictures yet?

corn growing in Kansas

This is the cornfield growing at a honey hole.

Whitetail Pictures Addicting

It is so much fun keeping up with the big bucks that I have gotten whitetail pictures of this year. All year I have been getting a lot of whitetail pictures.

Whitetail Pictures

whitetail pictures "Fat Albert"

I got a lot of whitetail pictures of this buck we named Fat Albert.

I got a ton of whitetail pictures this year, this is a buck we named Fat Albert. It will be interesting to see what he looks like next year if we are lucky enough to have him hang around. I can’t wait to see what this big whitetail looks like next year. He is one of my favorite bucks that I got photos of just because he was so fat(we named him “Fat Albert”) and has a freak nasty rack with lots of character. I’m not so sure I would have shot him because he wouldn’t have scored that well but he has been fun to watch all year long and I hope he sticks around for next year. Getting trail cameras pictures all year long has become a big part of this website and is truly addicting. This year I was fortunate enough to have several really nice bucks hanging around my deer hunting areas to give me some wonderful trail camera pictures to share with you on here. Do you have a favorite whitetail?

Trail camera pictures of a buck named "The Tall Tine 9"

Trail camera pictures Tall Tine.

Even if he’s not the big one, just one that you have grown to know and watch grow throughout the years? I had a very nice 9 pointer that we named ” The Tall Tine 9″ that I was getting tons of photos of all the way up until muzzle-loader season and when “Fat Albert” showed up “The Tall Tine 9″ disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. I don’t know if someone shot him or if the older buck ran him off. I thinking someone shot him but you never know. He may show up later, but I doubt it. What is the longest you have had a buck disappear for only to show up at a later date? I sure hope “The Tall Tine 9″ shows up again. He was a very nice buck with a lot of potential for being a very nice trophy buck this upcoming season. I really wanted to see what he would look like this season. Oh well that is why I keep running my cameras year round for the excitement of not knowing what will be on that SD card when I pop it in my computer. Like my good friend and fellow DHBB Pro-staff member Troy said the other day it’s almost like Christmas every time you check those photos.

I am pumped that it will be time to go shed hunting soon. I can’t wait to get out and beat the bushes looking for those big boys antlers. I hope to find some monster sheds this year. If you find any send us some pictures and we’ll share them on here if you would like us to.

I hope you all had wonderful holiday season and a great new year. And I wanted to thank you for visiting DeerHuntingBigBucks.com from time to time.

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