Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern

The whitetail summer feeding pattern can be different depending on food sources the deer have access to.The long hot days of summer have arrived and the crops have been planted and are growing nicely around our house here in Kansas. All of these beautiful crops, no wonder Kansas has some great deer hunting. Whitetail Summer Feeding Pattern This evening I loaded up the wife and kids and my Cannon XH-A1s and went for a little drive through the country hoping to see a big buck in his whitetail summer feeding pattern. We headed out a little to early though, we saw quite a few deer and a couple of them were bucks but we didn’t see any of the big bucks. My boys started getting a little restless so we headed back to house just about the time you would expect the big boys to be coming out. I was … Continue reading

Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting

I saw this video of  Kansas whitetail deer hunting that is awesome. Can you imagine seeing this out hunting? I only dream about seeing a buck of this caliber. My wife and father-in-law saw a buck of this caliber about 3/4 of a mile from where I have a deer stand on one of my favorite properties that I have permission to hunt. One day I am going to see a buck like this while I am deer hunting. I would probably pass out from getting so excited. Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunting I live in Kansas and there is something special about this state when it comes to deer hunting. It is just a whitetail paradise. There are so many fields and crops and cover and water and just abundant food sources. Plus what I believe really sets Kansas apart from other states is their regulations. There is only a … Continue reading

World Class Trophy Whitetail

I was talking to my supervisor at work the other day about deer hunting and he told me about a guy that had a picture of a world class trophy whitetail that a friend of his had caught on trail camera. So when I saw this guy come by I asked him if I could see the world class trophy whitetail. He was a super nice guy and we started talking about deer hunting and he showed me the picture and when I saw it my jaw hit the floor. I love talking to someone who is as passionate about deer hunting as I am and I could tell Mike was passionate about whitetails just like I am. I told him I would like to share the pictures here and he said that would be fine. I really appreciate him letting me share these pictures of this amazing buck with everyone. … Continue reading

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