Nine Pointer Deer Hunting Gwinnett

The other day I did a post about deer hunting Gwinnett big bucks on small tracts of property. I had mentioned a buck that I took on a fourteen acre tract of land. I’ve been wanting to put a post in the big bucks profiles, of the Gwinnett county buck. So I am going to profile my special nine pointer Gwinnett county buck. It’s one of my biggest bucks and it is probably the most special buck deer hunting.

Deer Hunting Gwinnett

buck taken deer hunting Gwinnett

This is my buck I took deer hunting Gwinnett county.

My father bought fourteen acres in Gwinnett county in Georgia years ago. We used to go a lot on it. It was a prime piece of property for whitetails. It’s where I took my first buck. My father built a house on the property and it was really nice. There were some great spots on it to go. I called my dad on a Sunday night to see if he had seen any deer when he went during the weekend.

He said he was in a stand on the creek that backs up to I-85. It’s a natural funnel. A pasture comes down to a strip of woods that goes up a hill to the interstate. It was just a prime spot. There were a lot of deer rubs and scrapes in the area. You could tell there were some big bucks using the area. I couldn’t go that weekend, so my dad was by his self. A big trophy buck came down the hill from behind him and saw my dad before he saw the buck. It was getting out of town in a hurry by the time dad saw it.

It was full rut and the big bucks were on the move. We had been almost every weekend, and had seen a lot of whitetails. So after he told me this I had the fever bad. I was fighting a cold but I wanted to get in the woods. I called a good friend of mine and asked him if he wanted to go with me, he said yes, so the next morning we were on our way. I told my friend that the bucks were in rut and I would be surprised if we didn’t see some action. My dad had seen several bucks.

I put him in his stand and I went and got in the stand near the highway. It was cold and I was sick, I was trying not to cough the whole hunt, I didn’t see anything all morning. But about 9:00am I started calling with a grunt call persistently. The traffic going by made it hard to hear anything walking in the woods. I was determined, several times I wanted to end the hunt, but I kept hitting that grunt call persistently.

Then it was about 10:30am and I heard something over my right shoulder. It was him, the big buck my dad had described to me that had seen him first. He saw me about the time I saw him. My gun was turned the wrong way when I first heard him. So as I turned to see what it was I swung my gun around and put it up immediately. He was about to bolt when my Winchester model 100 308 went off. I could tell he was hurt by the way he ran off.

I went back to my dads house and my friend was asleep in the car. We went to where I shot him and found blood and hair. We followed the trail a little ways then we found some bone. But the blood trail ran out. I had an idea. My dad had a bird dog and a German shepherd. We went and got them.

I figured the bird dog would be the best tracking dog. But when we got to the last place we found blood the bird dog looked lost but the German Shepherd was excited and ready to get that deer. I quickly gave my buddy the bird dog and I got Black Jack. Black Jack smelled the trophy and was pulling me down the same trail the buck had taken. Then he yanked the leash out of my hand and was running full speed. I couldn’t keep up. Then I heard Black Jack start barking like crazy. I ran to where he was and there is the big buck and Black Jack in a stand off. I quickly finished him off. I was so excited. It was my biggest buck ever. The buck had lost a lot of weight during the rut so he didn’t have a lot of fat on him. If my dad wouldn’t have told me about seeing that big buck, I don’t know if I would have gotten him. I am extremely proud of him. He will always be special to me.

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  1. Rex says:

    very nice buck and an interesting site.
    Good luck

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rex, I appreciate that!

  3. Devin Herrington says:

    Gwinnet has a few Monsters thats for sure!

  4. admin says:

    Agreed Devin! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Garin says:

    where are there spots to hunt in Gwinnett county, GA?

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