Favorite Mature Whitetails Spots

Mature Whitetails Well, I have been getting some great trail camera pictures of some really nice mature whitetails. And I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out and do some deer hunting. Just yesterday I got a picture of one of the biggest mature whitetails that I have ever gotten on a trail camera. It was on one of my favorite deer hunting properties that I have permission to hunt here in Kansas. It is a piece of property that  is awesome and has great potential for holding several mature whitetails and I would not be afraid to say it could possibly have some potential world class bucks on it. There have been sightings of a 200+ inch buck very near this property. So every time I go deer hunting there it is so exciting not knowing what might come through there. It is a dream come … Continue reading

Trail Camera Whitetail Footage

Whitetail footage is always fun to get and it won’t be long and it will be time to go deer hunting and get some whitetail footage. I went and checked my trail camera this past weekend. I am fired up, I got my first shooter on trail camera this summer and he is living not even a half a mile away from my house on a piece of property that I have permission for deer hunting on. In about a four day period I got about 650 pictures on that one particular trail camera. I got some really good pictures of him and he is a big 9 pointer with good mass and great tine length. He is officially on my hit list. I can’t wait to film some awesome whitetail footage this fall it should be a lot of fun. Whitetail Footage We will be filming all of our … Continue reading

Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern

The whitetail summer feeding pattern can be different depending on food sources the deer have access to.The long hot days of summer have arrived and the crops have been planted and are growing nicely around our house here in Kansas. All of these beautiful crops, no wonder Kansas has some great deer hunting. Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern This evening I loaded up the wife and kids and my Cannon XH-A1s and went for a little drive through the country hoping to see a big buck in his whitetail summer feeding pattern. We headed out a little to early though, we saw quite a few deer and a couple of them were bucks but we didn’t see any of the big bucks. My boys started getting a little restless so we headed back to house just about the time you would expect the big boys to be coming out. I was … Continue reading